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Bobruisk Uyezd Surnames

compiled by Vitaly Charny

Vitaly Charny has reviewed many of the Jewish surnames that appeared in records for the Bobuisk uyezd.  Most of the records that were reviewed came from the "Minskie Gubernskie Vedomosti" of the 1870s - 1890s.  The vedomosti were the official newspapers published in every gubernia from 1838 s through 1917.  For each surname there is one or more towns listed.  The first town listed is where the surname was most common.  If the surname was equally common in more then one town, then the towns are listed in alphabetical order.  In some cases, no town is mentioned in the original records, so the 'town' column will say "Bobruisk uyezd".  If a surname was found in 5 or more records, then the town name will be in CAPITAL LETTERS.  


SURNAMEMain townOther townsSimilar surnames
ABKIN Bobruisk    
ABRAMOV Bobruisk uyezd    
ABRAMOVICH Bobruisk    
AERMARK Glusk    
AINBUND Parichi    
AIZENSHTADT Glusk   Aizenshtat, Aizinshtat
AIZENSHTAT GLUSK Shchedrin, Bobruisk Aizenshtadt, Aizinshtat
AIZENSHTEIN Bobruisk (from Zolotonosha)    
AIZIK Glusk   Izak, Ozhik, Ozik
AIZIKOV Bobruisk uyezd   Isaakov, Isakov
AIZIKOVICH Svisloch    
AIZIN Glusk   Echin
AIZINBERG Bobruisk    
AIZINSHTAT Glusk   Aizenshtadt, Aizenshtat
AKSELBAND Glusk   Akselbant
AKSELBANT Glusk   Akselband
AKSELROD Kovchitsy, Brozhskya volost'    
ALESKOVSKY Ozarichi Itel', Bobruisky Uyezd (from Rogachev)  
ALTMUL Bobruisk    
ALTSEPT Bobruisk    
ALTSHUL BOBRUISK Glusk; Bobruisk Uyezd (from Slutsk); Kozlovich, Brozhskaya Volost'; Kovchitsy, Brozhskaya Volost'  
ALTSHULER Turkovskaya volost' Bobruisk Uyezd (from Golovchin, Mogilev), Bobruisk, Bobruisk Uyezd (from Gaishin, Bykhov), Glusk, Parichi  
ALTSHUR Glusk Glusk  
ALUKER Ozarichi    
ALYA Bobruisk uyezd ( from Bogushevichi, Igumen)    
ANSHIELOVICH Glusk (from Lyubcha, Novogrudok)    
APUUN Bortnikskaya volost'    
ARKOVICH Bobruisk    
ARONOV Bobruisk Glusk Orenov
ARONOVICH Bobruisk uyezd (from Nesvizh)    
ASHKINAZ Bobruisk   Ashkinuziy
ASHKINUZIY Bobruisk uyezd (from Gadyach)   Ashkinaz
ASKADSKY Kacherichskaya volost' Kacherichskaya Volost' (from Mogilev)  
ASKENAZIYA Bobruisk    
ASPIZ Shchedrin (from Mogilev)    
ATLAS Glusk   Atles, Atlus
ATLES Glusk   Atlas, Atlus
ATLUS Bobruisk   Atlas, Atles
AVESOR Lyubonichi    
AZERSKY Bobruisk Bobruisk Uyezd (from Oster)  
AZHESTANTOV Bobruisk Bobruisk  
BABITSKY Bobruisk (from Gorval, Rechitsa uyezd) Parichskaya Volost' (from Rechitsa)  
BADKHIN Bobruisk   Patikhin, Potikhin, Vitkin
BAIKER Bobruisk   Pauker, Pechura
BAITLER Kozlovich    
BAMUSOROV uyezd    
BARGER Bobruisk uyezd (from Zhlobin)   Berger
BARGMAN Parichi   Bergman, Bregman, Freikman, Frikmon
BARKALAIKA Svisloch   Freklakh
BARKAN Bobruisk   Firkin
BARSHAY BOBRUISK Svisloch Barsky, Borshay, Borsuk
BARSHCHIKOV Bobruisk uyezd    
BARSHCHOV Parichi (from Rechitsa)   Barshov, Peisasov
BARSHOV Bobruisk   Barshchov, Pashkov, Peisakhov
BARSKY Bobruisk uyezd   Barshay, Bashuk, Borshay, Borsuk, Pozik
BAS BOBRUISK Glusk, Shchedrin Bash, Fish
BASH Parichi   Bas, Fish
BASHKIN Bobruisk uyezd   Baskin, Baskin, Baskin, Fishkin, Vershkin
BASHUK Bobruisk   Barsky, Borsuk, Pozik
BASIN Bobruisk (from Slutsk)   Berzen, Berzin, Berzon, Fidson, Pesin, Pochin, Pozin
BASKIN Bobruisk   Bashkin, Fishkin, Vershkin
BASKIN Bortnikskaya volost' (from Tikhinich, Rogachov) Filipkovich Bashkin, Fishkin, Vershkin
BASKIN Turkovskaya volost'   Bashkin, Fishkin, Vershkin
BASOV Bobruisk (from Gomel)    
BATTSER Glusk   Bersor, Bettser
BEILIN Bobruisk (from Minsk) Bobruisk Uyezd (from Streshin, Rogachev), Bobruisk, Shchedrin  
BEILKIN Bobruisk Urechye Belkin, Bulkan, Bulkin, Ploykin, Veilkin, Velikan, Velikin
BEILKIND Urechye    
BEIMEL Parichi Bobruisk  
BEINES Bobruisk uyezd    
BELENKY Bobruisk   Belinky
BELINKY Bobruisk   Belenky
BELINSKY Bobruisk   Vilenchik, Vilensky
BELITSKY Bobruisk uyezd (from Borisov)   Palitsky, Pelitsik, Polotsky
BELKIN Urechye   Beilkin, Bulkan, Bulkin, Ploykin, Veilkin, Velikan, Velikin
BELOUS Bobruisk    
BELUS Bobruisk    
BEMEL Bobruisk uyezd    
BENEKY Bobruisk uyezd (from Vilno)    
BENIYAMINOV Bobruisk    
BENKOVSKY Bobruisk    
BENTSIANOV Bobruisk uyezd (from Rogachev)    
BENTSIYANOV Pobolov Bobruisk Uyezd (from Tikhinich, Rogachov)  
BENTSIYANOV Turkovskaya volost'    
BER Bobruisk uyezd    
BERENSHTEIN Bobruisk Bobruis Uezd (from Shatsk) Bernshtein
BEREZA Bobruisk uyezd (from Igumen) Lyubonichi (from Klichev, Igumen)  
BEREZKIN Bobruisk   Vershkin
BERGER Bobruisk uyezd (from Slutsk)   Barger
BERGMAN Bobruisk   Bargman, Bregman, Freikman, Frikmon
BERGOMET Bobruisk uyezd    
BERKHIFALD Svisloch    
BERKHIFAND Svisloch    
BERKOV uyezd   Borukhov
BERKOVICH Shchedrin Turkovskaya Volost' Borukhovich
BERMAN Glusk Parichi Bernin, Fraiman, Furman, Voronin
BERNIN Bobruisk   Berman, Fraiman, Furman, Voronin
BERNSHTEIN Parichi Bobruisk Berenshtein
BEROV Bobruisk uyezd    
BERSOR Bobruisk uyezd (from Slutsk)   Battser, Bettser
BERTNSHTEIN Bobruisk uyezd (from Slutsk)    
BERZEN Stepskaya volost' (from Gershanovichi)   Basin, Berzin, Berzon, Fidson, Pesin, Pozin, Pruzina, Pruzyn
BERZIN Lyubonichi   Basin, Berzen, Berzon, Fidson, Pesin, Pozin, Pruzina, Pruzyn
BERZLYAK Bobruisk uyezd    
BERZON Stepskaya volost' (from Gershanovichi)   Basin, Berzen, Berzin, Fidson, Pesin, Pozin, Pruzina, Pruzyn
BETTSER Glusk   Battser, Bersor
BEZMERTNIK Bobruisk uyezd    
BEZPROZVANY Bobruisk Bobruisk (from Borisov)  
BEZRUCHKIN Gorki (from Slutsk)    
BIKHOR Parichi    
BIRZVIK Bobruisk uyezd    
BLAGUTIN Bortnikskaya volost' (from Bykhov)    
BLEKHER Glusk Bobruisk Uyezd (from Nesvizh), Parichi Polugar, Polugir
BLOKH Bobruisk uyezd (from Rosiyany, Shklov) . Bobruisk Uyezd (from Slutsk)  
BLONIN Bobruisk   Pilman, Polman
BLYAKHER Parichi    
BLYUMENTAL Lyubonichi (from Warsaw) Bobruisk Uyezd (from Zavelev)  
BLYUMIN PARICHI Bobruisk, Bobruisk Uyezd (from Kremenchuk), Gorbatsevichskaya Volost' (from Belitsi, Gomel)  
BOBRUISKY Parichi    
BOLOTIN Bobruisk Parichi  
BON Zabolotskaya volost' Zabolotskaya Volost' (from Slutsk)  
BONYA Zabolotskaya volost' Zabolotskaya Volost' (from Slutsk)  
BOROVIK Parichi ? Parichi?  
BORSHANSKY Zabolotskaya volost' (from Dvorets, Grodno)    
BORSHAY Svisloch Bobruisk Barshay, Barsky, Borsuk
BORSUK Rogachev   Barshay, Barsky, Bashuk, Borshay, Pozik
BORUKHOV BOBRUISK Glusk, Bobruisk Uyezd (from Kremenchuk), Parichi Berkov
BORUKHOVICH Bobruisk   Berkovich
BOTVINNIKOV Zakalnichi    
BRAGINSKY Bobruisk    
BRAINA Parichi (from Rogachev)    
BRAUDA Cherninskaya volost' (from Igumen)    
BREGMAN BOBRUISK Parichi, Bobruisk Uyezd (from Turov, Mozyr) Bargman, Bergman, Freikman, Frikmon
BRIKSMAN Glusk    
BRISKLIN Glusk    
BRIVDA Bobruisk    
BRODKIN Bobruisk uyezd   Fridkin, Vertkin
BRUDNIK Svisloch    
BRUM Glusk    
BUDNIK Bobruisk uyezd    
BUKHOVIN Glusk    
BUKHSHTABER Glusk   Bukhshtaberg
BUKHSHTABERG Glusk   Bukhshtaber
BUKINGOLTS Glusk   Bukongolts
BUKONGOLTS Glusk   Bukingolts
BUKSON Glusk   Fiksan, Fikson, Fuksin, Fukson
BULKAN Bobruisk   Beilkin, Belkin, Bulkin, Ploykin, Veilkin, Velikan, Velikin
BULKIN BOBRUISK   Beilkin, Belkin, Bulkan, Ploykin, Veilkin, Velikan, Velikin
BUNILOVICH Bobruisk uyezd (from Mozyr)    
BUNIN Parichi (from Rogachev) Bobruisk Uyezd (from Slutsk)  
BURLYAND Glusk   Burlyant
BURLYANT Bobruisk uyezd   Burlyand
BUSLAV Bortnikskaya volost' (from Bogushevichi, Igumen) Bortninskaya Volost', Kacherichskaya Volost', Mikhalyov  
BUSLOVICH Bobruisk Bobruisk (from Bogushevichi, Igumen), Parichi (from Igumen), Parichi  
BYKHOVER Bobruisk (from Mogilev)    
BYKHOVETS Bobruisk (from Mogilev)    
BYKHOVSKY Bobruisk    
CHARNY Bobruisk uyezd (from Berezina, Igumen)   Karan, Karon, Khurin, Koran, Krein, Shorin, Sorin, Surin
CHERCHIK Glusk   Chorchik, Krachek, Krochak, Krochek
CHERNIK Bobruisk   Kronik, Surnik
CHERNIN GLUSK   Garuman, Gruiman, Kreinin, Sherman, Surnin
CHERNOV Bortninskaya volost' Bortnikskaya Volost' (from Geisin, Bykhov), Bircha, Bobruisk Uyezd (from Rogachev)  
CHERNYAK Bobruisk Shchedrin  
CHERTIK Glusk   Chertok
CHERTOK Parichi   Chertik
CHERTOV Koidanovo Bobruisk  
CHIRLIN Glusk   Karlin, Karolin
CHIRPIN Glusk   Kreipin, Serebeny, Serepin, Surepin, Surpin
CHLENOV Bobruisk   Sholomov
CHORCHIK Glusk   Cherchik, Krachek, Krochak, Krochek
DAGIN Glusk   Dukhan, Dukhon
DAGOR Bobruisk   Tokar
DAIN Bobruisk uyezd (from Melitopol)    
DAMESHEK Bobruisk uyezd (from Nesvizh)    
DANISEVICH Bobruisk uyezd (from Pogost, Igumen)    
DANKIN Bobruisk uyezd   Temkin, Tunkin
DAREVSKY Glusk   Turovsky
DAVIDAN Svisloch   Dovodon
DAVIDKOVICH Ozarichi   Dovidkovich
DAVIDKOVICH Glusk   Dovidkovich
DEKMAN Glusk Baranovichi (bobruisk Uyezd!)  
DEMAKHOVSKY Ozarichi   Demikhovsky, Domokhovsky
DEMBURG Bobruisk uyezd   Denburg
DEMIKHOVSKY Parichi   Demakhovsky, Domokhovsky
DENBURG Shchedrin   Demburg
DERETSINSKY unknown    
DIKSHTEIN PARICHI   Dokshtein, Dukshtein
DIKSHTEY Parichi    
DISHBEK Bobruisk    
DOBKIN Bobruisk Parichi  
DOBROVENSKY Bobruisk   Dubrovensky
DOBROVOLSKY Bobruisk uyezd    
DOBRUSIN Shchedrin    
DOINA Bobruisk   Doino
DOININ Bobruisk    
DOINO Bobruisk   Doina
DOKSHTEIN Parichi   Dikshtein, Dukshtein
DOKSITSKY Bobruisk uyezd    
DOMOKHOVSKY Shchedrin Stepskaya Volost' (from Rechitsa) Demakhovsky, Demikhovsky
DORFMAN Bobruisk uyezd (from Polotsk)    
DOROKHOV Shchedrin (from Radun) Bobruisk  
DOROSINSKY Bobruisk uyezd (from Slutsk)    
DOROSINSKY Zabolotskaya volost'    
DOVIDKOVICH Bobruisk uyezd   Davidkovich, Davidkovich
DOVIDOV Bobruisk   Dovydov, Dovydov
DOVODON Bobruisk uyezd   Davidan
DOVYDOV Kacherichskaya volost'   Dovidov
DOVYDOV Svisloch   Dovidov
DRABKIN Itel', Kocherichskaya volost' Bobruisk Drapkin, Drobkin
DRAPKIN Itel   Drabkin, Drobkin
DREF Glusk?    
