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1931 Minsk Landsmanshaften organization

by Jerry Seligsohn

This is to introduce the membership of a 1931 Minsk Landsmanshaften organization.  This list was found in the archivesof YIVO and is catalogued through the efforts of YIVO librarians found in the files of the  YIVO library. Its availability is the result of the efforts of YIVO librarians. Further investigation of the listed names is the responsibility of the reader.

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Surname First name Miscellaneous Address City State
Abramowitz Morris   1425 Madison Ave New York New York
Adelson Louis   1663 Walton Ave Bronx New York
Adelman Abe   12005 Rockaway B Ozone Park, Long Island New York
Agensky Harry   2175 Harmony Av Bronx New York
Alperin Jacob   75 Hope St Passaic New Jersey
Altman Samuel   158 Boerum St Brooklyn New York
Axelrod Ike   337 Barrett St Brooklyn New York
Axelrod Nathan   266 S0. 9th St Brooklyn New York
Babshin Davis   1212 Seneca Ave Brooklyn New York
Babshin Isy   538 Hopknsn Av Brooklyn New York
Baskind Morris   1595 St Johns Pl Brooklyn New York
Bedik Morris   1631 Walton Ave Bronx New York
Beigin Dora   1484 St Marks Av Brooklyn New York
Beilin Max   810 Hunts Pt Av Bronx New York
Belitzky Bennie   465 E 174th St Bronx New York
Bedik Harry   PO Bx241 Mountaindale, Sullivan County New York
Berman Isidore   Berman 25 E105 St New York New York
Berman Max   732 Sackmn St Brooklyn New York
Bernstein Jacob   766 9th St New York New York
Bersner Philip   523 Vn Siclen Av Brooklyn New York
Berzner Rose   194 Beach 71 St Arverne, Long Island New York
Birk Morris   462 Cherry St New York New York
Blacher Morris   24 Mt Hope Pl Bronx New York
Block Rudolf   230 E 173rd St Bronx New York
Blonstein  Freida c/o Golub 59 Clara St Brooklyn New York
Blowstein Meyer, Dr.   2075 Gr Concrse Bronx New York
Bobkoff Barnett   3717 Rombouts Ave Bronx New York
Bobkoff Ike   827 Trinity Ave Bronx New York
Bogin Barnett   265 E 7th St Brooklyn New York
Borodkin M   3572 DeKalb Ave Brooklyn New York
Bookbinder Benjamin   119 7th Ave Brooklyn New York
Botwinick Samuel   Botwinick 6415 20th Ave Brooklyn New York
Botwinick Isidore   2082 60th St Brooklyn New York
Botnick Nathan   2038 74th St Brooklyn New York
Brody Joseph   440 Barbey St Brooklyn New York
Buchner Abram   693 Broadway New York New York
Bushansky Israel   1134 Blake Ave Brooklyn New York
Beilin Sarah   1138 Simpson St Bronx New York
Caplan Joseph   1459 Washington Ave Bronx New York
Carp Philip   18 Meserole St Brooklyn New York
Chait Nathan   2000 Mapes Ave Bronx New York
Chartock Meyer   729 Empire Blvd Brooklyn New York
Chertoff Abraham   170 Avenue C New York New York
Chertoff Hyman   2060 Mapes Ave Bronx New York
Chertoff Samuel   1741 Monroe Ave Bronx New York
Chesner Hyman   715 Hopkinson Ave Brooklyn New York
Cloth Sonia   2361 82nd St Brooklyn New York
Cloth Bennie   134 Melrose Ave Irvington New Jersey
