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Gallery of Scientists

Lev Berg
Lev Berg was born on March 14, 1876 in Bendery to Semen Berg, a notary, and Klar... [more]

Isaak Bersuker
Isaak Bersuker was born on February 12, 1828 in Kishinev to Borukh. He is Profes... [more]

Leonid Bronfman
Leonid Bronfman was born in 1932 in Kishinev to Izrail. He is a mechanical engin... [more]

Leonid Dechtiar
Leonid Dechtiar was born in 1924 in Tiraspol. He was a mechanical engineer. Scie... [more]

Alexander Frumkin
Alexander Frumkin was born on October 24, 1895 in Kishinev to Naum Frumkin, insu... [more]

Israel Gokhberg
Israel Gokhberg was born on August 23, 1928 in Tarutino to Tsudik and Haya Gokhb... [more]

Avraam Granot
Granot (Granovskiy) Avraam was born on June 19, 1890 in Floreshty to Moses Grano... [more]

Benjamin Gruenberg
Benjamin Charlize Gruenberg was born on August 15, 1875 in Novoselitsa to John G... [more]

Boris Katz
Boris Katz was born in Kishinev. He is a principal research computer scientist a... [more]

Moses Ralph Kaufman
Moses Ralph Kaufman was born on May 10, 1900, in Beltsy to Jacob Kaufman and S... [more]

Yakov Kopanskiy
Yakov Kopanskiy was born on March 23, 1930 in Kaushani to Mikhail Kopanskiy. He ... [more]

Iosif Libershtein
Iosif Libershtein was born on March 8, 1927 in Kishinev to Ilia. He is an agrono... [more]
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