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"Hebrew" Korobochniks in the Minsk Gubernya in 1839

by A.L. Bell

This is a tabular version of a list from Issue Number 35 (September), 1839 Minsk Viedomosti (official newspaper), of Jewish "Korobochniks," or businessmen who had successfully bid for the right to collect the "Box tax," or taxes on the sale of kosher meat. The revenue covered the cost of community social welfare services.

The businessman, or business partners, who offered to collect the largest amount of Box taxes for a given area won the right to collect the taxes for a specified period of time and probably earned a flat fee or a percentage of the revenue to compensate them for their trouble. In this case, the period ran for the four-year period from 1840 to 1843.

The "korobochniks" were, in effect, performing municipal banking services. The ones who made sensible bids were probably smart, rich guys who knew their communities inside and out. You can read more about them on the JewishGen Litvak SIG Web site at:

When I transcribed the 1839 list, I put down the same ruble bid value for each partner involved in a deal for a particular community. If three men bid 300 rubles together for the Box tax rights for Springfield, Belarus, than I would put down 300 rubles for each of the three men, not 100 rubles.

I also included four officials whose names appear at the bottom of the list. One was a secretary to the Minsk Board of Assessors.

Another point: the newspaper notice billed this as a list of "Hebrew Korobochniks," but some of the names here appear to be non-Jewish. I have not tried to separate the Jews from the non-Jews in any way. The appearance of a name on this list does not necessarily mean that the name was used by Jews.

WARNING: I don't really know any Russian. I have probably made plenty of errors of all kinds. Use at your own risk!

The microfilm used to make this table came from the New York Public Library. You can see the film in the library's Slavic and Baltic room, on the second floor. You CAN take films to the microfilm copy room on the first floor, but you MUST bring a photo ID, and using the copy room is a huge hassle. If you really want to make copies, make sure to get to the library early in the day, and get to the copy room by 2 p.m.

A.L. Bell,, 14 Nov 1999

Transliteration of Korobochnik list introduction:

Vyadomost o Evreiskikh korobochnikh sborakh otdannikh v' otkupnoe soderzhnie s' 1840 po 1843 god s' pokazaniem zakyam onie utverzhdenie i za kakuyu summu.


