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Belarus Names Database 

The Belarus Names Database contains indices to 53728 names (first, last, and patronymic), towns, uyezds (districts), and gubernias (provinces) that appear on 99 different web pages of the Belarus SIG.  By searching this database, which is part of the All Belarus Database, you will be able to easily research names and places that are of interest to you.  

What is the difference between the BELARUS NAMES DATABASE and the BELARUS SURNAME INDEX?

The BELARUS NAMES DATABASE allows you to do the following searches:

The BELARUS SURNAME INDEX allows you to browse an alphabetical listing of surnames, with links to the appropriate web pages.  The searching capabilities of this index is much more limited than those available for the Belarus Names Database.  Over time, it is the goal of the Belarus SIG to move all of the data from the Belarus Surname Index into the Belarus Names Database.

Other online searchable databases which contain names that are *NOT* included in this index
  1. The JewishGen Yizkor Book Necrology Database
The following web pages have been included in the Belarus Names Database
  1. "Hebrew" Korobochniks in the Minsk Gubernya in the Late 1839s
  2. 1834 Borisov Revision List
  3. 1874 Borisov Revision List, A-H
  4. 1874 Borisov Revision List, I-P
  5. 1874 Borisov Revision List, Q-Z
  6. 1860 Minsk Vedomosti Foreign Travel Notices
  7. 1875 list of Jews called to the draft office to figure out the age by appearance, communities of Pinsk, Karolin, and Kozhan Gorodok
  8. 1879 Cheder list in Borisov
  9. 1894 - Family List of Jewish Town Dwellers of Minsk
  10. 1906 Borisov uyezd duma list
  11. 1906 Novogrodok Uyezd Duma List
  12. 1906 Pinsk City Duma List
  13. 1906 Pinsk Uyezd Duma List
  14. 1907 Brobruisk ueyzd duma list
  15. 1907 Mozyr Uyezd Duma List
  16. 1931 Minsk Landsmanshaften organization
  17. 1951 Delatzer Aid Benevolent Society
  18. 1963 Membership Directory Slutzker Branch 500
  19. 1967 Disner Benevolent Association
  20. 1971 Delatzer Aid Benevolent Society
  21. A June 1893 debtors list from the Minsk Gubernya
  22. A List of 337 Jewish draft evaders from Nesvizh
  23. A list of the Jews of Chashniki who were killed by the Nazis on February 12, 1942
  24. Additional revision records of Jewish kagal (community) of Mozyr', Minsk gubernia for 1818
  25. Additions to five Minsk Gubernya comminities' conscription lists, October 1888
  26. Additions to the Bragin, Rechitsa uyezd, Call-up list - August 1888
  27. An 1893 call-up notice for Jews in the Minsk district
  28. Antopoler Young Men's Benevolent Association
  29. August 1876 Minsk Gubernya Draft Notice
  30. Bereza Ghetto List
  31. Bobruisk uyezd surnames
  32. Bobruisk Second Duma List (Dec 1906 to Feb 1907)
  33. Bragin region Nazi victims
  34. Brest-Litovsk burial plot in Mt. Hebron Cemetery
  35. Brisker and Grodner Benevolent Society - 1987, 1989 - Cleveland, Ohio
  36. Chevra Adath Kdeishim Anshei Rozenoy
  37. Death in Ghetto Borisov: Residents of Borisov
  38. Death in Ghetto Borisov: Residents of Zembin
  39. December 27, 1880 list of draft evaders, Borisov uyezd, Minsk Gubernia
  40. February 1860 Minsk Guberniya Fines List
  41. Grodno Cemetery
  42. Grodno Organizations
  43. Hlusker Benevolent Society cemetery plot
  44. Igumener Benevolent Association
  45. Independent Orler Benevolent Society
  46. Independent Zetler's Young Mens Benevolent Association
  47. Jewish Surnames from the Minsk Gubernia
