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Welcome to the JewishGen Hungary Database.  This is a multiple database search facility which incorporates all the databases listed below.  These databases have been contributed by the JewishGen Hungarian Special Interest Group (H-SIG) and individual donors.  The combined databases have more than 1.7 million entries, referring to individuals living in the current and former territory of Hungary — this includes present Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, northern Serbia, northwestern Romania, and Sub-Carpathian Ukraine.  The database is a work in progress and new entries are being added regularly.

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Component Databases:

Census Records:

Vital Records:

  • Hungarian Vital Records
    As of August 2022, 841,834 Birth,Marriage and Death records, from throughout the Kingdom of Hungary.
  • Máramaros Jewish Vital Records
    More than 75,000 birth, marriage and death records, 1851-1895, from former Máramaros megye (now in NW Romania and Sub-Carpathian Ukraine).
  • Sub-Carpathia Jewish Vital Records
    More than 145,601 birth, marriage and death records, the former Hungarian megye (counties) of Bereg, Máramaros, Ugocsa and Ung.
  • Slovak Civil Vital Records
    Focused on the former Hungarian counties (megyei) which became part of the newly formed Czechoslovakia after the First World War and are now completely or partially located in Slovakia.


  • Hungarian Holocaust Memorials
    Names of more than 23,000 martyrs, whose names are recorded on Holocaust memorials in 37 communities in Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine.
  • JewishGen Holocaust Database
    350,000 names from various datasets with information about Hungarian Holocaust victims and survivors.
  • Yizkor Book Necrologies
    75,000 entries from lists of Holocaust martyrs in Yizkor Books for towns in Hungary, Slovakia, and former Hungarian regions now in Croatia, Romania and Ukraine.
  • Yizkor Book Master Name Index
    3,800 names indexed from Yizkor Books for towns in Hungary, Serbia, Máramaros & Transylvania (Romania), and Transcarpathia (Ukraine).
  • Survivors Returning to Sighet and Maramures
    Names of 2,133 Shoah survivors who returned to Sighet and Maramures.



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