B Surname Bidder Given Name B Patronymic Community Bidder's Home Rubles B Status
Adlivankin Eruchim Girshovich Pinsko Korolina Minsk 6505 Burgher
Amdurski Zelik NA Kurzhentza Kurzhentza 1000 Burgher
Avrakh Zelik Shimonovich Sharkovschizni NA 690 NA
Barm Gimpel NA Pinsk  805 Burgher
Begun Gershen Leibovich Logishina Logoshina 1700 Burgher
Borm Ginpel NA Lyubesheva Pinsk 1605 Burgher
Botvinik Girsheyu Movshovich Rakov Rakov 1305 Hebrew Resident Burgher
Brokhos Iosel NA Sverzhnya NA 1522 Third Part
Brun Zisel NA Pogost-Zarechny Pinsk (Pogost) 500 Burgher
Chlenov Girsh Zemulinovich Gorvol Minsk 855 Resident
Dantzik Abram Movshovich Kletsk Slutsk 8800 Third Guild Merchant son
Entin Berko Shliomovich Dunilovich Minsk 602 Hebrew Burgher
Feigelson Meer NA Glubokov Diszna 4505 Third Guild Merchant
Feigelson Meer NA Plis Glubotz 613 Third Guild Merchant
Feigelson Meer NA Postav Glubokov 595 Third Guild Merchant
Feigin Nison NA Rechitsa NA 3850 Merchant son
Feigin Nison NA Yurevich NA 415 Merchant son
Fikson Meer Shabshov Ozarich Ozarich 800 Resident
Finkelshtein Shliomo NA Iventza Nalibotzk 3200 Burgher
Finkelshtein Shliomo Itzkovich Kamenya Nalibotzk 355 Burgher
Finkelshtein Shmuil NA Korolin NA 280 NA
Finkelshtein Shmuil NA Mozir, in Mozirsk NA 4800 NA
Finkelshtein Shmuil NA Skrugalov NA 120 NA
Frenkel Zalman Meerovich Kholmech Rechitsa 690 Third Guild Merchant son
Frenkel Zalman Meerovich Kholui Rechitsa 300 Third Guild Merchant son
Frenkel Zalman Meerovich Loev Rechitsa 2230 Third Guild Merchant son
Fridov Berko Evelev Pukhovich NA 25 NA
Gabrielovich Itzko Ioseliovich Nesvizh NA 10055 NA
Galperin Morduch Eliovich Krasnago NA 465 NA
Gelfman Shliomo Morduchovich Logoiska Logoiska 1600 Hebrew Resident
Gelfont Itka Beniominovich Smilovich Smilovich 2210 Hebrew Burgher
Geller Arie NA Pogoeta Pogoeta 340 Burgher
Gendman Leib NA Narovla Narovla 790 Burgher
Ginzberg Sheftel NA Glubokov Glubokov 4505 Hebrew Burgher
Ginzberg Shevtel NA Postav NA 595 Hebrew
Goldberg Abram Girshovich Loshi Loshi 173 Hebrew Burgher
Gordon Notko Shepshelovich Myadelya Myadelya 607 Burgher
Gosphel Yankel NA Svyatovol Svyatovol 310 Burgher
Greisar Khonov Ziskovich Grozova Grozova 460 Burgher
Grinberg Aron Leibovich Povolova NA 800 NA
Grunes Girsh Kalmonovich Nesvizh Nesvizh 10055 Burgher
Gurvich Yankel NA Gorvol Minsk 855 Second Merchant Guild son
Guryan Gessel Vulfovich Rubezhevich NA 615 NA
Iofo * Movsha Girshovich Gluska Bobruisk 4505 Burgher
Kaplan Shliomo NA Nedvezhin Zemledilich Minsk 399 Third Guild Merchant
Katelyanski Borukh Berkovich Lenina Lenina 250 Resident
Katznelson Smuil Nisonovich Svisloch Bobruisk 205 Third Guild Merchant
Kenizberg Nokhim Vulfovich Poboretv NA 2000 NA
Khinich Abram Izraeliovich Starobin Starobin  645 Resident
Khodash Zusya * Davidovich Myadelya NA 607 NA
Klibanov Abram Leibovich Borisov Borisov 8000 Second Guild Merchant
Klibanov Abram Leibovich Kholopenich Borisov 950 Second Guild Merchant son
Klibanov Abram Leibovich Krasnoluk Borisov 650 Second Guild Merchant son
Klibanov Abram Leibovich Okolova Borisov 325 Second Guild Merchant son
Klibanov Abram Leibovich Pleschanich Borisov 535 Second Guild Merchant son
Klibanov Abram Leibovich Smolevich Borisov 750 Second Guild Merchant son
