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Vranov Transport List, May 1942

Data transcription by Bobby Furst

Between March 25 and October 20, 1942, 57,628 Jewish people were deported from Slovakia to Nazi concentration camps.  This database contains the names of 1,679 deported individuals, from two source lists:

  • the May 18 1942 transport from Vranov nad Topľou, consisting of 1,060 names; and
  • the May 1942 Poprad transport, consisting of 140 names.

The names are from lists found in the District Archives in Vranov nad Topľou, Slovakia (Štátny archív v Prešove - pobočka Vranov nad Topľou).  The original lists were made at the time of the transports in 1942.

These lists were also published in a 2002 Slovakian book, titled Stručné dejiny židov vo Vranove nad Topľou [A Short History of the Jewish Population of Vranov nad Topľou], by Igor Soľaník ([Vranov nad Topľou]: Vydalo mesto Vranov nad Topľou, 2002. 53 pages. OCLC# 56976754).

The data fields in this database are:

  • Name: The surname and given name of the individual.
  • Date of Birth.
  • City of Birth.
  • Deported From: City of transport, either "Vranov" or "Poprad".
  • Date of Transport: The date of transport is either May 18, 1942 from Vranov nad Topľou, or May 1942 from Poprad.
  • Comments: Some of the people on this list were not actually on the transport when it left, and this is indicated in the comments field, if applicable.   It is not known why there are persons that were on the list and not on the transport.

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