DREITSER Bobruisk    
DREVIN Bobruisk uyezd    
DREZIN Bobruisk uyezd    
DROBKIN Bobruisk   Drabkin, Drapkin
DRONA Bobruisk   Taran
DRUBINSKY Bobruisk uyezd    
DUBOVIK Bobruisk    
DUBROVENSKY Lyubonichi Parichi, Bobruisk Uyezd (from Bykhov), Shchedrin Dobrovensky
DUBROVSKY SHCHEDRIN Bobruisk, Bobruisk Uyezd (from Bykhov), Lyubonich  
DUKHAN Glusk   Dagin, Dukhon
DUKHON GLUSK   Dagin, Dukhan
DUKHONOV Glusk    
DUKHOV Glusk    
DUKSHTEIN Bobruisk Parichi Dikshtein, Dokshtein
DULTSIN Shchedrin (from Minsk)    
DURETS Glusk    
DUSHITSKY Ozarichi (from Mir)    
DVORKIN Bobruisk Parichi, Parichskaya (from Rogachev), Bobruisk Uyezd (from Zhlobin)  
DVOSHKIN Bobruisk uyezd   Dvoskin
DVOSIN Bobruisk    
DVOSKIN Bobruisk (from Novobykhov)   Dvoshkin
ECHIN Bobruisk   Aizin, Ekhon, Okun
EFMAN Glusk    
EFRAN Bobruisk uyezd   Efron
EFROIN Bobruisk    
EFRON Bobruisk uyezd (from Ivenets) Svisloch Efran
EGINGER Bobruisk    
EGTISHER Bobruisk    
EGUDIN Bobruisk    
EIDELSHTEIN Bortninskaya volost'    
EIDLIN Bobruisk    
EIGENBAKH Glusk ?    
EIMAN Glusk   Einin, Uman
EININ Parichi   Eiman, Uman
EKHON Parichi   Echin, Okun
ELDELSHTEIN Parkhimovich, Bortnikskaya volost' (from Minsk)    
ELDOV Bobruisk uyezd    
ELIEV Glusk   Eliov
ELIOV Bobruisk uyezd   Eliev
ELKIN BOBRUISK Stepskaya Volost' (from Rogachev), Brozhskaya Volost', Karpilovichi, Shchedrin Olkin ?
ELKIND Kovchitsy Kozlovich, Brozhskaya Volost'  
ELKONONOV Bobruisk uyezd    
ELMAN Bobruisk    
ELNKIN Bobruisk uyezd (from Rogachev)    
ELSHTEIN Shchedrin    
ELYASBERG Shchedrin    
ELYASH Bobruisk    
ENTGER Bobruisk uyezd    
ENTIN Parichi Bobruisk, Urechye  
EPELBAUM Glusk Novye Dorogi  
EPELMAN Bobruisk Pobolov  
EPSHTEI Lyubonichi Zakalnichi  
EPSHTEIN URECHYE Lyuban, Bobruisk, Zabolotskaya Volost', Glusk, Shchedrin, Zakalnichi, Zabolotskaya Volost', Lyubonichi, Turkovskaya Volost', Ozarichi (from Gomel), Parich, Pobolov, Bobruisk Uyezd (from Shereshev, Pruzhany), Zakalshchina  
EPTIN Urechye    
ERENBURG KAZIMIROV Bobruisk, Parichi, Shchedrin, Kazimirov, Bobruisk Uyezd (from Yekaterinoslav)svisloch Orenburg
ERMANOK Bobruisk uyezd (from Bykhov) Bobruisk  
ERPERT Bobruisk uyezd    
ERTSISKY Bobruisk uyezd    
ESTRIN Bortnikskaya volost' (from Tikhinich, Rogachev) Bortninskaya Volost', Bircha  
ETIN Bobruisk    
ETINGER Parichi    
ETKIN Pobolov   Itkin
ETSKIN Bobruisk uyezd   Itskin
EVDALEL Bobruisk uyezd (from Rogachev)    
EVNOV Bobruisk uyezd    
EVSEY Bobruisk uyezd (from Kopyl)    
FAIBELEVICH Bobruisk    
FAIBYSHEV Bobruisk   Faivushev
FAIBYSHEVICH Bobruisk   Faivusiovich
FAIGELSON Glusk   Feigelson
FAIGENBERG Glusk   Feigenberg
FAIN Bobruisk Bobruisk Uyezd (from Minsk)  
FAINBERG Bobruisk Cherninskaya Volost' (from Brodetskaya Volost', Igumen), Kovchitsy Fainburg, Fanburg, Feinberg, Fenberg, Vainburg
FAINBURG Turkovskaya volost'   Fainberg, Fanburg, Feinberg, Fenberg, Vainburg
FAINSHTEIN Glusk (from Slutsk) Lyuban Vainshtein, Veinshtein
FAINUSIOVICH Bobruisk uyezd (from Kopyl)    
FAITELEVICH Bobruisk uyezd (from Nesvizh)    
FAITELMAN Bobruisk uyezd    
FAIVUSH Bobruisk uyezd (from Vilno)    
FAIVUSHEV Kazimirov   Faibyshev
FAIVUSIOVICH Bobruisk uyezd (from Slutsk)   Faibyshevich
FANBURG Bobruisk uyezd (from Gorki, Mogilev)   Fainberg, Fainburg, Feinberg, Fenberg, Vainburg
FARBER BOBRUISK Glusk, Mikhailov, Parichskaya Volost', Ozarichi, Gorodok (from Ragachev), Lyubonichi  
FARFEL Glusk (from Nesvizh)    
FASRMARK Glusk    
FEIENBERG Bobruisk    
FEIGELMAN BOBRUISK Bobruisk Uyezd (from Disna), Bobruisk Uyezd (from Nesvizh), Lyubonichi  
FEIGELSON Bobruisk   Faigelson
FEIGENBERG Glusk Zabolotskaya Volost' Faigenberg
FEIGIN Bobruisk Ozarichi, Urechye  
FEINBER Glusk    
FEINBERG BOBRUISK Dubravi, Turkovskaya Volost', Kovchitsy, Zakalnichi Fainberg, Fainburg, Fanburg, Fenberg, Vainburg
FEINKLAKH Ozarichi    
FEITBRANT Bobruisk    
FELDGON Glusk   Plotkin
FELDMAN Bobruisk (from Kremenchug) Bobruisk Uyezd (from Smilovichi, Igumen), Garbatsevichskaya Volost' (from Igumen), Batsevichskaya Volost' (from Igumen), Bobruisk Uyezd (from Nikolaev)  
FELSHER Zabolotskaya volost'   Fleisher
FENBERG Bobruisk   Fainberg, Fainburg, Fanburg, Feinberg, Vainburg
FENKEL Glusk (from Kletsk)   Finkel, Punkel
FERSHMAN Parichi   Fishman, Pisman, Presman, Pruzhinin, Puzhinin, Pyshman ?, Vaisman, Veisman, Vishman
FEVNBERG Bobruisk uyezd    
FIDSON Glusk   Basin, Berzen, Berzin, Berzon, Pesin, Pochin, Pozin
FIKSAN Rudobelskaya volost'   Bukson, Fikson, Fuksin, Fukson
FIKSON Ozarichi   Bukson, Fiksan, Fuksin, Fukson
FILKELSHTEIN Shchedrin    
FIMKELSHTEIN Lyuban'   Finkelshtein
FINKEL URECHYE Lyuban, Lyubonichi, Novy Dvor Volost' (from Slutsk), Zabolotskaya Volost' Fenkel, Punkel
FINKELSHTEIN Zabolotskaya volost' Bobruisk, Glusk, Shchedrin, Urechye Fimkelshtein
FINKIN Lyuban'    
FIRKIN Bobruisk uyezd   Barkan
FISH Bobruisk   Bas, Bash
FISHEL Lyubonichi    
FISHKIN Bobruisk Bobruisk Uyezd (from Slutsk) Bashkin, Baskin, Baskin, Baskin, Vershkin
FISHKIN-GOREN Zabolotskaya volost'   Fishkin-gorin
FISHKIN-GORIN Zabolotskaya volost'   Fishkin-goren
FISHMAN GLUSK Urechye, Bobruisk Fershman, Pisman, Puzhinin, Pyshman ?, Vaisman, Veisman, Vishman
FISHTENBERG Bobruisk (from Perekop)    
FITMAN Glusk    
FLASBURG Turkovskaya volost'    
FLEISHER GLUSK Bobruisk Felsher
FLIDERMAN uyezd    
FORBERG Lyubonichi    
FORTAN Ozarichi   Freidin, Partan, Portnoy
FRAIMAN Bobruisk   Berman, Bernin, Furman, Voronin
FRAINKEL Bobruisk (from Slutsk)   Frenkel
FREIDIN Bobruisk   Fortan, Partan, Portnoy
FREIDLIN Urechye   Fridlin
FREIDMAN Bobruisk Svisloch Fridman
FREIKMAN Gorki ( from Sverzhen, Rogachev?)   Bargman, Bergman, Bregman, Frikmon
FREINBERG Bobruisk   Frinburg, Pironburg
FREINKLAKH OZARICHI Bobruisk Uyezd (from Sverzhen, Rogachev) Frenklakh
FREKLAKH Ozarichi   Barkalaika
FRENKEL Bobruisk uyezd   Frainkel
FRID BOBRUISK Bobruisk Uyezd (from Pukhovchi)  
FRIDBERG Bobruisk uyezd (from Nesvizh)   Fridburg
FRIDBURG GLUSK Bobruisk Fridberg
FRIDKIN Urechye   Brodkin, Vertkin
FRIDLAND Bobruisk uyezd    
FRIDLIN Svisloch   Freidlin
FRIDLYAND Bobruisk Bobruisk Uyezd (from Igumen), Bobruisk Uyezd (from Smilovichi, Igumen), Novye Dorogi, Svisloch Fridlyansky
FRIDLYANSKY Bobruisk   Fridlyand
FRIDMAN Bobruisk Svisloch, Bobruisk Uyezd (from Borisov), Bobruisk Uyezd (from Petrikov), Bobruisk Uyezd (from Verkhnedneprovsk), Parichi Freidman
FRIKMON Bobruisk uyezd   Bargman, Bergman, Bregman, Freikman
FRINBURG Glusk Rudobelskaya Volost' Freinberg, Pironburg
FRUMKIN Bobruisk Glusk, Parichi  
FUKS Bobruisk uyezd (from Kletsk) Zabolotskaya Volost'  
FUKSIN GLUSK   Bukson, Fiksan, Fikson, Fukson
FUKSON OZARICHI Glusk Bukson, Fiksan, Fikson, Fuksin
FURMAN Bobruisk   Berman, Bernin, Fraiman, Voronin
GABA ? Bobruisk uyezd    
GABAY GLUSK Bobruisk, Svisloch  
GABRIELEV Zabolotskaya volost' Bobruisk Uyezd (from Nesvizh)  
GADASIN Turkovskaya volost' Gorodets  
GADAY Glusk    
GAISTER Bobruisk    
GAKMAN Bobruisk   Gaukhman, Gokhman
GAL Parichi    
GALANT Bobruisk   Goland, Golant
GALBERT Glusk   Galburt, Giloburt, Golbert, Golburt
GALBURT GLUSK   Galbert, Giloburt, Golbert, Golburt
GALINSKY Bobruisk   Galynsky, Golinsky, Golynsky, Kliensky
GALKIN Kocherichskaya volost'   Glekun, Golkin, Khalkin
GALPERIN GLUSK Bobruisk, Bobruisk Uyezd (from Kiev) Gelperin
GALYNSKY Bobruisk   Galinsky, Golinsky, Golynsky, Kliensky
GAMBURG Bobruisk Pobolov Ginberg, Ginburg
GANDLIN Bobruisk    
GANEZER Glusk   Kamisar, Komisar, Komissar, Kommisar
GANKIN Bobruisk uyezd (from Rogachev)   Khanchin, Khienkin
GANTMAN Bobruisk uyezd (from Igumen)    
GANZMAN Parichi    
GARBER Glusk   Graifer
GARBUZ Stepskaya volost' (from Slutsk)   Gorvich, Greivush, Gurevich, Gurovich, Gurovich ?, Gurvich
GARCHIKOV Lyuban'   Gershov, Girshov, Gorachikov, Karasikov
GARELIK Bobruisk   Gorelik, Karlik
GARENIZ Urechye   Garmiza, Gormiza
GARMIZA Urechye   Gareniz, Gormiza
GARTSMAN GLUSK Bobruisk Geertsman
GARUMAN Glusk   Chernin, Gruiman, Kreinin
GATKIN Bobruisk uyezd (from Slutsk)   Godkin
GAUFMAN Urechye Bobruisk Uyezd (from Nesvizh ) Gopman, Goufman, Kaufman
GAUKHMAN Bobruisk uyezd (from Lepel)   Gakman, Gokhman
GAUVZER Bobruisk    
GAVLIN Parichi (from Zhlobin)   Gopelin, Kapilan, Kaplan, Kaplun
GAZ Bobruisk   Kas, Khus
GAZENPUD Turkovskaya volost'   Gazunput, Gozenput, Gozinpud
GAZUNPUT Pobolov   Gazenpud, Gozenput, Gozinpud
GEERT Bobruisk    
GEERTSMAN Parichi Brozhskaya Volost' Gartsman
GEINMAN Glusk   Gonemen, Khainman, Khaniman, Kheinman, Khenman
GEKEL Glusk    
GEKHT Bobruisk uyezd (from Koidanov, Minsk)    
GEKHTMAN Bobruisk uyezd    
GELEN Bobruisk    
GELER Glusk (from Samokhvalovichi, Minsk)   Giler, Giller
GELFAID Bobruisk    
GELFAND BOBRUISK Bobruisk Uyezd (from Slutsk), Bobruisk Uyezd (from Kletsk) Gelfond, Golfand, Golfond
GELFER Bobruisk Glusk Khlevper
GELFON Bobruisk   Gulban
GELFOND BOBRUISK Shchedrin, Gorki (from Slutsk) Gelfand, Golfand, Golfond
GELFORS Bobruisk    
GELMAN Bobruisk   Kheilman
GELPERIN Glusk   Galperin
GENIN Bobruisk   Gunin, Khonon, Kunin
GENKEL Glusk    
GENMOGEROK Bobruisk    
GERSH Bobruisk    
GERSHAN Bobruisk uyezd   Gershon, Girshon, Khaskin, Khishkin, Khiskin
