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Cemetery Information

Cemetery Identification
Cemetery ID: ENG-01205
Cemetery Name: Middlesbrough - New
Cemetery Location
Country: England
City: Middlesbrough
Cemetery Details
Number of Burials: 408
Number of Photographs: 408
Cemetery Description: This compilation was started in gratitude to all the other genealogists - too many to mention - who have published similar lists. Their work greatly eased my own family searches. However, it is also a memorial. We left Middlesbrough in 1987, but going around the Cemeteries brought home to me the many kindnesses our family received during our 27-year stay, particularly as so many of the lovely people concerned are, sadly, remembered on the lists. I must acknowledge help received. The late Louis Bharier compiled useful lists. An anonymous person drew up a chart of the Old Cemetery, now in the Office of the Environmental Improvement and Protection Service of Middlesbrough Borough Council. Further help has come from the Manager of the above Service at the Crematorium in Acklam Road, and from the Archive Department at Middlesbrough Bernard Bookey (June 2004)
Data last updated: 11/22/2004

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