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1921 Karpatalja Subcarpathia Census


JewishGen’s Subcarpathia Research Division, is indexing all Jewish entries from the 1921 Karpatalja Subcarpathia Census, from original images available on Hungaricana.  This project is being coordinated by Ron Donath.

Note: If your town of interest is not yet indexed, instructions on how to browse through images for a town are available here

These records are from the 1921 census of the newly-formed country of Czechoslovakia.  Records can contain a lot of genealogical information, including dates of birth, dates of marriage/widowhood, information about places of birth, professions, and more.  Note that many of these birthdates may be incorrect when comparing them to actual birth records (also being indexed by the Subcarpathia Research Division.

If you would like to assist in indexing these records, please contact Ron Donath.


All of these records are online thanks to volunteers. Thank you to the following volunteers who have indexed records that are currently on JewishGen:
  • Amirah Goldberg: Akli, Alsóremete, Asztély, Badaló, Balazsér, Beregardó, Beregdéda, Beregújfalu, Bulcsú, Csetfalva, Felsőremete, Gát, Halábor, Kígyós, Kovászó, Macsola
  • Bonnie Malmat: Bene
  • Belina Reisman: Makkosjánosi, Nagybégány
  • Mark Resnicoff: Alsósárad, Alsóveresmart, Csarnatő, Felsőveresmart, Nagybereg, Rakasz
  • Marsha Shapiro: Kisgút, Lipcsemező, Misztice, Nagyrákóc
Thank you to Ron Donath for coordinating the entire effort!

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