GERSHANOV Bobruisk uyezd   Gershenbein, Gershonov, Girshinovich
GERSHENBEIN Parichi   Gershanov, Gershonov, Girshinovich
GERSHMAN OZARICHI Bobruisk Greisman, Groisman, Grosman, Grossman, Kazanin
GERSHNOV Bobruisk   Gersinov
GERSHON Bobruisk   Gershan, Girshon, Khaskin, Khishkin, Khiskin
GERSHONOV Bobruisk   Gershanov, Gershenbein, Girshinovich
GERSHOV Bobruisk   Garchikov, Girshov, Gorachikov, Karasikov
GERSHOVICH Bobruisk   Girshovich
GERSINOV Bobruisk uyezd   Gershnov
GERTSIKOV Bobruisk uyezd (from Zhlobin)   Gertsykov
GERTSYKOV Bobruisk   Gertsikov
GESHINBEIN Parichi    
GETMAN Glusk   Gutman, Kitman
GETSOV Bobruisk (from Minsk)    
GILE Pobolov    
GILER Glusk ? Bobruisk Geler, Giller
GILEROV Bobruisk    
GILEROVICH Bobruisk uyezd    
GILISHEVICH Bobruisk uyezd    
GILLER Rudobelskaya volost'(from Igumen) Pobolov Geler, Giler
GILOBURT Glusk   Galbert, Galburt, Golbert, Golburt
GIMELSHTAUB Glusk   Gimelshteib, Gimelshtoib
GIMELSHTEIB Glusk Parichi Gimelshtaub, Gimelshtoib
GIMELSHTEIN Parichi Glusk Gomelshtein
GIMELSHTOIB Bobruisk uyezd   Gimelshtaub, Gimelshteib
GIMNEBURG Parichi    
GIMPELEVICH Bobruisk    
GINBERG Bobruisk uyezd   Gamburg, Ginburg
GINBURG Turkovskaya volost'   Gamburg, Ginberg
GINSBURG Glusk Parichi Ginzburg
GINTER Parichi Brozhskaya Volost' Kanter, Kontar
GINTSBURG Bobruisk    
GINZBURG LYUBAN' Ozarichi, Bobruisk, Glusk, Parichi, Shchedrin, Svisloch, Bobruisk (from Brest), Bobruisk Uyezd (from Nesvizh), Bobruisk (from Vilno) Ginsburg
GIRSHENGOROM Glusk   Girshongoren
GIRSHIK Bobruisk uyezd (from Kholuy, Igumen)    
GIRSHINOVICH Bobruisk uyezd   Gershanov, Gershenbein, Gershonov
GIRSHON Bobruisk   Gershan, Gershon, Khaskin, Khishkin, Khiskin
GIRSHONGOREN Glusk   Girshengorom
GIRSHOV Glusk   Garchikov, Gershov, Gorachikov, Karasikov
GIRSHOVICH Bobruisk uyezd   Gershovich
GIRSOK Bobruisk   Karasik, Krachek, Krochak, Krochek
GIRSON Bobruisk   Gisin, Gosin, Khoshin, Kisin, Kroshen, Kroshin
GISIN Shchedrin   Girson, Gosin, Khoshin, Kisin
GITERMAN Brozhskaya volost' Kozlovich Gutarman
GITIN Bobruisk (from Slutsk)   Goden, Godin, Gutin, Katan, Katon, Koton, Kutun
GITLIN Bobruisk (from Slutsk)    
GLANTS Bobruisk uyezd    
GLAZ Bobruisk   Klas, Klaz, Kloz
GLAZMAN Bobruisk Urechye Golosman
GLEKEL Bobruisk Glusk  
GLEKUN Glusk   Galkin, Golkin, Khalkin
GLEZER Glusk Bobruisk Uyezd (from Nesvizh)  
GLIDER Parichi    
GLINIK Urechye    
GLOTKIN Bobruisk uyezd    
GLUBOKIN Bobruisk    
GLUKHOVSKY Bobruisk Glusk Kulakovsky
GLUSETS Glusk   Glushets
GLUSHETS Bobruisk   Glusets
GLUSIN Parichi   Goldzin
GLUSKIN Bobruisk Glusk (from Slutsk), Novye Dorogi (from Slutsk), Parichi Goldshein
GOBERMAN Bobruisk uyezd    
GODELIK Parichi    
GODEN Pobolov   Gitin, Godin, Gutin, Katan, Katon, Koton, Kutun
GODIN Pobolov Turkovskaya Volost' Gitin, Goden, Gutin, Katan, Katon, Koton, Kutun
GODUSEVICH Bobruisk uyezd (from Vilno)   Katsovich
GOELIK Bobruisk Parichi  
GOIMAN Bobruisk uyezd (from Dukory, Igumen)   Kheiman
GOKH Bobruisk uyezd (from Nesvizh)    
GOKHMAN Bobruisk uyezd   Gakman, Gaukhman
GOKHODETS Bobruisk uyezd (from Mozyr)    
GOKIN Glusk   Kagan, Kogan
GOLALAY Bobruisk    
GOLAND Bobruisk Lyubonichi Galant, Golant
GOLANS Bobruisk    
GOLANT BOBRUISK Gorodok Galant, Goland
GOLBERG Bobruisk   Golburg
GOLBERT Glusk   Galbert, Galburt, Giloburt, Golburt
GOLBURG Bobruisk Glusk, Osovets Golberg
GOLBURT Glusk   Galbert, Galburt, Giloburt, Golbert
GOLDBARG Bobruisk Svisloch Goldberg, Goldburg
GOLDBERG BOBRUISK Glusk, Parichi, Glusk (from Nesvizh), Svisloch Goldbarg, Goldburg
GOLDBURG BOBRUISK Glusk Goldbarg, Goldberg
GOLDBURT Bobruisk Glusk Golddbert
GOLDBUT Bobruisk   Goldept
GOLDDBERT Glusk   Goldburt
GOLDEPT Bobruisk   Goldbut
GOLDIN Bobruisk Bobruisk Uyezd (from Slutsk) Kaltun, Khlodny, Kholodny, Koltun
GOLDINOV Parichi    
GOLDMAN Bobruisk Glusk  
GOLDSHEIN Glusk   Gluskin
GOLDSHTEIN GLUSK Zabolotskaya Volost', Gorki Golshtein
GOLDZIN Bobruisk   Glusin
GOLESHNIK Parichi   Golesnik, Golosnik
GOLESNIK Parichi   Goleshnik, Golosnik
GOLFAND Bobruisk   Gelfand, Gelfond, Golfond
GOLFOND Parichi Shchedrin Gelfand, Gelfond, Golfand
GOLINSKY Bortninskaya volost'   Galinsky, Galynsky, Golynsky, Kliensky
GOLKIN Bobruisk uyezd   Galkin, Glekun, Khalkin
GOLOD OZARICHI Bobruisk, Kozlovich, Luban  
GOLODETS OZARICHI Shchedrin, Bobruisk (from Mozyr)  
GOLONTSINER Bobruisk uyezd    
GOLOSMAN Bobruisk Shchedrin, Parichi Glazman
GOLOSNIK Bobruisk uyezd   Goleshnik, Golesnik
GOLOTS Ozarichi    
GOLSHTEIN Bobruisk   Goldshtein
GOLUB Bobruisk uyezd (from Igumen) Botsevichskaya Volost' (from Igumen), Glusk, Pobolov, Shchedrin (from Lapichi, Igumen) Kulev
GOLUBITSKY Bobruisk    
GOLYADENON ? Urechye    
GOLYNSKY Bobruisk   Galinsky, Galynsky, Golinsky, Kliensky
GOMELSHTEIN Bobruisk Botsevichskaya Volost' Gimelshtein
GOMELTEIB Bobruisk    
GONELIN Shchedrin   Ganelin
GONEMEN Kazimirov   Geinman, Khainman, Khaniman, Kheinman, Khenman
GOPELIN Shchedrin   Gavlin, Kapilan, Kaplan, Kaplun
GOPIN Zabolotskaya volost' Bobruisk Uyezd (from Slutsk)  
GOPMAN Bobruisk uyezd (from Igumen) Bobruisk Gaufman, Goufman, Kaufman
GORACHIKOV Lyuban'   Garchikov, Gershov, Girshov, Karasikov
GORBACHEVSKY Bobruisk (from Slutsk) Bobruisk  
GORBARKH Parichi   Gorberg, Griburg
GORBERG Glusk   Gorbarkh, Griburg
GORDAN Parichi (from Vileika)   Gordin, Gordon, Krotin
GORDIN Bobruisk   Gordan, Gordon, Krotin
GORDON Bobruisk uyezd (from Dunilovichi,Vilno) Bobruisk Uyezd (from Igumen), Bobruisk Uyezd (from Myadzel, Vilno) Gordan, Gordin, Krotin
GORELIK PARICHI Bobruisk, Shchedrin, Turkovskaya Volost', Dubravy Of Turkovskaya Volost', Kazimirov, Mikhailov, Pobolov, Ozarichi, Gorki, Cherninskaya Volost', Glusk, Bobruisk Uyezd (from Nikolayev), Plechishche, Bobruisk Uyezd (from Rogachev, Zlobin), Garelik, Karlik
GORFLIK Bobruisk uyezd    
GORKHBURG Bobruisk uyezd    
GORKHOV Parichi Bobruisk Gorokhov
GORKIN Parichi (from Igumen)   Khurgin
GORMIZA Urechye   Gareniz, Garmiza
GORODENSKY Zabolotskaya volost'    
GORODETSKY Zabolotskaya volost'    
GORODKIN Bobruisk    
GOROKHOV Parichi Bobruisk, Ozarichi, Kacherichskaya Volost' Gorkhov
GOROVOY Ozarichi (from Rechitsa)    
GORPLIN Turkovskaya volost'    
GORVICH Bobruisk   Garbuz, Greivush, Gurevich, Gurovich, Gurovich ?, Gurvich
GORYACHIK Zabolotskaya volost'    
GOSIN Pobolov   Girson, Gisin, Khoshin, Kisin
GOUFMAN Bobruisk uyezd   Gaufman, Gopman, Kaufman
GOUKHBAR Bobruisk    
GOUKHBERG Bobruisk    
GOZENFELD Bobruisk    
GOZENPUT Bobruisk   Gazenpud, Gazunput, Gozinpud
GOZINPUD Turkovskaya volost'   Gazenpud, Gazunput, Gozenput
GRABOVSKY Pobolov Stepskaya Volost'  
GRABSHTEIN Bortninskaya volost' Bobruisk, Dolgorozhskaya Sloboda, Svisloch Grobshtein
GRABVSKY Shchedrin   Graevsky, Grievsky
GRAEV lyubonichi   Gurov
GRAEVSKY BOBRUISK   Grabvsky, Grievsky
GRAIFER GLUSK Kazimirovo, Shchedrin, Gorodokskaya Volost' Garber
GRAIZEL Glusk    
GRAIZER Bobruisk   Grazer
GRANFER Glusk   Grinbor
GRANZEL Glusk    
GRAZER Bobruisk uyezd (from Slutsk)   Graizer
GRAZOVSKY Lyuban'   Grozovsky, Krichevsky
GREBENNIK Turkovskaya volost'   Korobeinik
GREBENSHCHIK Gorki (from Slutsk)    
GREISMAN Glusk   Gershman, Groisman, Grosman, Grossman
GREIVUSH Bobruisk   Garbuz, Gorvich, Gurevich, Gurovich, Gurovich ?, Gurvich
GREK Zabolotskaya volost' Bobruisk Uyezd (from Slutsk), Novye Dorogi (from Slutsk)  
GREPSMAN Glusk    
GRIBURG Shchedrin   Gorbarkh, Gorberg
GRIEVSKY Bobruisk   Grabvsky, Graevsky
GRIMBARG Zabolotskaya volost' Lyuban Grimburg, Grinbarg, Grinberg, Grinburg, Grnburg
GRIMBURG Shchedrin   Grimbarg, Grinbarg, Grinberg, Grinburg, Grnburg
GRINBAKH Shchedrin    
GRINBARG Lyuban' Shchedrin Grimbarg, Grimburg, Grinberg, Grinburg, Grnburg
GRINBERG SHCHEDRIN Bobruisk, Lyuban, Bobruisk Uyezd (from Slutsk) Grimbarg, Grimburg, Grinbarg, Grinburg, Grnburg
GRINBOR Lyuban'   Granfer
GRINBURG SHCHEDRIN Bobruisk, Pobolov, Gorki, Lyubonichi Grimbarg, Grimburg, Grinbarg, Grinberg, Grnburg
GRINKRUG Bobruisk uyezd (from Slutsk)    
GRINMAN Zakalnichi    
GRINSHPAN Bobruisk uyezd   Grinshpon
GRINSHPON Bobruisk uyezd   Grinshpan
GRNBURG Shchedrin   Grimbarg, Grimburg, Grinbarg, Grinberg, Grinburg
GROBSHTEIN GLUSK Bobruisk Grabshtein
GROISMAN Glusk   Gershman, Greisman, Grosman, Grossman
GROKHOVSKY Pobolov   Krichevsky
GROSMAN Bobruisk uyezd   Gershman, Greisman, Groisman, Grossman
GROSSMAN Glusk   Gershman, Greisman, Groisman, Grosman
GROZOVSKY Lyuban'   Grazovsky, Krichevsky
GRUIMAN Bobruisk uyezd   Chernin, Garuman, Kreinin
GULBAN Bobruisk uyezd   Gelfon
GUMENNIK Bobruisk uyezd (from Rechitsa)    
GUNIN Bobruisk   Genin, Khonon, Kunin
GUREVICH URECHYE Bobruisk, Glusk, Bobruisk Uyezd (from Klichev, Igumen), Parichi, Pobolov, Turkovskaya Volost' Garbuz, Gorvich, Greivush, Gurovich, Gurovich ?, Gurvich
GUREVITS Bobruisk   Gurvits
GUROV Glusk   Graev
GUROVICH URECHYE Bobruisk, Glusk, Bobruisk Uyezd (from Kurlets, Senno), Lyuban, Parichi Garbuz, Gorvich, Greivush, Gurevich, Gurovich ?, Gurvich
GUROVICH ? Bobruisk uyezd (from Slutsk)   Garbuz, Gorvich, Greivush, Gurevich, Gurovich, Gurvich
GURVICH URECHYE Bobruisk, Kozlovich, Bobruisk Uyezd (from Braslavl), Glusk, Gorki, Parichi, Zabolotskata Volost' Garbuz, Gorvich, Greivush, Gurevich, Gurovich, Gurovich ?