Cohen Abe   283 Neptune Ave Coney Island, Brooklyn New York
Cohen Alpert   2838 W 29th St Coney Island, Brooklyn New York
Cohen Barnett   1720 Park Pl Brooklyn New York
Cohen Harry   146 Day Hill Rd Brooklyn New York
Cohen John   614 14th Ave Brooklyn New York
Cohen Joseph   1690 Bryant Ave Bronx New York
Cohen Max   1520 Pitkin Ave Brooklyn New York
Cohen Morris   2305 Holland Ave Bronx New York
Cohen Samuel   209 Atkins Ave Brooklyn New York
Cohen Sam   1270 Cross Ave Bronx New York
Cohen Solomon   46 Ft Washington Ave New York New York
Cohen Sophie   204 E 96th St Brooklyn New York
Conveiser Meyer   871 E 180th St Bronx New York
Cooper Max   2167 Pacific St Brooklyn New York
Cottan Jacob   1201 Elder Ave Bronx New York
Cooper Nathan   850 E 161st St New York New York
Cotton Louis B   2475 65th St Brooklyn New York
Crane Louis   451 Atlantic Ave E Rockaway Long Island New York
Davidoff Philip   1999 Broadway New York New York
Davis Samuel   265 Madison St New York New York
Delon William   3464 Knox Pl Bronx New York
Demick Sol   1800 Monroe Ave Bronx New York
Denerstein Louis   1314 Grand Concourse Bronx New York
Denerstein Isidore   945 Hoe Ave Bronx New York
Denerstein Abe   945 Hoe Ave Bronx New York
Denerstein Edward   945 Hoe Ave Bronx New York
Dinkin Harry   1185 Lebanon St Bronx New York
Dinowitz Max   4400 Wickham Ave New York New York
Domnitz Julius   1048 Manor Ave Bronx New York
Donin Barnett   999 E 163rd St Bronx New York
Drazen Samuel   1810 Trafalgar Pl Bronx New York
Duckor Max   1265 Walton Ave Bronx New York
Duckor  Selig c/o Goldman 129 Monroe New York New York
Edelman Ike   2001 Morris Ave Bronx New York
Edelman Nathan   240 Glenmore Av Brooklyn New York
Elentuck Max   985 Odie Ave Bronx New York
Elkin Nathan   2937 W 35th St Coney Island, Brooklyn New York
Eskold Nathan   169 Nostrand Ave Brooklyn New York
Evin Rubin   648 E96th St Brooklyn New York
Elentuck J   945 Broadway Bayonne New Jersey
Farber Julius   800 E 168th St Bronx New York
Feiring Max   PO Box 144 Alhambra California
Fein Albert   Hirch St Chicago Illinois
Fein Harry   2115 Mohegan Av Bronx New York
Felson Louis   759 46th St Brooklyn New York
Fishkin William   1766 Clay Ave Bronx New York
Fishkin Isidore   437 Broadway Astoria, Long Island New York
Fishkin Joseph   1565 W 11th St Brooklyn New York
Fiterman Nathan   504 Grand St New York New York
Fogel Samuel   1967 Third Ave New York New York
Freed Lazar   170 Second Ave New York New York
Freedland Sarah   236 Madison St New York New York
Fried Benjamin   412 Schenk Ave Brooklyn New York
Friedlander David   94 Thatford Ave Brooklyn New York
Futter Isidore   4288 Third Ave Bronx New York
Fisher Robert   748 Noble Ave Bronx New York
Ganden Joseph   1725 65th St Brooklyn New York
Garelick Sam   646 Fox St Bronx New York
Gatzoff Abraham   536 New Jersey Ave Brooklyn New York
Gelfand Samuel   2437 64th St Brooklyn New York
Gellinson Morris   1398 E 7th St BrooklynNew York
Geller Morris   1305 Sheridan Ave BronxNew York
