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Welcome to the JewishGen Hungary Database.  This is a multiple database search facility which incorporates all the databases listed below.  These databases have been contributed by the JewishGen Hungarian Special Interest Group (H-SIG) and individual donors.  The combined databases have more than 1.7 million entries, referring to individuals living in the current and former territory of Hungary — this includes present Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, northern Serbia, northwestern Romania, and Sub-Carpathian Ukraine.  The database is a work in progress and new entries are being added regularly.

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Component Databases:

Census Records:

Vital Records:

  • Hungarian Vital Records
    As of August 2022, 841,834 Birth,Marriage and Death records, from throughout the Kingdom of Hungary.
  • Máramaros Jewish Vital Records
    More than 75,000 birth, marriage and death records, 1851-1895, from former Máramaros megye (now in NW Romania and Sub-Carpathian Ukraine).
  • Sub-Carpathia Jewish Vital Records
    More than 145,601 birth, marriage and death records, the former Hungarian megye (counties) of Bereg, Máramaros, Ugocsa and Ung.


  • Hungarian Holocaust Memorials
    Names of more than 23,000 martyrs, whose names are recorded on Holocaust memorials in 37 communities in Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine.
  • JewishGen Holocaust Database
    350,000 names from various datasets with information about Hungarian Holocaust victims and survivors.
  • Yizkor Book Necrologies
    75,000 entries from lists of Holocaust martyrs in Yizkor Books for towns in Hungary, Slovakia, and former Hungarian regions now in Croatia, Romania and Ukraine.
  • Yizkor Book Master Name Index
    3,800 names indexed from Yizkor Books for towns in Hungary, Serbia, Máramaros & Transylvania (Romania), and Transcarpathia (Ukraine).
  • Survivors Returning to Sighet and Maramures
    Names of 2,133 Shoah survivors who returned to Sighet and Maramures.



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