GURVITS Urechye Gorki Gurevits
GUTARMAN Parichi   Giterman
GUTIN Ozarichi   Gitin, Goden, Godin, Katan, Katon, Koton, Kutun
GUTMAN Bobruisk   Getman, Kitman
GUTSAIT Bobruisk uyezd (from Slutsk)    
GUTTSAIT Bobruisk uyezd (from Slutsk)    
IGOLNIK Mikhailov (from Rechitsa)    
IGOLNIKOV Ozarichi    
IGUMENSKY Bobruisk    
IKHAKIN Bobruisk    
ILYAND Bobruisk uyezd    
IMERMAN Novodvorskaya volost' (from Slutsk)    
IOFA BOBRUISK Glusk, Bobruisk Uyezd (from Dashkov, Bykhov), Itel', Kocherichskaya Volost', Bobruisk Uyezd (from )ogilev Iofe
IOFE Glusk Bobruisk, Itel' Iofa
IOFIN Bobruisk uyezd    
IOKHVID Bobruisk    
IOMDIN Bobruisk    
IORMAREK Glusk   Iormark
IORMARK Glusk   Iormarek
IOSELEVICH Bobruisk uyezd    
IOSELOV Parichi    
IOSEM Bobruisk (from Slutsk)    
ISAAKOV Bobruisk   Aizikov, Isakov
ISAKOV Novye Dorogi   Aizikov, Isaakov
ISERLIS Bobruisk uyezd (from Shklov, Mogilev) Bobruisk Uyezd (from Mogilev)  
ISEROVICH Bobruisk   Osherovich
ITKIN BOBRUISK Lyubonichi, Pobolov, Parichi Etkin
ITSKIN Bobruisk Glusk Etskin
IZAK Bobruisk uyezd   Aizik, Ozhik, Ozik
IZGUR Bobruisk uyezd (from Minsk)    
IZIKSON Bobruisk    
KABAKOV Bobruisk (from Igumen)    
KAFIELEVICH Bobruisk uyezd (from Mir)    
KAGAN BOBRUISK Itel', Parichi, Kocherichskaya Volost'(itel?), Bobruisk Uyezd (from Dokshitsy), Glusk (from Dukora, Igumen), Urechye, Parichskaya Volost' (from Bykhov), Bobruisk Uyezd (from Rogachev), Shchedrin, Shchedrin (from Zhurovichi, Bykhov) Gokin, Kogan
KAGANMAN Glusk    
KAGANOV Glusk    
KAGANOVICH Ozarichi Bobruisk  
KAGANOVSKY Bobruisk uyezd (from Nesvizh)    
KALENKOVITSKY Bobruisk   Kolenkovitsky
KALTUN Svisloch   Goldin, Khlodny, Kholodny, Koltun
KAMINSKY Bobruisk    
KAMISAR Glusk Parichi Ganezer, Komisar, Komissar, Kommisar
KAMTSOV Bobruisk    
KANEL Lyubonichi   Kemel
KANTAROVICH Bobruisk   Kantorovich, Kontarovich, Kontorovich
KANTER Ozarichi   Ginter, Kontar
KANTIN Parichi (from Slutsk) Parichi  
KANTOROVICH Bobruisk Lyubonichi, Urechye, Bobruisk Uyezd (from Nesvizh) Kantarovich, Kontarovich, Kontorovich
KAPCHITS Zabolotskaya volost' Zabolotskaya Volost' (from Slutsk)  
KAPELCHUK Kazimirov   Kopelchuk
KAPELYAN KAZIMIROV Mikhailov, Bobruisk Uyezd (from Elisavetgrad) Kapilyan, Kopeliyan, Kopelyan, Kopilyan
KAPENGUT Pobolov    
KAPILAN Kazimirovo   Gavlin, Gopelin, Kaplan, Kaplun
KAPILYAN Kazimirov   Kapelyan, Kopeliyan, Kopelyan, Kopilyan
KAPLAN GLUSK Lyuban, Kozlovich, Kazimirov, Bobruisk Uyezd (from Slutsk ), Zabolotskaya Volost' Gavlin, Gopelin, Kapilan, Kaplun
KAPLANCHUK Bobruisk    
KAPLONTSER Pobolov Bobruisk  
KAPLUN Svisloch Bobruisk, Stereshen, Stepskaya Volost', Bobruisk Uyezd (from Tikhinichi, Rogachev) Gavlin, Gopelin, Kapilan, Kaplan
KAPUTKIN Bobruisk Bortnikskaya Volost', Pavlovich  
KARAN uyezd   Charny, Karon, Khurin, Koran, Krein
KARASIK Pobolov   Girsok, Krachek, Krochak, Krochek
KARASIKOV Glusk   Garchikov, Gershov, Girshov, Gorachikov
KARLIK Bobruisk   Garelik, Gorelik
KARLIN Kocherichskaya volost'   Chirlin, Karolin
KAROLIN Bobruisk   Chirlin, Karlin
KARON Bobruisk (from Kopyl, Slutsk)   Charny, Karan, Khurin, Koran, Krein
KARPEL Glusk    
KAS Glusk   Gaz, Khus
KASHELEVICH Glusk   Kashilevich
KASHILEVICH Bobruisk uyezd   Kashelevich
KASINOVICH Bobruisk   Khazanovich, Khozonovich, Khzanovich
KASRIELEVICH Bobruisk uyezd (from Mir, Novogrudok)    
KATAN Glusk   Gitin, Goden, Godin, Gutin, Katon, Koton, Kutun
KATON Bobruisk uyezd   Gitin, Goden, Godin, Gutin, Katan, Koton, Kutun
KATS Bobruisk    
KATSENELENSON Bobruisk uyezd   Katsenelnbugen, Katsenelnson, Katsinelonsogn , Katsnelenson, Katsnelnson
KATSENELNBUGEN Bobruisk uyezd   Katsenelenson, Katsenelnson, Katsinelonsogn , Katsnelenson, Katsnelnson
KATSENELNSON Bobruisk   Katsenelenson, Katsenelnbugen, Katsinelonsogn , Katsnelenson, Katsnelnson
KATSENELSON BOBRUISK Lyubonichi, Luban', Urechye Katsnelson, Katsnolson, Kotsnelson
KATSINELONSOGN Bobruisk uyezd   Katsenelenson, Katsenelnbugen, Katsenelnson, Katsnelenson, Katsnelnson
KATSMAN Glusk Ozarichi  
KATSNELENSON BOBRUISK   Katsenelenson, Katsenelnbugen, Katsenelnson, Katsinelonsogn , Katsnelnson
KATSNELNSON Lyubonichi   Katsenelenson, Katsenelnbugen, Katsenelnson, Katsinelonsogn , Katsnelenson
KATSNELSON BOBRUISK Lyubonichi, Urechye, Lyuban, Gorki, Kocherichskaya Volost', Zabolotskaya Volost', Turkovskaya Volost', Zakalnichi, Itel', Glusk, Kazulichi, Bobruisk (from Minsk), Bobruisk Uyezd (from Poltava), Bobruisk (from Slutsk), Katsenelson, Katsnolson, Kotsnelson
KATSNOLSON Bobruisk   Katsenelson, Katsnelson, Kotsnelson
KATSOVICH Bobruisk   Godusevich
KAUFMAN Botsevichskaya volost' (from Igumen) Bobruisk (from Dunilovichi, Vilno) Gaufman, Gopman, Goufman
KAVALERCHIK BOBRUISK Lyuban, Bobruisk Uyezd (from Slutsk) Kovalerchik
KAZANIN Bobruisk uyezd (from Slutsk)   Gershman
KAZINETS Bobruisk (from Dokshitsi, Borisov)   Kuznets
KEITSELEKH Ozarichi   Ketslakh, Ketslekh, Ketslikh
KEMEL Bobruisk uyezd (from Nesvizh)   Kanel
KENIGSBERG Bobruisk uyezd    
KERTSENELIN Bobruisk   Kirtsinel
KETSLAKH OZARICHI Bobruisk Keitselekh, Ketslekh, Ketslikh
KETSLEKH Ozarichi   Keitselekh, Ketslakh, Ketslikh
KETSLIKH Bobruisk uyezd   Keitselekh, Ketslakh, Ketslekh
KEVES Parichi Shchedrin Kevesh
KEVESH Bobruisk uyezd (from Vitebsk)   Keves
KHABKIN Shchedrin    
KHAEDAM Pechishcha   Khaitin, Kheitin, Kitain, Kitoin, Kutain
KHAET Bobruisk   Khait
KHAICHIN Bobruisk uyezd   Khaikin, Kikoin
KHAIKIN BOBRUISK Pobolov, Turkovskaya Volost', Bobruisk Uyezd (from Gorodets, Rogachev) Khaichin, Kikoin
KHAIMOVICH Bobruisk    
KHAIN Glusk    
KHAINMAN Glusk   Geinman, Gonemen, Khaniman, Kheinman, Khenman
KHAIT Bobruisk uyezd   Khaet
KHAITEL Kocherichskaya volost'    
KHAITIN Itel' Bobruisk, Glusk Khaedam, Kheitin, Kitain, Kitoin, Kutain
KHALKIN Bobruisk   Galkin, Glekun, Golkin
KHANCHIN Glusk Bobruisk Gankin, Khienkin
KHANIMAN Glusk   Geinman, Gonemen, Khainman, Kheinman, Khenman
KHAPSON Bobruisk    
KHARDAS Kamenichi    
KHASDAM Mikhailov Pechishche Khazdan
KHASHMENIK Glusk   Khasmenik
KHASKIN Glusk   Gershan, Gershon, Girshon, Khishkin, Khiskin
KHASMENIK Glusk   Khashmenik
KHAZANOVICH Parichi   Kasinovich, Khozonovich, Khzanovich
KHAZDAN Pechishche   Khasdam
KHEIFITS Urechye    
KHEILMAN Glusk Lyaskovichi Volost' Gelman
KHEIMAN Bobruisk Glusk Goiman
KHEINMAN GLUSK Bobruisk Geinman, Gonemen, Khainman, Khaniman, Khenman
KHEITIN Bobruisk uyezd   Khaedam, Khaitin, Kitain, Kitoin, Kutain
KHEITOV Bobruisk    
KHENMAN Glusk   Geinman, Gonemen, Khainman, Khaniman, Kheinman
KHENTOV Bobruisk    
KHIENKIN Bobruisk   Gankin, Khanchin
KHIGEROVICH Glusk (from Minsk)    
KHINICH Zabolotskaya volost'    
KHINSHTEIN Bobruisk    
KHISHKIN Glusk   Gershan, Gershon, Girshon, Khaskin, Khiskin
KHISKIN Bobruisk uyezd (from Slutsk)   Gershan, Gershon, Girshon, Khaskin, Khishkin
KHITRIK uyezd    
KHLEVPER Bobruisk uyezd (from Bykhov)   Gelfer
KHLODNY Bobruisk   Goldin, Kaltun, Kholodny, Koltun
KHOBOD Glusk   Khobot
KHOBOT Glusk (from Kholuy, Igumen)   Khobod
KHODAS Glusk (from Nesvizh) Bobruisk Uyezd (from Myadel, Vilno), Bobruisk (from Vilno) Khodash, Khodesh, Khodosh
KHODASH Bobruisk uyezd   Khodas, Khodesh, Khodosh
KHODESH Bobruisk uyezd (from Nesvizh)   Khodas, Khodash, Khodosh
KHODOSH Bobruisk   Khodas, Khodash, Khodesh
KHOLODNY BOBRUISK   Goldin, Kaltun, Khlodny, Koltun
KHONCHIK Glusk    
KHONON Bobruisk   Genin, Gunin, Kunin
KHOSHIN Glusk   Girson, Gisin, Gosin, Kisin
KHOZONOVICH Parichi   Kasinovich, Khazanovich, Khzanovich
KHURGIN BOBRUISK Glusk, Shchedrin Gorkin
KHURIN Bobruisk   Charny, Karan, Karon, Koran, Krein
KHUS Bobruisk uyezd   Gaz, Kas
KHZANOVICH Parichi   Kasinovich, Khazanovich, Khozonovich
KIKOIN Glusk (from Uzda)   Khaichin, Khaikin
KIMELMAN Bobruisk   Kimmelman
KIMMELMAN Bobruisk   Kimelman
KIRNOZHITS Bobruisk (from Kletsk)    
KIRTSINEL Bobruisk Stavnitsi Kertsenelin
KISIN Bobruisk   Girson, Gisin, Gosin, Khoshin
KITAICHIK LYUBONICHI Bobruisk (from Bykhov), Glusk, Itel', Luban Kitaisky, Kotaichik
KITAIN GLUSK Bobruisk, Bobruisk (from Ekaterinoslav), Itel', Kazimirov Khaedam, Khaitin, Kheitin, Kitoin, Kutain
KITAISKY Bobruisk Pinsk Kitaichik, Kotaichik
KITMAN Glusk Bobruisk Getman, Gutman
KITOIN Bobruisk uyezd   Khaedam, Khaitin, Kheitin, Kitain, Kutain
KLAD Bobruisk uyezd    
KLAS Bobruisk   Glaz, Klaz, Kloz
KLAZ Glusk   Glaz, Klas, Kloz
KLEINER GLUSK Bobruisk, Bortnikovskaya Volost'  
KLIENSKY Shchedrin   Galinsky, Galynsky, Golinsky, Golynsky
KLOTSVOG Glusk (from Slutsk)    
KLOTSVOY Glusk (from Slutsk)    
KLOZ Glusk   Glaz, Klas, Klaz
KNIGOV Bobruisk    
KNIK Bobruisk    
KOGAN Bobruisk   Gokin, Kagan
KOLENKEVICH Ozarichi    
KOLENKOVITSKY Bobruisk   Kalenkovitsky
KOLTUN Glusk   Goldin, Kaltun, Khlodny, Kholodny
KOLTUV Glusk   Kulitov
KOM Parichi (from Rechitsa)    
KOMISAR GLUSK Shchedrin, Bobruisk, Mikhailovskaya Volost' Ganezer, Kamisar, Komissar, Kommisar