Getzoff Isser   687 Saratoga Ave BrooklynNew York
Ginsin Ike   575 Williams Ave BrooklynNew York
Gitlin Sam   370 Cypress Ave BronxNew York
Glassberg Louis   2111 Clinton Ave BronxNew York
Glassenberg Jacob   507 76th St BrooklynNew York
Goldberg Herman   1474 Wilkins Ave BronxNew York
Goldberg Jacob [1]   1951 83rd St BrooklynNew York
Goldberg Jacob [2]   113 E 118th St New York CityNew York
Goldberg Max   1034 Rutland Ave BrooklynNew York
Goldberg Mayer   481 Van Beuren St BrooklynNew York
Goldberg Solomon   33 Amsterdam Ave New York CityNew York
Goldin Samuel   1965 Hobarts Ave BronxNew York
Goldin Willie   2032 W 7th St BrooklynNew York
Goldman Hyman   564 Powell St BrooklynNew York
Goldman Joseph   561 So Boulevard BronxNew York
Goldner Samuel   3514 Rochambeau Ave BronxNew York
Goldowitz Israel   9728 104th St Ozone Park, Long IslandNew York
Goldman David   1000 Whitlock Ave BronxNew York
Golub Barnett   1533 Jessup Ave BronxNew York
Golub Elias  c/o Dolberg 265 E 91st St BrooklynNew York
Good Jacob   1246 Westchester Ave BronxNew York
Gordon Yetta   2087 Creston Ave BronxNew York
Garelick Morris   46 Ft Wahington Ave BronxNew York
Garelick Ely   186 Bower St Jersey CityNew Jersey
Garelick Rose   975 Union Ave BronxNew York
Gotlieb Meyer   586 Grand St New York CityNew York
Gotlieb Hyman   3957 Governeur Ave BronxNew York
Greenberg Nathan   61 E 99th St New York CityNew York
Greenberg Sam   71 Ave D New York CityNew York
Greenhause Joseph   1122 Neptune Ave Brighton Beach, BrooklynNew York
Greenwood Samuel   201 Seeley St BrooklynNew York
Griminger Mendel   862 Beck St BronxNew York
Grossman Sam   2265 Morris Ave BronxNew York
Hack Benjamin   1742 E 15th St BrooklynNew York
Hatoff Isidor   2818 W 32nd St Coney Island, BrooklynNew York
Halperin Aaron   1355 Fidlay Ave BronxNew York
Halperin Louis   2091 Prospect Ave BronxNew York
Halpern Samuel   302 91st St BrooklynNew York
Heimowitz Morris   968 Stebbins Ave BronxNew York
Heller Harry   2105 E 12th StBrooklynNew York
Heller Meyer   1077 Fox St.BronxNew York
Hertz Isaac   5 W.110th St New York CityNew York
Hochberg Max B, Dr.   256 Henry St New York CityNew York
Holland Morris  c/o Rosen 330 E 19th St New York CityNew York
Horowitz Annie  c/o A H Ray 1937 Third Ave New York CityNew York
Horowitz Joe   832 Dawson St BronxNew York
Horowitz Samuel   1547 Longfellow Ave BronxNew York
Horowitz William   Box 63 FallsburghNew York
Horowitz Bernard   6626 Walloston Court BrooklynNew York
Horwitz Benjamin I.   74 Jackson Ave Jersey City New Jersey
Hochstein Harry   204 Franklin St BrooklynNew York
Hurowitz Max   1157 Bryant Ave BronxNew York
Hurowitz Bernard   156 E 93rd St BrooklynNew York
Iverson Louis   3511 DeKalb Ave BrooklynNew York
Ivna Boris   1973 Vyse Ave BronxNew York
Jablow Max   905 E 167th St BronxNew York
Jacobs Sarah   2067 Harrison AveBronxNew York
Jaffe Hyman   354 44th St BrooklynNew York
Jaffe Jacob [1]   858 Driggs Ave BrooklynNew York
