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Cemetery Identification
Cemetery ID: ROM-01899
Cemetery Name:
Cemetery Location
Country: Romania
City: Radauti / Radautz  
Street: 4 km out of town on the way to Marginea
Cemetery Details
Number of Burials: 5604
Number of Photographs: 252
Cemetery Description: Radautz Jewish Cemetery. 5604 burials total.

First identified grave dated 1831 , is of a Cholera victim, the "Schoichet" Goldschlager. Inscriptions in German, Hebrew, Yiddish, Romanian, Ukrainian. -Burial sections for post WW2, for inter-war, and pre WW1 graves and then...the Cholera plots , a historical "black hole" -The Cemetery is administrated by the Jewish Community located in Aleea Primaverii 11 Radauti . Phone/Fax 40-230-561333 daily from 9-15. - Radautz Cemetery 2005" is a joint reconstruction project of the Radautz Diaspora and Israeli former Radautz residents. - Jewish communities of Radautz and its surroundings: Putna, Arbore, Solca, Brodina etc.

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Data last updated: 01/07/2010

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