KOMISARCHIK Ozarichi volost' (from Kolenkovichi, Rechitsa) Ozarichi  
KOMISSAR Glusk   Ganezer, Kamisar, Komisar, Kommisar
KOMMISAR Shchedrin   Ganezer, Kamisar, Komisar, Komissar
KOMNOYAR Shchedrin    
KONCHITS Bobruisk uyezd (from Slutsk)    
KONENGUT Pobolov    
KONTAR Ozarichi   Ginter, Kanter
KONTAROVICH Bobruisk Lyubonichi, Bobruisk Uyezd (from Nesvizh, Slutsk) Kantarovich, Kantorovich, Kontorovich
KONTOROVICH LYUBONICHI Bobruisk, Urechye Kantarovich, Kantorovich, Kontarovich
KOPEL Bobruisk uyezd    
KOPELCHUK Stepskaya volost' Kazimirov Kapelchuk
KOPELEV Bobruisk   Kopylev
KOPELIYAN Kazimirov Stepskaya Volost' Kapelyan, Kapilyan, Kopelyan, Kopilyan
KOPELYAN KAZIMIROV Shchedrin Kapelyan, Kapilyan, Kopeliyan, Kopilyan
KOPILYAN Bobruisk uyezd   Kapelyan, Kapilyan, Kopeliyan, Kopelyan
KOPYLEV Bobruisk   Kopelev
KORAL Glusk    
KORAN Bobruisk   Charny, Karan, Karon, Khurin, Krein
KOROBEINIK Kozlovich   Grebennik
KOSTBAN Kovchitsi    
KOTAICHIK Lyubonichi   Kitaichik, Kitaisky
KOTON Bobruisk uyezd   Gitin, Goden, Godin, Gutin, Katan, Katon, Kutun
KOTSNELSON Bobruisk   Katsenelson, Katsnelson, Katsnolson
KOVALERCHIK Bobruisk Lyuban, Bobruisk (from Slutsk), Turkovskaya Volost' Kavalerchik
KRACHEK Kazimirov   Cherchik, Chorchik, Girsok, Karasik, Krochak, Krochek
KRASELSHCHIK BOBRUISK   Krashelshchik, Krasilshchik
KRASHELSHCHIK Bobruisk uyezd   Kraselshchik, Krasilshchik
KRASILSHCHIK Bobruisk   Kraselshchik, Krashelshchik
KRATSER Glusk   Kritser, Kurtser
KRECHMER Batsevichskaya volost' (from Pogost, Igumen)    
KREIN Bobruisk uyezd   Charny, Karan, Karon, Khurin, Koran
KREININ Bobruisk Parichi Chernin, Garuman, Gruiman
KREIPIN Bobruisk   Chirpin
KREMER Bobruisk Glusk (from Dokshitsi, Borisov), Bobruisk (from Dokshitsi, Borisov) Krumer
KREMPEL Glusk    
KREPS Bobruisk uyezd (from Slutsk) Kocherichskaya Volost' (from Slutsk)  
KRICHEVSKY Bobruisk Bortninskaya Volost', Ozarichi Grazovsky, Grokhovsky, Grozovsky
KRIKSHTEIN Bobruisk    
KRINOVSKY Bobruisk    
KRITSER Bobruisk   Kratser, Kurtser
KRIVITSKY Svisloch Bobruisk Uyezd (from Kharkov)  
KRIVONOSOV Bobruisk    
KRIVOSEEV Bobruisk   Krivosev
KRIVOSEV Bobruisk   Krivoseev
KRIVTSOV Parichi   Kravtsov
KROCHAK Kazimirov   Cherchik, Chorchik, Girsok, Karasik, Krachek, Krochek
KROCHEK Kazimirov   Cherchik, Chorchik, Girsok, Karasik, Krachek, Krochak
KROM Bobruisk uyezd (from Mogilev)    
KRONIK Bobruisk uyezd (from Starobin, Slutsk)   Chernik
KROSHEN Bobruisk uyezd   Girson, Kroshin
KROSHIN Pobolov   Girson, Kroshen
KROTIN POBOLOV Turkovskaya Volost' Gordan, Gordin, Gordon
KRUMER Svisloch Bobruisk Kremer
KUCHINSKY Turkovskaya volost'    
KUKSIN Glusk   Kukson
KUKSON Bobruisk uyezd   Kuksin
KULAKOVSKY Zabolotskaya volost' Slutsk (from Zabolotskaya Volost') Glukhovsky
KULEV Bobruisk   Golub
KULITOV Bobruisk uyezd   Koltuv
KUNIN Parichi (from Rogachev)   Genin, Gunin, Khonon
KUNITS Glusk (from Starobin)    
KURTSER Shchedrin   Kratser, Kritser
KUSHNER Bobruisk    
KUSHNEROV Bobruisk    
KUSHTANOVICH Lyuban' Osovetskaya Volost' Kustanovich
KUSTANOVICH LYUBAN' Lyubonichi, Bobruisk, Turkovskaya Volost', Zabolotskaya Volost', Glusk, Bobruisk Uyezd (from Slutsk) Kushtanovich
KUTAIN Bobruisk   Khaedam, Khaitin, Kheitin, Kitain, Kitoin
KUTUN Bobruisk (from Kletsk)   Gitin, Goden, Godin, Gutin, Katan, Katon, Koton
KUZNETS Bobruisk uyezd Bobruisk Uyezd (from Lapichi, Igumen) Kazinets
KUZNETSOV GORKI Bortnikskaya Volost' (from Igumen), Bobruisk Uyezd (from Rakov),  
KYANIN Glusk    
LABATS Bobruisk uyezd   Lapidos, Lapidus, Levitas
LAEVSKY Parichi   Lipsky
LAGANIK Ozarichi    
LAKERNIK Glusk    
LAKOVICH Bobruisk    
LAKRITS Bobruisk    
LANDA Bobruisk    
LANZIN ? Bobruisk uyezd    
LAPIDOS Kozlovich   Labats, Lapidus, Levitas
LAPIDUS Bobruisk Zasnovka Labats, Lapidos, Levitas
LAPOTKIN Bobruisk uyezd    
LASHKEVICH Bobruisk uyezd    
LASINKA Bobruisk    
LATKIN Bobruisk    
LATRUSKA Glusk    
LAZAROV Bobruisk uyezd (from Rogachev)   Leizarov, Leizerov
LAZEBNIK Lyubonichi   Lozebnik
LAZINSKY Bobruisk   Lozinsky
LEDVITS Glusk (from Minsk)    
LEIBOV Bobruisk    
LEIBOV Ozarichi    
LEIBOVICH Parichi   Lvovich
LEIBOVICH Parichi (from Nemokshin, Rossiyany).   Lvovich
LEIKIN Stepskaya volost' (from Gorodok, Rogachev)    
LEIN Bortninskaya volost'    
LEIT Bobruisk (from Nesvizh)    
LEIVIKOV Bobruisk    
LEIZAROV Bobruisk (from Rogachev)   Lazarov, Leizerov
LEIZEROV Bobruisk Bobruisk Uyezd (from Chechersk), Urechye, Gorki Lazarov, Leizarov
LEIZOROVICH Bobruisk Oshmyany  
LELCHUK Ozarichi    
LEMESH Glusk    
LEMPERT Glusk    
LEN Bobruisk (from Lapichi, Igumen)    
LEOKUMOVICH Bobruisk   Liokimovich, Liokumovich, Lokumovich
LEPLIN Bobruisk    
LEPNIN Bobruisk uyezd   Libman, Lipman
LESIN Glusk   Leshin
LESNEVSKY Bobruisk uyezd    
LESOV Lyubonichi    
LEVCHIN Kazimirov   Lobchin
LEVENTIN Bobruisk uyezd    
LEVIK Gorki    
LEVIN SVISLOCH Glusk, Lyubonichi, Bobruisk, Parichi, Lyuban, Mikhailov, Zabolotskaya Volost', Parichi (from Novo-bykhov), Urechye, Botsevichi Volost' (from Igumen), Kovchitsy, Bobruisk Uyezd (from Pukhovichi, Igumen), Bobruisk Uyezd (from Romanov) Libin, Lopan ?
LEVINSON Glusk Bobruisk, Novye Dorogi, Parichi  
LEVITAS Bobruisk Zakalnichi Labats, Lapidos, Lapidus
LEVITIN Bobruisk uyezd (from Slutsk) Gorki (from Slutsk) Levityn
LEVITYN Bobruisk uyezd   Levitin
LEVKOVICH Zabolotskaya volost' Zabolotskaya Volost' (from Slutsk), Bobruisk Uyezd (from Starobin, Slutsk) Lipkovich
LIBAVITS Bobruisk uyezd    
LIBER Glusk    
LIBERMAN BOBRUISK Urechye, Ozarichi, Glusk, Kazimirov, Zakalnichi Librman
LIBIN Glusk   Levin, Lopan ?
LIBMAN Ozarichi volost' (from Antonovichi, Rechitsa) Bobruisk Uyezd (from Rechitsa) Lepnin, Lipman
LIBOV Bobruisk Lyubonichi  
LIBRMAN Bobruisk   Liberman
LIFSHITS GLUSK Ozarichi, Urechye, Shchedrin, Kovchitsy, Osovets, Parichi, Pobolov Livshits
LINDLIN Bobruisk    
LINETS Bobruisk uyezd    
LIOKIMOVICH Ozarichi   Leokumovich, Liokumovich, Lokumovich
LIOKUMOV Bobruisk    
LIOKUMOVICH OZARICHI Glusk, Lyubonichi Leokumovich, Liokimovich, Lokumovich
LIPKOVICH Bobruisk uyezd   Levkovich
LIPMAN Bobruisk uyezd   Lepnin, Libman
LIPMANOVICH Ozarichi    
LIPSKY SVISLOCH Bobruisk Laevsky
LISOVSKY Bobruisk    
LITMANOV Glusk    
LITMUL Parichi    
LITVIK Bobruisk    
LITVIN SVISLOCH Bobruisk, Shchedrin  
LIVAT Bobruisk uyezd    
LIVSHITS GLUSK Ozarichi, Urechye, Bobruisk, Bortnikskaya Volost', Gorki, Pobolov, Zabolotskaya Volost', Lyubonichi, Bobruisk Uezd (from Rogachev), Rudobelskaya Volost', Turkovskaya Volost', Urechye, Bobruisk Uezd (from Bykhov), Bobruisk Uezd (from Koidanov), Bobruisk Uezd (from Kremenchuk), Ozarichi (from Novogrudok), Novye Dorogi, Bobruisk Uezd (from Smilovichi, Igumen) Lifshits
LOBCHIN Stepskaya volost'   Levchin
LODMAN Bobruisk uyezd    
LOKUMOVICH Ozarichi   Leokumovich, Liokimovich, Liokumovich
LOLOD Ozarichi    
LOPAN ? Bobruisk   Levin, Libin
LOSER Zabolotskaya volost'   Losher, Losher
LOSHER Zabolotskaya volost'   Loser
LOSHER Zabolotskaya volost' (from Igumen)   Loser
LOZEBNIK Lyubonichi   Lazebnik
LUBNIK Bobruisk    
LUBOTSKY Kocherichskaya volost' Bobruisk Uyezd (from Novo-aleksandrov)  
LUKOMLYAY Bobruisk uyezd (from Khodarev)    
LUKOSHNYA Bobruisk uyezd    
LURIYA Bobruisk Bobruisk Uyezd (from Mogilev)  
LURYA Glusk (from Moigilev) Parichi Lurye
LURYE Bobruisk Parichi Lurya
LURYIN Bobruisk    
LUSETS Bobruisk    
LUTASHCHIK Bobruisk    
LVINKIN Bobruisk uyezd    
LVOVICH URECHYE Bobruisk, Zakalnichi, Lyuban, Zabolotskaya Volost', Glusk, Gorki, Lyubonichi, Bobruisk Uyezd (from Slutsk), Leibovich, Leibovich
LYAKERNIK Glusk Rudobelskaya Volost'  
LYAKHOVITSKY Bobruisk Shchedrin  
LYUBANOV Glusk   Lyubinov
LYUBIN Bobruisk Lyubonichi (from Gomel), Lyubonichi  
LYUBINOV Glusk   Lyubanov
LYUBONITSKY Bobruisk uyezd    
LYUBOVICH Bobruisk uyezd (from Ekaterinoslav)    
LYUBYATIN Bobruisk    
LYUKIMOVICH Ozarichi   Lyukumovich
LYUKUMOVICH Glusk   Lyukimovich
MADORER Bobruisk    
MADORSKY Bobruisk uyezd (from Rogachev) Shchedrin Modorsky
MAGIDOV Bobruisk    
MAGILNER Glusk   Mogilner
MAGLIN Bobruisk   Makhlin, Mikhlin
MAISTE Bobruisk    
MAISTER Bobruisk    
MAIZEL Shchedrin    
MAIZLIKH Ozarichi   Maizlakh
MAIZLIN Bobruisk uyezd   Maslan, Mazlin
MAIZYN Bobruisk   Meizin
MAKAVICH Bobruisk   Makevich
MAKEVICH Bobruisk uyezd (from Slutsk)   Makavich
MAKHCHUK Ozarichi   Makhguk
MAKHGUK Ozarichi   Makhchuk
MAKHLIN Bobruisk uyezd (from Starobykhov)   Maglin, Mikhlin
MAKHTIN Parichi Lyubonichi, Shchedrin, Bobruisk, Ozarichi  
MAKHTYUK Ozarichi    
MAKOVSKY Glusk    
MALER Urechye Bobruisk Uezd (from Kletsk, Slutsk) Miler
MALESOV Parichi Yurzdyka, Bortnikskaya Volost'  
MALINOVSKY Bobruisk uyezd    
MALKIN Glusk Bobruisk, Bobruisk Uezd (from Chechersk) Milkin
MALY GLUSK Turkovskaya Volost'  
MALYUTIN Bobruisk    
MAMBA Bobruisk   Manba, Manby ?