Jaffe Jacob [2]   1315 Sheridan Ave BronxNew York
Kahanowitz Isidor   1549 Carrol St BrooklynNew York
Kaganowitz Morris   361 Amboy St BrooklynNew York
Kaltman Rose   1533 Madison Ave New YorkNew York
Kaplan Dave   506 Ft Washington AveNew YorkNew York
Kaplan Harry   1804 Washington Ave BronxNew York
Kaplan Isaac   838 Kelly St BronxNew York
Kaplan Jacob   248 Audubon Ave New YorkNew York
Kaplan Max   574 Ralph Ave BrooklynNew York
KarpIsidor   14 Meserole St BrooklynNew York
Kaston Abe   144 Pennsylvanis Ave BrooklynNew York
Kasden Max   11704 Jamaica Ave Richmond Hill, Long Island New York
Katz Alex   759 Bryant Ave BronxNew York
Katz Morris   819 W 180th St New YorkNew York
Kaufman Irving   1365 Intervale Ave BronxNew York
Kaufman Jacob   834 E 155th St BronxNew York
Kazanowitz Jacob   80 E 51st St BrooklynNew York
Kazin Abe   216 E 94th St BrooklynNew York
Kazin Charles   334 Sutter Ave BrooklynNew York
Keller Bennie   1836 Anthony Ave BronxNew York
Kopeloff Solomon   643 E 138yh St BronxNew York
Kopilowitz Abraham  3341 Reservoir Oval BronxNew York
Kreigel Jacob   1463 Ocean Ave BrooklynNew York
Kuznetzoff Aaron   2133 Daly Ave BronxNew York
Ladinsky Abraham   2816 W 29th St Coney Island, Brooklyn New York
Lashanik Joe   171 McKibben St BrooklynNew York
Lashanick Hillie   44-46 Varet St BrooklynNew York
Lefkove Charles   2172 71st St BrooklynNew York
Lehrman Louis   1770 Mahan Ave BronxNew York
Leizereoff Nathan   6808 Bay Parkway BrooklynNew York
Lesser Jacob   1476 Seabury Pl BronxNew York
Levine Max [1]   869 Hopkinson Ave BrooklynNew York
Levine Max [2]   574 Tinton Ave BronxNew York
Levitt Hyman   1158 Rogers Ave BrooklynNew York
Liboff Louis   1877 Daly Ave BronxNew York
Lifshitz Koppel   45 Newport St BrooklynNew York
Lipsky Frank   1234 Boston Rd. BronxNew York
Lipsky Mrs Bessie   2084 Grand Ave BronxNew York
Lober Nathan   1049 Fox St BronxNew York
Macarin Leo   2033 E 24th St BrooklynNew York
MarkinIsidor   2087 Eastchester Rd BronxNew York
Markowitz Max   574 Jerome St BrooklynNew York
Markowitz Sam   362 Powers Ave BronxNew York
Marshak Abraham   1066 Winthrop St BrooklynNew York
Marshak Max   3033 Coney Island Ave BrooklynNew York
Maslow Max   1226 Sherman Ave BronxNew York
Maslow Paul   110 W 113th St New YorkNew York
Matoshewitz George   17 W Moshulu Pkwy BronxNew York
Matter Harry   1000 Whitlock Ave BronxNew York
Matter Robert   1382 Boston Post Rd BronxNew York
Meltzer Morris   1047 Manor Ave BronxNew York
Mennin Emil   201 E 48th St New YorkNew York
Miller Abraham [1]   613 Amboy St BrooklynNew York
Miller Abraham [2]   1636 W 5th St BrooklynNew York
Miller Isidor   608 TintonAve BronxNew York
Millstein Hyman   1395 Bristow St BronxNew York
Mindel Isaac   948 Tiffany St BronxNew York
Minkowitz Ida  c/o Emchin 51 E 108 St New York New York
Minsky Nathan   1306 Fetley Ave BronxNew York
Miransky David   1242 Wasington Ave BronxNew York
Mirowitz Max   1401 Grand Concourse BronxNew York
Mollot Ike   1059 Grant Ave BronxNew York