Klibanov Abram Leibovich Yesmon Borisov 262 Second Guild Merchant son
Klibanov Abram Leibovich Zembina * Borisov 950 Second Guild Merchant son
Kraines Yankel NA Poboretv Slutsk 2000 Burgher
Kriger Sholom Illyi Minsk 1500 Third Guild Merchant
Kriger Sholom NA Kurzhentza Minsk 1000 Third Guild Merchant
Kriger Shliomi NA Richek Minsk 175 Merchant
Krivosheev Vulf NA Paricha Bobruisk 3025 Third Guild Merchant
Krivosheev Vulf NA Urichya Bobruisk 621 Third Guild Merchant
Krotin Faibish Leibovich Povolova Povolova 800 Hebrew Resident
Kruglin Rubin NA Pogosta-Zarechny Pinsk (Pogost) 500 Burgher
Lapidus Khatzkel Leizerovich Krasnago Krasnago 465 Burgher
Lapitzkii NA NA NA Minsk Gubernya NA Civilian Chamber Adviser *
Latushko Girsh Srolevich Kozhangorod Kozhangorod 800 Burgher
Leonovich NA NA NA Minsk Gubernya NA Adviser
Lyakhovski Elleyu NA Igumen Minsk 3000 Third Guild Merchant
Lyakhovski Elleyu NA Molodena Minsk 880 Third Guild Merchant
Lyuboshitz Leizar  Shmuilovich Iventza Koidan 3200 Burgher
Lyuboshitz Leizor Shmuilovich Kamenya Koidan 355 Burgher
Margolin Iosel Shimkhovich Bobov Minsk 245 Third Guild Merchant
Margolin Iosel NA Gorvol Minsk 855 Second Guild Merchant
Margolin Shimkhovich Shimkovich Kopilya Minsk 439 Third Guild Merchant
Margolin Iosel Shimkhovich Lebedeva Minsk 643 Third Guild Merchant
Margolin Iosel NA Nobelya Minsk 500 Third Guild Merchant
Margolin Iosel Shimkhovich Pinsk Minsk 7045 Third Guild Merchant
Margolin Iosel NA Smolina Minsk 1800 Third Guild Merchant
Markman Shmuil Leizerovich Golubich Golubich 315 Hebrew Resident
Maslon Itzka Shevich Romanova Romanova 470 Burgher
Medvednik Tzoduk Leibovich Kalenkovich NA 500 NA
Meerov Faitel NA Pukhovich Pukhovich 25 Burgher
Melamed Iosel Oshorovich Sharkovschizni Sharkovschizni 690 Hebrew Burgher
Metlitzki Abram Simonovich Gorodka Gorodenko 615 Hebrew Resident
Mirski Kopel Israeliovich Sverzhnya Sverzhnya 1522 Resident
Moloch Nisel Vulfovich Turov Turov 2011 Hebrew
Morgolin Mikhel Borukhovich Lapich Lapich 205 Burgher
NA Nison Zheludovich Berezina Berezina 980 Hebrew
NA Meer Nokhimchik Dukor Dukor 416 Hebrew Resident Burgher
NA Shliomovich Surom Grozova NA 460 Mordukh
NA NA NA Iventza Oshmyany Uezda, Vilna 3200 Third Part
NA NA NA Kamenya Oshmyany Uezda, Vilna 355 Third Part
NA Khonon Alperovich Kurzhentza Kurzhentza 1000 Burgher
Nakhmanovich Girsh Shliomovich Ramoanova NA 470 NA
Neistat * Vulf Fraimovich Diszna NA 5651 NA
Ofengendin Iosel NA Kopatkovich NA 366 Merchant
Ofengendin Iosel NA Lelichin NA 96 Merchant
Ofengendin Iosel NA Petrikov NA 1395 Merchant
Ostrovski NA NA Starobin Chaichitz 645 NA
Paleev Zelman Vulfovich Shatzka NA 250 NA
Plishkin Leib NA Plis Plis 613 Burgher
Polyaso Leib Itzkovich Rubezhevich Rubezhevich 615 Hebrew Resident Burgher
Port Yankel Abramovich Stolpetzk NA 2765 NA
Rabinovich Bendet NA Richek Kurenetzk 175 Hebrew
Rafalovich Abram Leibovich Dolginov Drizenskavo Uezda, Vitebsk 2670 Third Guild Merchant
Rafalovich Abram Leibovich Drui Diszna Uezda, Vitebsk 3715 Third Guild Merchant
Rafalovich Abram Leibovich Germanov Diszna Uezda, Vitebsk 300 Third Guild Merchant
Rafalovich Abram  Leibovich Komarovkoju, Drizenskavo Uezda, Vitebsk 56100 Third Guild Merchant 
Rafalovich Abram Leibovich Leonpolya Diszna Uezda, Vitebsk 272 Third Guild Merchant