  48. Jewish Tavern Keepers Registering in Lyakhovichi (1805)
  49. Jews from Bobruisk in the 1816 Revision List
  50. Jews killed in Kholmech in August 1941
  51. July 1853 list from the Minsk Gubernya
  52. June 28, 1880 list of Minsk draft evaders
  53. Kamenets Litowsker Memorial Committee, 1963-1968
  54. Kartuz Bereze: Destruction of the city
  55. Krivichi and Kurenitz benevolent societies
  56. Lachowicze 1883 and 1884 Deputy and Electors Tax Lists
  57. Lachowicze revision list of 1816
  58. Lachowicze revision list of 1819
  59. Lachowicze Voter List (1905-1907)
  60. Lachowiczers in the Ellis Island Database
  61. Lahishiner Social Benevolent Society
  62. Lechowitz section of Washington Cemetery, Brooklyn, NY
  63. List of Rechitsa residents who donated to Jewish settlers in Palestine and Syria
  64. List of tavern, etc. owners in Minsk and their taxation (in Rubles per year)
  65. Lists of donors to the United Grodner Relief of New York. March 1940, September 1944, March 1948, and 1949
  66. Lyakhovichi 1880 draft list
  67. Lyakhovichi 1889 draft list
  68. May 10, 1880 list of Novogrudok draft evaders
  69. Merchant Business Book of Addresses in Poland 1929: Hruszkowo - Krety Brzeg
  70. Merchant Business Book of Addresses in Poland 1929: Kuchczyce - Morocz
  71. Merchant Business Book of Addresses in Poland 1929: Nieswiez - Nowa Wies
  72. Merchant Business Book of Addresses in Poland 1929: Panacz - Siniawka
  73. Merchant Business Book of Addresses in Poland 1929: Slawkowo - Zaturja
  74. Minsk uyezd surnames
  75. Minsker Independent Benevolent Association
  76. Mir, Novogrudok uyezd, Minsk Gubernia
  77. Names in the Lechowitz section of Mt Judah cemetery
  78. Nesvizh Entries in Merchant Business Book of Addresses in Poland 1929
  79. Notice to Creditors in the Insolvency of Gustav Anton Yazvinsky
  80. NY CEM listing A-F
  81. October 25, 1880 list of Bobuisk draft evaders
  82. Ostroshitskiy Gorodok birth records: 1905
  83. Ostroshitskiy Gorodok death records: 1860-1863
  84. Ostroshitskiy Gorodok marriage records: 1913
  85. Ostroshitskiy Gorodok Revision Lists
  86. Part of conscripts list 1879 for 1st conscription office of Kobrin uyezd (district)
  87. Pinsk Organizations
  88. Polotzker's Workingmen's Benevolent Society
  89. Rechitsa Jews who perished in 1941
  90. Rechitsa Vsia Rossiia, 1895
  91. Records of Real Estate Possessors, 1905-6,  Nesvizh, Slutsk Uezd, Minsk Gubernia, Belarus
  92. Rogachev cemetery
  93. Selected records for Jews in the Rechitsa District, 1838-1917
  94. Selected records for people who might be A.L. Bell's relatives
  95. September 20, 1880 list of Mozyr draft evaders
  96. September 27, 1880 list of Glutsk draft evaders
  97. Slonimer Burial List of Mt. Zion Cemetery in New York
  98. Slutsk School Records.
  99. Slutsk, Minsk gubernia revision lists 1816 - 1818
  100. Slutzker 500 Branch of the Workman's Circle. In Memoriam Section of the 1963 Souvenir Journal -- 50th year Celebration
  101. The 1905 List of Real Estate Possessors of the District Town of Slutsk, Minsk Province
  102. The Brisker Unterstuestzungs Verein
  103. The Jews of Zakharino, Chislavichi District of Smolensk Region, Russia shot by the Nazis on May 9, 1942
  104. The inhabitants of Zhuravichi, killed during the Nazi occupation
  105. United Brisk Relief Committee (Brest)
  106. United Brisker Benevolent Society - 1949
  107. Victims of Stalin
  108. Victims of the Zembin Ghetto
  109. Vitebsk Cemetery
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