Mollot Meyer   2911 Barnes Ave BronxNew York
Mollot Morris   172 W 225th St New YorkNew York
Mollot Sam   1135 Boynton Ave BronxNew York
Moss Elis J   120 W 116th St New YorkNew York
Moss Saul   4122 10th Ave BrooklynNew York
Muhlbauer Abraham   200 Marcy Ave BrooklynNew York
Molot Mrs Ida   1825 Mohegan Ave BronxNew York
Nachimoff Abraham   251 Sutter Ave BrooklynNew York
Nachimoff Samuel  c/o Berman 2135 Wallace Ave BronxNew York
Nachman Izzie   383 Hewes St BrooklynNew York
Needleman Benjamin   269 Floyd St BrooklynNew York
Nilva Joseph   179E101 St New YorkNew York
Norkin Alex   347 Cypress Ave BronxNew York
Nurko Isidor   1353 Nole Ave BronxNew York
Ogulnick Samuel   773 E 155th St BronxNew York
Okuneff Louis   1770 Townsend Ave BronxNew York
Olenick Meyer   1057 Rutland Ave BrooklynNew York
Palant Hyman   1709 Nelson Ave BronxNew York
Palant Louis   PO Box 366 Woodridge New York
Paley Benny   2054 78th St.BrooklynNew York
Panes Max   114-25 Lefferts Ave Richmond Hill New York
Parson Benny   106 Bay Ridge Ave BrooklynNew York
Parson Julius   4404 15th Ave BrooklynNew York
PerelmanBoruch   637 Saratoga Ave BrooklynNew York
Perelman Louis   182 E 2nd St New YorkNew York
Persky Jacob   901 E 180th St BronxNew York
Picus Hyman   2847 W 33rd St Coney Island New York
Pinchuk Max   738 Bermont StBrooklynNew York
PincusBennie   421 Christopher Ave BrooklynNew York
Plaks Morris   1326 Brook Ave BronxNew York
Platt David   2090 Mohegan Ave BronxNew York
Plotkin Jacob   78 Norfolk St New YorkNew York
Podlas Isaac   153 Riverdale St BrooklynNew York
Pokost Jacob   74 Bartlett St BrooklynNew York
Polan Julius   2260 Cornogia Ave Far Rockaway, Long Island New York
Poller Philip   1959 77th St BrooklynNew York
Price Meyer   696 10th Ave New YorkNew York
Radder Max   1402 Bristow St BronxNew York
Ralph Nathan   3965 Saxon Ave BronxNew York
Rasch Joseph   1069 Grand Ave BronxNew York
Rashes Harry   166 E 114th St New YorkNew York
Ray Abraham H   1967 Third Ave New YorkNew York
Reines Rose   18-20 E 105th St New YorkNew York
Reiser Alex   2069 Nostrand Ave BrooklynNew York
Resnick Isidor   1977 Prospect Ave BronxNew York
Richter Hyman   3309 Mermaid Ave Coney Island, Brooklyn New York
RiegerIsidor   968 Tiffany St BronxNew York
Riger Elis   1260 Manor Ave.BronxNew York
Risik Isidor   1967 Third Ave New YorkNew York
Robinowitz David   840 Montgomery St BrooklynNew York
Rodkin Meyer   1410 University Ave BronxNew York
Rodman Philip   110 E 176th St BronxNew York
Rogol George [1]   49 Columbus Ave New YorkNew York
Rogol George [2]   200 Second Ave Astoria, Long Island New York
Rolben Samuel   242 Riverdale St Yonkers New York
Rosen Abraham   238 Keap St BrooklynNew York
Rosen Max   1315 Findlay Ave BronxNew York
Rosenberg Abe   135 E 95th St BrooklynNew York
Rosenberg Sam   766 Cauldwell Ave BronxNew York
Rosenblatt Chaim   914 E 167th St New YorkNew York
Rosenthal Joseph   41 Park Ave Paterson New Jersey
Rosenthal Louis   680 Boulevard Bayonne New Jersey