Rafalovich Abram Leibovich Radoshkovich Drizenskavo Uezda, Vitebsk 2172 Third Guild Merchant
Rafalovich Abram Leibovich Vileika, Vilna Drizenskavo Uezda, Vitebsk 1002 Third Guild Merchant
Ravikovich Beniyamin Movshovich Bragin Rechitsa 3760 Third Guild Merchant son
Ravikovich Beniyamin Movshovich Khoyiniki Rechitsa 1290 Third Guild Merchantson
Reiser Khaim NA Bobruisk Bobruisk 22345 Second Guild Merchant son
Reiser Chaim NA Lyubanya Bobruisk 500 Third Guild Merchant son
Roshal Yankel Girshovich Gluska Gluska 4505 Resident
Rozenberg Notko Itzkovich Korolin Mozirsk 280 Burgher
Rozenberg Notko Itzkovich Narovla Mozir 790 Burgher
Rozenberg Notko Itzkovich Skrugalov Mozirsk 120 Burgher
Rozengauz Yuro Movshovich Dokshitz Igumen 3020 Burgher
Rozovski Zalman Mordukhovich Mogilin Igumen Uezda 305 Hebrew
Rubin Iodko Berkovich Kraiska Radoshkov 371 Hebrew
Rudner Geil Movshovich Gorodka Gorodka 1055 Burgher
Sadovski Abram Shliomovich Bobov Slutsk 245 Third Guild Merchant son
Sadovski Abram Shliomovich Kopilya Slutski 439 Third Merchant Guild son
Sambark Dovid NA Pogost-Zarechny Pinsk 805 Burgher
Sambork Dovid NA Lyubesheva Pinsk 1605 Burgher
Sandomirski Khaim Kopeliovich Kopatkovich Petrikov 366 Burgher
Sandomirski Khaim Kopeliovich Lelichin Petrikov 96 Burgher
Sandomirski Khaim Kopeliovich Petrikov Petrikov 1395 Burgher
Sapiro Girsh Khatzkelovich Butzlava Butzlava 430 Hebrew Burgher
Saskhorovich Sholom Movshovich Lyakhov Lyakhov 2585 Burgher
Sender Leib Ostrovski Slutzk Slutsk 12500 Third Guild Merchant
Shapiro Tevel NA Bogushevich Minsk 400 Burgher
Shapiro Nota * Rubinovich Diszna Diszna 5651 Resident
Shapiro Movsha NA Minsk NA 2585 Merchant son
Shapiro Mendel NA Rubezhevich NA 615 NA
Shapiro Mendel NA Slutzk NA 12500 Burgher
Shenkman Zalman Mendeliovich Luzhek Luzhek 725 Hebrew Resident
Shleifer Shliomo Aranovich Kalenkovich Koletz * 500 Burgher
Shtein Azik Movshovich Uzdi Minsk 2410 Burgher
Shulman Itzka Ovseiovich Krzhivich Krzhivich 251 Hebrew Burgher
Shulman Nokhim NA Marovla NA 790 NA
Sulkovskii Stefan NA Narovla NA NA Sec'y, Board of Assessors
Sushkov NA NA NA Minsk Gubernya 1800 Governor
Sverzhinski Libko NA Uzlyan Igumen 510 Burgher
Taitz Gevush Eliovich Butzlava NA 430 NA
Tiktiner Morduch Ioselyovich Davidgorod Davidgorod 700 Burgher
Tiktoner Mordukh Ioselyovich Lakhvi Davidgorod 240 Burgher
Tinyanov Peisakh Nisonovich Klicheva Bobruisk 280 Third Guild Merchant son
Tirkel Toub Abram NA Dukor NA 416 NA
Tunin Leizer Vulfovich Stolpetzk Stolpetzk 2765 Burgher
Turetzki Elleyu Abramovich Shatzka Shaktzka 250 Burgher
Tzofano Shliomo Shmuilovich Samokhalovich Samokhalovich 720 Hebrew Burgher
Vertgein Leib Shendarovich Rechitsa NA 3850 Burgher
Vertgein Leib Shendarovich Yurevich NA 415 Burgher
Yachipitz * Staff Captain Ignatius NA Zaslov NA 360 Otstavni *
Yakubovskii NA NA NA Minsk Gubernya NA Adviser
Yaneklev Itzka Sholomovich Logoiska NA 1600 NA
Zaritzki Srol NA Kopatkovich NA 366 NA
Zaritzki Srol NA Lelichin NA 96 NA
Zaritzki Srol NA Petrikov NA 1395 NA
Zheleznyak Berko NA Mozir, in Mozirsk Mozir 4800 Burgher
Zhelyaznyak Berko NA Korolin Mozirsk 280 Burgher
Zhelyaznyak Berko NA Skrugalov Mozirsk 120 Burgher
Zimberkhleit Beniyamin Leibovich Kraiska Kraiska 371 Hebrew Burgher