MAN Bobruisk    
MANBA Bobruisk   Mamba, Manby ?
MANBY ? Bobruisk   Mamba, Manba
MANCHIK Bobruisk   Monchik
MANDA Bobruisk    
MANDAL Glusk   Mendel, Mondel
MANTSIK Bobruisk    
MARASIN Bobruisk uyezd    
MARGOLIN PARICHI Lyubonichi, Shchedrin, Glusk, Bobruisk (from Kholuy, Igumen), Bobruisk, Bobruisk Uezd (from Gadyach), Bobruisk (from Igumen), Bobruisk Uezd (from Rogachev) Morgolin
MARKON Bobruisk   Mirkin, Murkin, Norkin
MARKOV Bobruisk    
MAROCHNIKOV Bobruisk    
MARON Bobruisk Bobruisk (from Igumen), Bobruisk Uezd (from Kalinkovichi), Bobruisk Uyezd (from Kholuy, Igumen) Murin
MARONA Bobruisk   Mereina, Mereino
MARYASIN Bobruisk uyezd Bobruisk Uezd (from Chernigov) Moryasin
MAS Lyuban'   Maz
MASLAN Zabolotskaya volost'   Maizlin, Mazlin
MATKIN Bobruisk   Motkin, Notkin
MATLIN BOBRUISK Parichi Medlin, Mitlin, Modlin, Motlin
MATLYUK Ozarichi    
MATS SVISLOCH Bobruisk, Kazulichi  
MATSEV Bobruisk uyezd   Matusov
MATSKEVICH Bobruisk (from Slutsk) Svisloch  
MATSKIN Lyubonichi   Nadorzhin
MATUSOV Lyuban'   Matsev
MATYUK Ozarichi    
MAYERSON Parichi   Meyerson
MAZ Lyuban'   Mas
MAZE Parichi Bobruisk, Lyubonichi, Svisloch  
MAZEL Glusk (from Romanov, Slutsk) Glusk (from Vizna, Slutsk)  
MAZIN BOBRUISK Lyubonichi, Svisloch Mozin, Nison
MAZIYA Bobruisk    
MAZLIN Svisloch   Maizlin, Maslan
MEDLIN Bobruisk   Matlin, Mitlin, Modlin, Motlin
MEITIN Bobruisk (from Rogachev)    
MEIZIN Bobruisk uyezd Glusk Maizyn
MEKLER Glusk Ozarichi, Lyuban', Parichi  
MELAMED Shchedrin Bobruisk, Bobruisk Uezd (from Nesvizh), Bobruisk (from Pogost, Igumen) Melomed
MELOMED Bobruisk   Melamed
MELTSER Glusk Kovchitsy  
MENDEL Bobruisk uyezd (from Vilno)   Mandal, Mondel
MENDELEV Glusk    
MENZIN Glusk   Nemerzen
MEREINA Lyubonichi   Marona, Mereino
MEREINO Bobruisk (from Dritsa, Mogilev)   Marona, Mereina
MERENBURG Gorki Stepskaya Volost' Mirenburg
MERLIN Parichi    
MESHNIKOV Bobruisk    
MESULOVICH Bobruisk uyezd    
METER Bortninskaya volost' Kozlovich, Noviki  
MEYEROV Bobruisk uyezd    
MEYEROVICH Parichi (from Vilkomir) Bobruisk Uezd (from Shatsk, Igumen)  
MEYERSON Parichi   Mayerson
MIKHALEVSKY Bobruisk uyezd   Mikhlovsky, Mogilevsky
MIKHEIKIN Lyuban'    
MIKHELEVICH Bobruisk uyezd    
MIKHLIN Bobruisk Shchedrin Maglin, Makhlin
MIKHLOVSKY Glusk   Mikhalevsky, Mogilevsky
MILER Urechye   Maler
MILKIN Bobruisk uyezd (from Sverzhen)   Malkin
MILMAN Glusk    
MINDLIN Bobruisk    
MINEVICH Parichi (from Rechitsa)   Munvez
MINKIN Bobruisk Parichi Mnukhin, Naimagon, Namagon
MIRENBURG Parichi   Merenburg
MIRKIN Bobruisk   Markon, Murkin, Norkin
MIRSKY Bobruisk uyezd (from Dyatlov, Slonim) Bobruisk Uezd (from Nesvizh), Bobruisk Uezd (from Slonim) Moroshek, Nazik, Nozhik, Nozik
MISHKIND Bobruisk   Miskind
MISKIND uyezd   Mishkind
MITELMAN Bobruisk    
MITLIN Bobruisk   Matlin, Medlin, Modlin, Motlin
MIUSHKIN Bobruisk    
MNUKHIN Lyubonichi   Minkin, Naimagon, Namagon
MNUSHKIN Bobruisk   Mnuskin
MNUSKIN Bobruisk   Mnushkin
MODLIN Bobruisk   Matlin, Medlin, Mitlin, Motlin
MODORSKY Shchedrin   Madorsky
MOGILENSKY Kobvchitsy    
MOGILEVSKY BOBRUISK   Mikhalevsky, Mikhlovsky
MOGILNER GLUSK Lyuban Magilner
MOLIN Zabolotskaya volost' Lyuban, Lyubonichi  
MONCHIK Bobruisk uyezd   Manchik
MONDEL Glusk   Mandal, Mendel
MONIN Bobruisk Itel'  
MONSHTEIN Bobruisk uyezd    
MONUSOV Bobruisk uyezd    
MOPSHIK Bobruisk   Mopsik
MOPSIK URECHYE Bobruisk, Gorki Mopshik
MORDER Bobruisk uyezd (from Slutsk)    
MORDUKHOV Lyubonichi Parichi  
MORGOLIN LYUBONICHI Parichi, Bobruisk, Glusk, Urechye, Zabolotskaya Volost', Gorki (from Shatsk, Igumin), Svisloch Margolin
MORGUNOVSKY Bobruisk uyezd (from Khodorov)    
MORONIN Glusk    
MOROSHEK Bobruisk (from Minsk)   Mirsky
MORTKIN Bobruisk    
MORYASIN Bobruisk   Maryasin
MORZOVSKY ? Bobruisk uyezd (from Slutsk)    
MOSILEVSKY Bobruisk    
MOSKALIK Zabolotskaya volost'    
MOSKVER Itel'   Moskvir
MOSKVIR Bobruisk uyezd (from Shklov, Mogilev)   Moskver
MOSOSHED Bobruisk    
MOTIK Urechye    
MOTKIN Bobruisk Kocherichskaya Volost', Lyubonichi Matkin, Notkin
MOTLIN Bobruisk   Matlin, Medlin, Mitlin, Modlin
MOVSHEV Lyuban'   Movshov
MOVSHOV Bobruisk uyezd   Movshev
MOZIN Bobruisk uyezd   Mazin, Nison
MOZUS Bobruisk    
MUNVEZ Bobruisk (from Minsk)   Minevich
MURIN Glusk   Maron
MURKIN Bobruisk   Markon, Mirkin, Norkin
MUSKOVITS Bobruisk uyezd    
MYASNIK Bobruisk uyezd    
MYSHALOV Gorki (from Slutsk) Turkovskaya Volost'  
NADORZHIN Bobruisk   Matskin
NAEINMAN Glusk    
NAFTELEV Glusk    
NAGEIRO Bobruisk uyezd    
NAGER Bobruisk uyezd (from Minsk)    
NAIMAGON Bobruisk   Minkin, Mnukhin, Namagon
NAIMAN BOBRUISK Ozarichi, Svisloch, Pobolov, Parichi Naimon
NAIMON Bobruisk uyezd   Naiman
NAIMOV Bobruisk uyezd    
NAKHMAN Bobruisk   Nekhamin
NAKHMANOV Bobruisk uyezd    
NAKHMANOVICH Bobruisk (from Slutsk) Zakalnichi Nekhmanovich
NAKHMANSON Parichi    
NAMAGON Bobruisk   Minkin, Mnukhin, Naimagon
NAZIK Urechye   Mirsky, Nozhik, Nozik
NEIMANOV Bobruisk   Nemenev
NEIMERZALA Glusk Novye Dorogi Nemerzel
NEKHAMIN Bobruisk   Nakhman
NEKHIN Bobruisk Bobruisk Uezd (from Ekaterinoslav), Parichi  
NEKHMANOVICH Zabolotskaya volost'   Nakhmanovich
NEKRICH Bobruisk uyezd (from Slutsk)    
NELINSON Bobruisk    
NEMENEV Bobruisk (from Bykhov)   Neimanov
NEMERZEL GLUSK Bobruisk (from Ekaterinoslav) Neimerzala
NEMERZEN Glusk   Menzin
NEMETS Bobruisk    
NESVIZHSKY Bobruisk    
NEVTEL Bobruisk uyezd    
NILUS Glusk (from Slutsk)    
NINICH Zabolotskaya volost'    
NISANBAUM Bobruisk   Nisenbaum, Nisonbaum
NISENBAUM Shchedrin   Nisanbaum, Nisonbaum
NISMAN Parichi Bobruisk  
NISOIBAUM Bobruisk    
NISON Bobruisk Garbatsevichsk. Volost' Mazin, Mozin
NISONBAUM BOBRUISK Shchedrin Nisanbaum, Nisenbaum
NOKHMANCHUK Itel' Ozarichi  
NOKHUMOV Bobruisk uyezd    
NORKIN BOBRUISK Bobruisk (from Igumen), Bobruisk (from Kholuy, Igumen) Markon, Mirkin, Murkin
NOTKIN Glusk Bobruisk, Shchedrin (from Shklov) Matkin, Motkin
NOVIK Urechye    
NOZHIK Urechye   Mirsky, Nazik, Nozik
NOZIK URECHYE Zabolotskaya Volost' Mirsky, Nazik, Nozhik
OFENGEIN Bobruisk uyezd (from Korma, Rogachev)    
OFINGENDEL Bortnikskaya volost'    
OKHKIN Glusk Lyaskovichskaya Volost'  
OKIY Bobruisk    
OKUN SHCHEDRIN Bobruisk, Parichi, Bobruisk Uezd (from Tikhnich, Rogachev), Turkovskaya Volost' Echin, Ekhon
OKUNEV Pobolov    
OKUNIN Bobruisk uyezd    
OLKIN ? Bobruisk uyezd   Elkin
OLSHANSKY Bobruisk Shchedrin, Bobruisk Uezd (from David, Rechitsa)  
OLSHEVSKY Bobruisk uyezd    
OMGOVITSKY Gorki (from Slutsk)    
ORELIK Bobruisk uyezd    
OREMAN Bobruisk (from Kopatkevichi, Mozyr) Lyaskovichi (from Mozyr Uyezd)  
ORENBURG Bobruisk uyezd   Erenburg
ORENOV Bobruisk uyezd   Aronov
ORLIK Zabolotskaya volost' Bobruisk Uezd (from Mir)  
OSHEROVICH Bobruisk   Iserovich
OSHUROV Glusk    
OSOVSKY Urechye Novodvorskaya Volost' (from Slutsk), Parichi (from Slutsk), Zhitinskaya Volost'  
OZAR Zakalnichi    
OZHIK Bobruisk uyezd (from Slutsk)   Aizik, Izak, Ozik
OZIK Glusk   Aizik, Izak, Ozhik
PADERSKY Bobruisk uyezd (from Slutsk)    
PALEY PARICHI Ozarichi, Shchedrin, Bobruisk, Glusk Poley, Voley
PALITSKY Bobruisk   Belitsky, Pelitsik, Polotsky
PALTEL Bobruisk (from Gaisin)    
PAPERNO Bobruisk uyezd   Paperny, Papirny, Poperny
PAPERNY GLUSK Parichi, Bobruisk, Zakalnichi Paperno, Papirny, Poperny
PAPERNYA Bobruisk uyezd    
PAPIRNY Bobruisk   Paperno, Paperny, Poperny
PARAKHOVIM Ozarichi    
PARAKHOVNIK Ozarichi   Porkhovnik, Prakhovnik, Prokhovnik
PARKHAMOVICH Shchedrin    
PARKHOVHIK Shchedrin    
PARTAN OZARICHI   Fortan, Freidin, Portnoy
PASHKOV Bobruisk uyezd   Barshov, Peisakhov
PASHKOVSKY Ozarichi Bobruisk Varshavsky
PATIKHIN Lyubonichi Bobruisk Badkhin, Potikhin, Vitkin
PAUKER Bobruisk   Baiker, Pechura
PAUL Bobruisk    
PECHURA Bobruisk uyezd   Baiker, Pauker
PEISAKHOV Bobruisk   Barshov, Pashkov
PEISASOV Bobruisk   Barshchov
PEIZNER Bobruisk    
PELITSIK Bobruisk uyezd   Belitsky, Palitsky, Polotsky
PERELMAN Bobruisk (from Lepel) Stepskaya Volost' (from Zayemechany, Minsk) Perlman
PERIDYK Bobruisk    
PERLIDIN Bobruisk    
PERLIN Bobruisk   Berlin
PERLMAN Bobruisk (from Smolevichi, Borisov)   Perelman
PERLOV Svisloch    
PESIN Bobruisk uyezd Kocherichskaya Volost', Shchedrin Basin, Berzen, Berzin, Berzon, Fidson, Pochin, Pozin
PIDRUS Urechye    
PIK Kazimirov Stepskaya Volost', Stepskaya Volost' (from Kletsk)  
PIKUS Gusk (from Uzda)   Vykhodz
PILMAN Glusk Parichi Blonin, Polman
PINDRUS Urechye Ozarichi Pondrus
PINES Bobruisk uyezd   Pinus
PINKHASIK Bobruisk (from Pukhovichi) Zabolotskaya Volost' Pinkhosik
PINKHOSIK Bobruisk   Pinkhasik
PINKHUSOV Lyubonichi    
PINSKER Glusk (from Stolin)   Vainshiker
PINSKY OZARICHI Shchedrin, Parichi  
PINUS Bobruisk Svisloch Pines
PIRONBURG Pobolov   Freinberg, Frinburg
PISMAN Parichi   Fershman, Fishman, Puzhinin, Pyshman ?, Vaisman, Veisman, Vishman
PITAIN Glusk    
PLASTAK Bobruisk   Plostak
PLOST Parichi (from Vilkomir)    
PLOSTAK Bobruisk   Plastak