Rosin Louis   436 Van Siclen Ave BrooklynNew York
Rossoff L Meyer   527 Courtlandt Ave. BronxNew York
Rotman Jack   552 Fox St BronxNew York
Rothmansky David   1038 Hoe Avenue BronxNew York
Rotkin Sam   818-20 Westchester Ave BronxNew York
Rubin Benjamin   1724 Sterling Place BrooklynNew York
Rubin I.   1011 E 12th St BrooklynNew York
Rubin Jacob   364 Sumpter St BrooklynNew York
Rubin Julius   948 Fox St BronxNew York
Rubinstein Irving   1766 Clay Ave BronxNew York
Rubinstein Jochon   368 Dumont Ave BrooklynNew York
Rudin Harry [1]   101 Linden St BrooklynNew York
Rudin Harry [2]  c/o Ordver 332 Peschine Ave Newark New Jersey
Rusenoff Sam   1450 Madison Ave New YorkNew York
Ruzow Louis   99-103 Avenue C New YorkNew York
Rabinowitz Solomon   1373 Franklin Ave BronxNew York
Saltzman David   2159 Pacific St. BrooklynNew York
Saltzman Morris   1267 Grant Ave BronxNew York
Saltzman Sam  c/o Gurland 454 Broadway Bayonne New Jersey
Samko Philip c/o Litsky-Slosberg 147 W 35th St New YorkNew York
Saltzman Meyer   357 So 3rd St BrooklynNew York
Sandler Louis   113 Custer Ave Newark New Jersey
Sarkin Harry   1134 Leland Ave BronxNew York
Sarlin Jack   1378 College Ave BronxNew York
Schaffer Rubin   304 EchoPl BronxNew York
Schoener Mortimer   1320 Fulton Ave BronxNew York
Schub Jacob   591 Tinton Ave BronxNew York
Schultz Harry   867 Rutland Ave BrooklynNew York
Schultz Hyman   144 Pennsylvania Ave BrooklynNew York
Schultz Joe   1255 Stratford Ave BronxNew York
Schultz Saul   70 E 52nd St BrooklynNew York
Schwartz Charles   1314 Gr Concourse BronxNew York
Schwartz Dave   2800 Bronx Park East BronxNew York
Shapiro Alex   141 E 95th St BrooklynNew York
Shapiro Harry   748 E 48th St BrooklynNew York
Shapiro Ida   853 E 170th St BronxNew York
Shapiro Jacob   115 W Blonke St Linden New Jersey
Shapiro John   853 E 170th St BronxNew York
Shlissel Hyman   28 E 200th St BronxNew York
Shmaefsky Sam   1536 St Nicholas Ave New York New York
Shneiderman Meyer   21 E 104th St New YorkNew York
Shnitman Harry   2153 62nd St BrooklynNew York
Shulman Louis   1245 Soffard Ave BronxNew York
Shulman Morris   1461 Teller Ave BronxNew York
Shulman Sam [1]   2159 61st St BrooklynNew York
Shulman Sam [2]   2694 8th Ave New YorkNew York
Siegel Abraham   2440 Bronx Park East BronxNew York
Siegel Benjamin   2041 E 13th St BrooklynNew York
Siegel Charles   307 Throop Ave BrooklynNew York
Siegel Louis   1049 Fox St Bronx New York
Siegel Morris [1]   89 Storms Ave Jersey City New Jersey
Siegel William   1024 Walton Ave BronxNew York
Siegler Lazarus   76 Nagle Ave New YorkNew York
Siegler Robert   1013 DeKalb Ave BrooklynNew York
Silver Hyman   514 W 176th St BronxNew York
Silver Nathan   287 E 10th St New YorkNew York
Silverman Saul   5501 14th Ave BrooklynNew York
Silverman Joseph   93-11 Polk Ave Elmhust, Long Island New York
Singer Isaac   176 W 225th St New YorkNew York
Singer Sam   314 E 101 St New YorkNew York
Sinrod Benjamin  860 Howard Ave BrooklynNew York
