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 10/02/2019  September 2019

Jewish Cemeteries. Updates:

Genealogical Articles.

 08/31/2019  July, August 2019

Genealogical Conferences. Updates:

Revision Lists. Updates:
  • A new set of Revision lists, Family lists, Recruit lists was started for towns of Kishinev, Beltsy, Khotin and others. See progress.
Jewish Cemeteries. Updates: There are a lot of work done for a number of cemeteries, including Kishinev, Lipkany, Vadu-lui-vlad (Dombrovitsa), Oloneshty, but no cemetery was completed yet. We will update you soon on a progress.

 07/04/2019  June 2019

Bessarabian Databases. Updates:

  • Revision List set of records were sent to JewishGen in June of 2019. 10,088 records from 2,791 families were transcribed and translated from following towns: Ataki, Bendery, Faleshty, Ismail, Kishinev, Khotin, Rashkov, Romanenko colony, Soroki. See the list. We have an excelent group of translators for the Bessarabia Revision Lists. The total records we completed as of June 2019 is more then 203,000! Many thanks to our members who participated in this set translation: Alan Levine, Milla Donet, Claire Stuart, Evgeniy, Michael Richman, Ilana Voloshin, Lenya Fruman and Yefim Kogan.

  • An article about a latest set from 1910 Revision List, written by Alan Levine. Here is a direct link to the article:
    The 1910 Family List for Kishinev.
Jewish Cemeteries. Updates:
  • Completed Phase 2 - clearing paths, photographing and indexing Brichany Jewish Cemetery (graves could not be accessed before). Sent to JOWBR 1,439 burial records with 1,430 images and additional 237 images of Unknown graves can be viewed at Bessarabia SIG website at Briceni Cemetery Report (after Phase 2).

 05/31/2019  May 2019

Bessarabian Databases. Updates:

  • Miriam Weiner Archival Database. New 2123 records from 710 families/groups with 308 images were added to the database. You can see now more records of Jews from towns of Yedinets, Orgeev, Soroki, a number of agricultural colonies and more
    Click to get directly to the Miriam Weiner's collection. The highlights of the this load are 380 Births records from Soroki and Soroki district plus records of parents and towns where parents were registered and also a full set of records from town of Balta, Podolia for Jews registered in Bessarabian towns, but lived in Balta (51 families with 174 records).

  • Revision Lists, plan to upload to JewishGen in June of 2019.
    See the progress.

 04/30/2019  April 2019

Jewish Cemeteries. Updates:

  • Upgraded the inventory of all cemeteries in Bessarabia/Moldova. See the list from the cemetery section at the website or directly here.

  • Completed photographing and indexing of Volontirovka Jewish Cemetery and sent to JOWBR 4 burial records with 4 images. See more information at the Volontirovka Cemetery Report at Bessarabia SIG website at Volontirovka Cemetery Report.

Bessarabian Databases. Updates:
  • Revision Lists, plan to upload to JewishGen in June of 2019. A number of Revision List sets are going to be completed for town of Kishinev, Ataki, Faleshty, Ismail, Bendery, Romanenko see the progress. There are already 2327 records already completed.
Genealogical Conferences. Updates:

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