PLOTKIN LYUBONICHI Bobruisk, Itel', Kocherichskaya Volost', Turkovskaya Volost', Bobruisk Uezd (from Bykhov), Parichi, Parichi (from Rogachev), Pobolov, Shedrin, Bobruisk (from Starobykhov), Stepskaya Volost' Feldgon
PLOTNIK Bobruisk    
PLOYKIN Bobruisk   Beilkin, Belkin, Bulkan, Bulkin, Veilkin, Velikan, Velikin
PLUTOV Kozlovich    
POCHIN Bobruisk   Basin, Fidson, Pesin, Pozin
POCHTAR Glusk Svisloch  
PODLIPSKY Bobruisk uyezd (from Slutsk)    
PODOKSIK Kovchitsi    
POGARELSKY Bobruisk    
POGOSKY Urechye   Vygodsky
POGOSTKIN Urechye    
POGOSTKY Bobruisk uyezd    
POLEVY Parichi    
POLEY Ozarichi   Paley, Voley
POLMAN Bobruisk uyezd   Blonin, Pilman
POLOTSKY Bobruisk uyezd (from Minsk)   Belitsky, Palitsky, Pelitsik
POLUGAR Bobruisk   Blekher, Polugir
POLUGAROV Bobruisk uyezd    
POLUGIR Bobruisk   Blekher, Polugar
POLYACHKIN Bobruisk    
POLYAK Bobruisk (from Shklov) Glusk  
POLYAKOV Bobruisk uyezd (from Nesvizh)    
POLYAKOVSKY Shchedrin    
PONDRUS Bobruisk   Pindrus
PONMECHNIK Bobruisk    
POPERNY Bobruisk uyezd (from Kremenchuk)   Paperno, Paperny, Papirny
POPK Bobruisk    
POPOK Bobruisk uyezd (from Mir) Bobruisk (from Novogrudok)  
PORKHOVNIK Glusk   Parakhovnik, Prakhovnik, Prokhovnik
PORTNOY Parichi   Fortan, Freidin, Partan
POSELENNIK Bobruisk    
POSHERSTNIK Bobruisk (from Bykhov)    
POSNOVOR Bobruisk    
POTIKHIN Lyubonichi   Badkhin, Patikhin, Vitkin
POVZNER Gorki    
POZIK Urechye   Barsky, Bashuk, Borsuk
POZIN Parichi   Basin, Berzen, Berzin, Berzon, Fidson, Pesin, Pochin
POZNYAK Bobruisk uyezd (from Ivenets)    
POZYAKOV Bobruisk    
PRAKHOVNIK Glusk   Parakhovnik, Porkhovnik, Prokhovnik
PRESMAN Parichi   Fershman, Pruzhinin
PRIMAK Bobruisk    
PROKHOVNIK Glusk   Parakhovnik, Porkhovnik, Prakhovnik
PROSYAKOV Bobruisk uyezd    
PRUZHININ BOBRUISK   Fershman, Presman
PRUZINA Bobruisk   Berzen, Berzin, Berzon, Pruzyn
PRUZYN Bobruisk uyezd   Berzen, Berzin, Berzon, Pruzina
PSAKHIYA Bobruisk    
PUKEL Glusk    
PUNKEL Bobruisk uyezd   Fenkel, Finkel
PUZHININ Bobruisk   Fershman, Fishman, Pisman, Pyshman ?, Vaisman, Veisman, Vishman
PYANIK Glusk    
PYANIN Glusk    
PYSHMAN ? Parichi   Fershman, Fishman, Pisman, Puzhinin, Vaisman, Veisman, Vishman
RABINOV Bobruisk   Rubinov
RABINOVICH BOBRUISK Shchedrin, Urechye, Bobruisk (from Chausy), Glusk, Parichi, Pobolov, Stepskaya Volost'  
RABKIN BOBRUISK Parichi, Bortninskaya Volost', Zakal'nichi Rabukhin, Raevkin ?, Rivkin, Ryvkin
RABKIR Bobruisk    
RABUKHIN Ozarichi   Rabkin, Raevkin ?, Rivkin, Ryvkin
RACHIN Bobruisk uyezd (from Slutsk)   Rashin, Rasin, Rechin, Resin, Rishin, Risin, Roshin, Rosin, Rozin, Rozyn, Rysin
RADUNSKY Bobruisk    
RAEVKIN ? Shchedrin   Rabkin, Rabukhin, Rivkin, Ryvkin
RAFALOVICH Bobruisk    
RAGINSKY Bobruisk   Roginsky
RAIKHMAN GLUSK Bobruisk Rakhman, Rokhman
RAIKIN Bobruisk    
RAIZIN Bobruisk uyezd    
RAKHLIN Bobruisk Kazimirovo, Stepskaya Volost', Bobruisk Uezd (from Rogachev) Rokhlin, Ryklin
RAKHMALEVICH PARICHI   Rakhmelevich, Rakhmilevich, Rakhmilovich
RAKHMAN Bobruisk uyezd   Raikhman, Rokhman
RAKHMANOV Bobruisk    
RAKHMANOV Parichi    
RAKHMELEVICH Parichi   Rakhmalevich, Rakhmilevich, Rakhmilovich
RAKHMILEVICH PARICHI Bobruisk, Bobruisk (fom Shoty) Rakhmalevich, Rakhmelevich, Rakhmilovich
RAKHMILOVICH Parichi   Rakhmalevich, Rakhmelevich, Rakhmilevich
RANTSIN Bobruisk    
RAPOPORT Bobruisk uyezd (from Starobin) Bobruisk, Glusk  
RASHAL Glusk   Rosal, Roshal
RASHIN Glusk   Rachin, Rasin, Rechin, Resin, Rishin, Risin, Roshin, Rosin, Rozin, Rozyn, Rysin
RASHKIN Bobruisk   Raskin, Razkin
RASHRAGOVICH Bobruisk (from Slutsk)    
RASIN Bobruisk Gorki, Lyuban' Rachin, Rashin, Rechin, Resin, Rishin, Risin, Roshin, Rosin, Rozin, Rozyn, Rysin
RASKIN Bobruisk Gorki, Lyuban', Bobruisk (from Lepel), Bobruisk Uezd (prchishcha?) Rashkin, Razkin
RASKOVICH Bobruisk    
RASOVSKY Glusk (from Kopatkevichi)   Rozovsky
RATNER Bobruisk Glusk, Pobolov  
RAVAN Bobruisk   Rivin, Rubin
RAVICH Bobruisk    
RAZKIN Gorodok   Rashkin, Raskin
RECHIN Lyuban'   Rachin, Rashin, Rasin, Resin, Rishin, Risin, Roshin, Rosin, Rozin, Rozyn, Rysin
REGELSON Glusk   Rogelson
REIKSAKH Bobruisk uyezd    
REINBERG Bobruisk uyezd   Rinberg
REINGOLD Bobruisk   Reingoldt
REINGOLDT Bobruisk   Reingold
REINSHTEIN Glusk Bobruisk  
REIZIK Bobruisk uyezd (from Mozyr)    
RELIN Glusk Bobruisk  
RELKIN Glusk    
REMIN Bobruisk   Rymin
RESIN Bobruisk   Rachin, Rashin, Rasin, Rechin, Rishin, Risin, Roshin, Rosin, Rozin, Rozyn, Rysin
REVZUK Glusk    
REVZYUK Glusk    
REZINOV Lyuban'    
REZNIK URECHYE Ozarichi, Bobruisk Uezd (from Ekaterinoslav), Parichi Rosomaka
REZNIKOV Bobruisk uyezd (from Doskovka, Bykhov) Bobruisk, Shchedrin  
RINBERG Bobruisk uyezd (from Kremenchug)   Reinberg
RISHIN GLUSK   Rachin, Rashin, Rasin, Rechin, Resin, Risin, Roshin, Rosin, Rozin, Rozyn, Rysin
RISIN Glusk Zabolotskaya Volost' Rachin, Rashin, Rasin, Rechin, Resin, Rishin, Roshin, Rosin, Rozin, Rozyn, Rysin
RIVBORG Bobruisk uyezd    
RIVIN Bobruisk uyezd (from Konotop)   Ravan, Rubin
RIVKIN KAZIMIROV Pobolov, Bobruisk, Shchedrin, Bobruisk (from Tikhinichi, Rogachev), Parichi, Parichi (from Pechishcha) Rabkin, Rabukhin, Raevkin ?, Ryvkin
RIVKIND Parichi    
RIVLIN Ozarichi Glusk  
RODGEIM Glusk   Rotgeim
RODIN Bobruisk    
RODOV Bobruisk (from Pukhovichi)    
RODSHTEIN Urechye   Rudshtein, Rutshtein
ROFMAN Ozarichi    
ROGELSON Glusk   Regelson
ROGINSKY Bobruisk Bobruisk Uezd (from Rechitsa), Bobruisk Uezd (from Rogachev) Raginsky
ROKHLIN BOBRUISK Gorodok, Kazimirov, Parichi, Stepskaya Volost', Bobruisk (from Disna), Luban', Shchedrin, Bobruisk (from Pinsk) Rakhlin, Ryklin
ROKHMAN Bobruisk uyezd   Raikhman, Rakhman
ROSAL Parichi (from Cherikov) Glusk, Rudobelskaya Volost' Rashal, Roshal
ROSHAL Bobruisk uyezd (from Mogilev) Urechye, Gorki Rashal, Rosal
ROSHIN Bobruisk   Rachin, Rashin, Rasin, Rechin, Resin, Rishin, Risin, Rosin, Rozin, Rozyn, Rysin
ROSIN Lyuban' Gorki Rachin, Rashin, Rasin, Rechin, Resin, Rishin, Risin, Roshin, Rozin, Rozyn, Rysin
ROSOMAKA Osovetskaya volost'   Reznik
ROVETS Bobruisk    
ROZBOV uyezd    
ROZENBAUM Svisloch Bobruisk  
ROZENBEIL Bobruisk Aleksandriya  
ROZENBERG GLUSK Svisloch, Bobruisk, Lyubonichi, Bobruisk (from Uzlyany, Igumen) Rozimburg, Rozinberg
ROZENBLAT Bobruisk   Rozenfeld
ROZENBLYUM Bobruisk    
ROZENFELD Zakalnichi   Rozenblat
ROZIMBURG Bobruisk uyezd   Rozenberg, Rozinberg
ROZIN Parichi (from Minsk)   Rachin, Rashin, Rasin, Rechin, Resin, Rishin, Risin, Roshin, Rosin, Rozyn, Rysin
ROZINBERG Glusk   Rozenberg, Rozimburg
ROZINOER Lyubonichi    
ROZOV Bobruisk    
ROZOVSKY Lyubonichi   Rasovsky
ROZYN Parichi (from Minsk)   Rachin, Rashin, Rasin, Rechin, Resin, Rishin, Risin, Roshin, Rosin, Rozin, Rysin
RUBANENKO Bobruisk    
RUBENCHIK Bobruisk (from Minsk) Kozelets Rubinchik, Rubinsky
RUBENSHTEIN Lyubonichi   Rubinshtein
RUBIN Bobruisk   Ravan, Rivin
RUBINCHIK Bobruisk Bortnikskaya Volost' (from Igumen), Bobruisk (from Pukhovichi, Igumen) Rubenchik, Rubinsky
RUBINSHTEIN LYUBONICHI Bobruisk, Bobruisk Uezd (from Slutsk) Rubenshtein
RUBINSKY Bobruisk   Rubenchik, Rubinchik
RUBSHLIN Bortninskaya volost'    
RUBSHTEIN Bobruisk    
RUCHSHTEIN Novye Dorogi   Rukhshtein
RUDNITSKY Bobruisk (from Rechitsa)    
RUDSHTEIN Urechye Ozarichi Rodshtein, Rutshtein
RUDTSHTEIN Bortnikskaya volost'    
RUDY Svisloch    
RUFER Turkovskaya volost'    
RUKHSHTEIN Glusk Urechye Ruchshtein
RUTSHTEIN URECHYE Glusk, Bobruisk Rodshtein, Rudshtein
RYABINOV Bobruisk    
RYABKIN Bobruisk Shchedrin, Parichi, Turkovskaya Volost'  
RYKLIN Bobruisk uyezd (from Slutsk)   Rakhlin, Rokhlin
RYMIN Glusk   Remin
RYSIN Bobruisk Zabolotskaya Volost' Rachin, Rashin, Rasin, Rechin, Resin, Rishin, Risin, Roshin, Rosin, Rozin, Rozyn
RYVKIN Bobruisk Ozarichi, Parichi, Pobolov, Shchedrin (from Starobin, Slutsk), Glusk (from Shklov) Rabkin, Rabukhin, Raevkin ?, Rivkin
RYZER Kozlovich    
SADOVSKY Parichi    
SADOVSKY Bobruisk    
SAFRAY Parichi (from Slutsk)   Shapira, Shapiro, Sheifor
SAK Glusk   Zak
SAKAR Glusk   Saker, Sokhor
SAKER Glusk   Sakar, Sokhor
SAKHIN Bobruisk (from Igumen)   Shukin
SALTSOVSKY Bobruisk uyezd   Soltsovsky
SAMORODINSKY Bobruisk uyezd Lysyanka  
SAMSON Glusk Stepskaya Volost'  
SAMSONOV Glusk Bobruisk  
SANBLER Pobolov    
SANDALIN ? Bobruisk uyezd    
SANDEROV Glusk   Senderov, Shenderov
SANEZER Pobolov    
SANGLER Bobruisk    
SARPATIN Bobruisk uyezd    
SAUYKHOVITSKY Parichi   Sukhovitsky
SAVELFOLF Bobruisk   Savelvolf, Savelvulf
SAVELVOLER Bobruisk    
SAVELVOLF Bobruisk   Savelfolf, Savelvulf
SAVELVULF Bobruisk   Savelfolf, Savelvolf
SEMENOVSKY Bobruisk   Siminovsky, Simonovsky
SENDEROV Glusk   Sanderov, Shenderov
SENDEROVICH Bobruisk uyezd (from Petrikov)   Shenderovich, Shendorovich
SEREBENY Bobruisk uyezd   Chirpin, Serepin, Surepin, Surpin
SEREBRYANIK Bobruisk Glusk Serebryanny
SEREBRYANNY Ozarichi   Serebryanik
SEREPIN Bobruisk uyezd   Chirpin, Serebeny, Surepin, Surpin