Sirlin Benjamin c/o Cohen 524 Saratoga Ave BrooklynNew York
Sirlin Solomon   5901 18th Ave BrooklynNew York
Slepian Max   175 E 92nd St BrooklynNew York
Smelkin Kopel   790 E 181st St BronxNew York
Smith Abraham   2009 LaFontaine Ave BronxNew York
Sofness Jacob   288 Division Ave BrooklynNew York
Solnitzky Abram   153 E 170th St BronxNew York
Sorkin Isidore   920 Ave St John BronxNew York
Spector Louis   1935 Monterey Ave BronxNew York
Steiman Solomon   507 Logan St BrooklynNew York
Stien Harry   2020 Honeywell Ave BronxNew York
Stien Morris   21 E 110th St New YorkNew York
Steinholz Abraham   239 Snedicker Ave BrooklynNew York
Steinman Sam   625 Hemlock St BrooklynNew York
Stellman Benny   1420 Stebbins Ave BronxNew York
Stellman Morris   1420 Stebbins Ave BronxNew York
Stellman Joe   2925 Matthews Ave BronxNew York
Stern Jacob   1035 Kelly St BronxNew York
Steivelman Annie   1460 Beach Ave BronxNew York
Sundack Charles   88 Wade Ave Jersey City New Jersey
Sundack Nathan   285 Bristol St BrooklynNew York
Sussman Paul   922 Whitlock Ave BronxNew York
Silverman Abe   1441 51st St BrooklynNew York
Tchernin Samuel   588 Concord Ave BronxNew York
Tomlock Samuel   812 Suburban Place BronxNew York
Tonis Elike   1632 Washington Ave BronxNew York
Tonis Sam   1632 Washington Ave BronxNew York
Trimmer Louis   1049 Fox St BronxNew York
Trubowitz Isidore   397 Linden Ave BrooklynNew York
Turetsky Solomon   516 Bristol St BrooklynNew York
Umansky Maurice, Dr   800 Cauldwell Ave BronxNew York
Vegosen Lena   1764 Tonsend Ave BronxNew York
Vigdorchik Sam   431 New Lots Ave BrooklynNew York
Walt Abraham   808 Oddee Ave Bronx New York
Walt Isaac   1860 Billingsley Terrace BronxNew York
Walt Raphael   1376 Brook Ave BronxNew York
Waxman Isie   83W 188th St BronxNew York
Weiner Morris   536 E 168th St BronxNew York
Weinstein Harry   1844 53rd St BrooklynNew York
Weinstein Nathan   7173 Meserole St BrooklynNew York
Weisser Louis   844 Dawson St BronxNew York
Weiss Abraham   1789 Bathgate Ave BronxNew York
Wendorff Reuben   1186 E 180th St BronxNew York
Wexler Nathan   41-19 150th St Flushing, Long Island New York
Weiner Max   3038 Holland Ave BronxNew York
Wildorf Pesah   282 Columbus Ave New YorkNew York
Winick Abraham   2900 Barnes Ave BronxNew York
Yassenowsky Joseph   65 Jesup Place BronxNew York
Yallin Nathan   354 Saratoga Ave. BrooklynNew York
Yellin Charles   819 Trinity Ave BronxNew York
Yellin David   489 Howard Ave BrooklynNew York
Yosenowsky Bennie   1361 Intervale Ave BronxNew York
Zeitlin David   1976 Second Ave New YorkNew York
Zierin David   1326 Park Ave New YorkNew York
Zimmerman Morris   209 Bradford St BrooklynNew York
Zirlin Julius   1817 Mohegan Ave BronxNew York
Zirulnick Nathan   1470 Wilkins Ave BronxNew York
Zuchowitsky Sam   1115 College ave BronxNew York
Zukerman Joseph  397 e 35th St BrooklynNew York
Zukerman Sam   45-62 48th St Woodside, Long Island New York

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