SERKIN Bobruisk uyezd (from Disna) Bobruisk Uezd (from Dunilovichi, Vilno), Bobruisk (from Vileika) Shorkin, Shurkin, Sorkin, Sorokin, Zarkhin
SERNOVICH Bobruisk uyezd    
SGAIGEL Glusk    
SHABAS Glusk (from Nesvizh)   Shabes
SHABES Bobruisk uyezd (from Nesvizh)   Shabas
SHADOR Stepskaya volost' (from Novo-Aleksandrovsk)   Ziter
SHALMAN Bobruisk uyezd   Shliman, Sholman, Shulman, Sulman
SHAMESH Bobruisk uyezd    
SHAPIRA BOBRUISK Botsevichskaya Volost' (from Igumen), Bobruisk Uezd (from Smilovichi), Glusk, Parichi, Tarasovich, Brozhskaya Volost', Bobruisk (from Byalynichi, Mogilev.g.), Domanovo, Dubrovy, Bobruisk (from Grodno), Kovchtsy, Lyubonichi, Bobruisk (from Pukhovichi, Igumen), Turkovskaya Volost' Safray, Shapiro, Sheifor
SHAPIRO Bobruisk Lyubonichi, Parichi Safray, Shapira, Sheifor
SHAT Glusk    
SHATS Bobruisk uyezd (from Igumen)    
SHATSKY Bobruisk uyezd (from Loshitsa, Igumen)    
SHAULOV Bobruisk uyezd    
SHCHIRIN Bobruisk uyezd    
SHCHUPLYATSKY Kacherichskaya volost'    
SHEGELMAN Brozhskaya volost' Kovchitsy, Kozlovich  
SHEID Bobruisk uyezd    
SHEIDLIN Bobruisk uyezd    
SHEIFOR Bobruisk   Safray, Shapira, Shapiro
SHEIMAN Bobruisk Glusk, Lyubonichi Sheinin, Somono
SHEIN BOBRUISK Bortnikskaya Volost', Stepskaya Volost' (from Orsha), Filipkovich  
SHEININ BOBRUISK Bortninskaya Volost', Parichi Sheiman, Somono
SHEINKER Glusk   Shenker, Shineker, Shumakher, Zinger, Zynger
SHEINKMAN Glusk Parichi  
SHEINMAN Bobruisk uyezd    
SHEKHT Bobruisk uyezd    
SHENDEROV Glusk Bobruisk Sanderov, Senderov
SHENDEROVICH BOBRUISK Glusk, Pavlov, Turkovskaya Volost' Senderovich, Shendorovich
SHENDOROVICH Bobruisk   Senderovich, Shenderovich
SHENK Bobruisk    
SHENKER Glusk   Sheinker, Shineker, Shumakher, Zinger, Zynger
SHER Glusk   Shur
SHERMAN LYUBONICHI Bobruisk Chernin, Surnin
SHERVITS Bobruisk    
SHIFRIN Parichi   Shufrin
SHILDKROT Bobruisk    
SHIMANOVICH Bobruisk (from Yurburg)   Simonovich
SHIMANSKY Bobruisk    
SHINEKER Bobruisk uyezd (from Smolinsk, Pinsk)   Sheinker, Shenker, Shumakher, Zinger, Zynger
SHINTSIK Bobruisk    
SHISHKIN Bobruisk   Soskin
SHKLOVSKY Parichi    
SHKLYAR BOBRUISK Bobruisk ( From Kopyl', Slutsk)  
SHLEIFER Bobruisk uyezd    
SHLIMAN Glusk   Shalman, Sholman, Shulman, Sulman
SHMAGIN Parichi   Simkin
SHMERKOVICH Brozhskaya volost' Bobruisk Uezd (from Nesvizh)  
SHMIDOV Shchedrin    
SHMUILEVICH Bobruisk uyezd   Smilevich
SHMUILOV Bobruisk Glusk Shnailov, Zimelev
SHNAILOV Bobruisk uyezd   Shmuilov, Zimelev
SHNEB ? Bobruisk    
SHNEPER Bobruisk uyezd (from Minsk)    
SHNITSER Bobruisk    
SHOKHURMAT Bobruisk uyezd    
SHOLMAN Khodareva   Shalman, Shliman, Shulman, Sulman
SHOLOMOV Ozarichi Itel' Chlenov
SHORIN Bobruisk uyezd   Charny, Sorin, Surin
SHORKIN Bobruisk   Serkin, Shurkin, Sorkin, Sorokin, Zarkhin
SHPITSER Bobruisk (from Slutsk )    
SHPIVOK Bobruisk uyezd   Spevak, Spivak
SHPRIPUSON Bobruisk    
SHRIFTER Glusk   Srifter
SHTASHEVSKY Parichi   Stashevsky
SHTEIBUK Pobolov    
SHTEIN Bobruisk uyezd    
SHTEINBOK Bobruisk Parichi Shteinbuk
SHTEINBUK Pobolov Turkovskaya Volost' Shteinbok
SHTEINGARD Lyubonichi    
SHTISON Bobruisk uyezd   Stison, Stysen, Styson
SHTIVELKNOP Glusk   Stivelknopor
SHTRELETS Bobruisk uyezd   Strelets
SHTRUGATS Bobruisk    
SHTUMAKOV Bobruisk uyezd    
SHUB PARICHI Bobruisk, Glusk, Ozarichi  
SHUBIN Glusk Parichi, Pechishcha  
SHUFRIN Kovchitsy   Shifrin
SHUKHMAN Bobruisk   Sukhnin
SHUKIN Pobolov   Sakhin
SHULMAKHER Bobruisk uyezd    
SHULMAN OZARICHI Glusk, Ozarichi (from Mir), Bobruisk, Parichi, Pobolov Shalman, Shliman, Sholman, Sulman
SHULMAN-LIVSHITS Bobruisk (from Grozov, Slutsk)    
SHULYAKOVSKY Bobruisk uyezd    
SHUMAKHER Glusk   Sheinker, Shenker, Shineker, Zinger, Zynger
SHUR Urechye   Sher
SHURKIN Bobruisk   Serkin, Shorkin, Sorkin, Sorokin, Zarkhin
SHUSTER Ozarichi Bobruisk, Bobruisk (from Kletsk ) Suster
SHUSTERMAN Bobruisk    
SHVAB Bobruisk    
SHVARTS Bobruisk    
SHVEDIK Glusk    
SHVERDLOV Bobruisk    
SHVETS Bobruisk Glusk Svets
SIGAL Bobruisk    
SILITSKY Bobruisk   Slutsky
SIMANOV Bobruisk   Simonov
SIMINOVSKY Bobruisk   Semenovsky, Simonovsky
SIMKHOV Glusk Rudobelskaya Volost'  
SIMKHOVICH Glusk Zhitinskaya Volost' (from Drazhno, Novogrudok), Parichi  
SIMKIN Bobruisk Brozhskaya Volost' Shmagin
SIMONOV Bobruisk Parichi Simanov
SIMONOVICH Parichi   Shimanovich
SIMONOVOV Bobruisk    
SIMONOVSKY Bobruisk Turkovskaya Volost' Semenovsky, Siminovsky
SIROTKIN Bobruisk    
SKORMAN Bobruisk uyezd   Zeigerman
SKORTINSKY Bobruisk (from Polonka, Novogrudok)    
SLABOTSKY Rechitsa Parichskaya Volost'  
SLAVIN Bobruisk Pobolov, Bobruisk (from Rogachev), Turkovskaya Volost'  
SLEPAK Bobruisk    
SLETALIN Bobruisk    
SLIMAK Glusk    
SLOBODIN Bobruisk    
SLOBODKIN Bobruisk    
SLOBODSKY Bobruisk (from Rechitsa)   Soloveichik
SLUCHAK Glusk (from Starobin)   Sluchki
SLUCHKI Bobruisk   Sluchak
SLUTSKY Bobruisk (from Nesvizh) Bobruisk (from Zhlobin) Silitsky
SMILEVICH Bobruisk uyezd   Shmuilevich
SMILOVITSKY Bobruisk    
SMORDIN Kazimirov    
SNOTER Glusk    
SOBEL Bobruisk    
SODLER Bobruisk    
SOEKIN Bobruisk uyezd   Zakgeim
SOKHOR Dubrovy   Sakar, Saker
SOKOLOV Bobruisk    
SOLOVEICHIK BOBRUISK Glusk, Bobruisk Uezd (from Grozov, Slutsk), Bobruisk Uezd (from Igumen), Turkovskaya Volost' Slobodsky
SOLTOTSKY Bobruisk    
SOLTSOVSKY Bobruisk Parichi Saltsovsky
SOMONO Bobruisk uyezd   Sheiman, Sheinin
SORIN Bobruisk Bobruisk (from Slutsk) Charny, Shorin, Surin
SORKIN Bobruisk Parichi, Bobruisk (from Rogachev) Serkin, Shorkin, Shurkin, Sorokin, Zarkhin
SORKINB Bobruisk    
SOROKIN Shchedrin (from Gorodok, Rogachev) Bobruisk Serkin, Shorkin, Shurkin, Sorkin, Zarkhin
SOSIN Turkovskaya volost'    
SOSKIN Bobruisk Parichi Shishkin
SOSNOVSKY Bobruisk    
SOSONKA Botsevichskaya volost' (from Bykhov)    
SPEVAK Ozarichi   Shpivok, Spivak
SPOKER Glusk    
SPOKOINA Bobruisk uyezd   Spokoiny
SPOKOINY Bobruisk uyezd   Spokoina
SPRINTSIN Bobruisk (from Germanovichi, Disna)    
SRAGOVICH Bobruisk uyezd (from Nesvizh)    
SRIFTER Bobruisk   Shrifter
STAIGEL Glusk    
STANIK Bobruisk uyezd (from Igumen)    
STAROBINETS Bobruisk uyezd (from Berezin, Igumen) Botsevichskaya Volost' (from Igumen)  
STASHEVSKY Parichi   Shtashevsky
STASOV Bobruisk    
STISON Bobruisk   Shtison, Stysen, Styson
STIVELKNOPOR Bobruisk uyezd   Shtivelknop
STOLPNER Bobruisk uyezd (from Zhlobin, Ragachev)    
STRONGIN Zamoshskaya volost' (from Pukhovichi) Zamoshskaya Volost'  
STUS Bobruisk    
STYSEN Bobruisk   Shtison, Stison, Styson
STYSON Bobruisk   Shtison, Stison, Stysen
SUDRAITS Bobruisk uyezd    
SUKHARENKO Bobruisk uyezd    
SUKHNIN Glusk   Shukhman
SUKHOVITSKY Parichi Bobruisk Sauykhovitsky
SUKHOVSKY Bobruisk uyezd    
SULMAN Ozarichi Pobolov, Stepskaya Volost', Turkovskaya Volost' Shalman, Shliman, Sholman, Shulman
SURDIN Glusk    
SUREPIN Glusk   Chirpin, Serebeny, Serepin, Surpin
SURIN Bobruisk   Charny, Shorin, Sorin
SURNIK Glusk   Chernik
SURNIN Glusk   Chernin, Sherman
SURPIN Glusk Parichi Chirpin, Serebeny, Serepin, Surepin
SUSTARIN Bobruisk uyezd    
SUSTER Ozarichi Svisloch Shuster
SUSTEROV Ozarichi    
SVECH Glusk    
SVIRINOVSKY Bobruisk uyezd (from Uzda, Igumen)   Svirnovsky
SVIRNOVSKY Glusk (from Uzda, Igumen)   Svirinovsky
TABRIS Bobruisk (from Vilno)    
TAINEZER Gorbatsevichskaya volost'   Tanezer
TALIMOV Bobruisk uyezd    
TANEZER Glusk   Tainezer
TARAN Bobruisk   Drona
TAUBER Bobruisk    
TEMKIN BOBRUISK Urechye, Bobruisk (from Lapichi, Igumen), Bobruisk Uyezd (from Bykhov) Dankin, Tunkin
TENTLER Glusk    
TEPEZER Glusk    
TERUSHKIN Zabolotskaya volost'    
TIKHNEVICH Bobruisk    
TILMAN Parichi    
TINYANOV Bobruisk   Tynyanov
TOKAR Glusk   Dagor
TOLKACHEV Bobruisk    
TOMARIN Bobruisk    
TOMARKIN Parichi    
TOMASOV Itel'   Tomushev, Tumasov
TOMUSHEV Bobruisk uyezd (from Slutsk) Gorki (from Slutsk) Tomasov, Tumasov
TORMARK Bobruisk uyezd    
TOUBES Bobruisk (from Mir, Novogrudok)    
TRAVUS Bobruisk   Treivus
TREISTER Bobruisk (from Glubokoe)    
TREIVUS Bobruisk   Travus
TREMBITSKY Bobruisk    
TSALKIN Bobruisk uyezd    
TSAZIK Urechye   Tsozik
TSEITLIN Glusk Bobruisk (from Streshin, Rogachev), Bobruisk Uezd (from Kletsk) Tsetlin, Tsudlin
TSEKHANOVICH Bobruisk   Tsekhnovsky
TSEKHNOVSKY Bobruisk   Tsekhanovich
TSEKHOVSKY Bobruisk    
TSERLIN Glusk   Tsirlin, Tsyrlin
TSERNIN Bobruisk    
TSETER Ozarichi    
TSETLIN Bobruisk (from Shklov)   Tseitlin, Tsudlin
TSIMERMAN Glusk (from Novogrudok)    
TSIMEROV Bobruisk    
TSIPIN Glusk    
TSIPORIN Kazimirov Lyubonichi  
TSIRLIN GLUSK Bobruisk Tserlin, Tsyrlin
TSIRULNIK Bobruisk Bobruisk Uezd  
TSODOK Ozarichi    
TSUDLIN Bobruisk   Tseitlin, Tsetlin
TSUKERMAN Glusk Parichi, Bobruisk (from Vileika Uyezd)  
TSYRLIN Glusk   Tserlin, Tsirlin
TUKEL Bobruisk    
TULCHINSKY Bobruisk uyezd (from Vilno)    
TUMASOV Kacherinskaya volost' Itel', Lyubonichi Tomasov, Tomushev
TUNKEL GLUSK Bobruisk, Bobruisk Uezd (from Gorval') Tunkol
TUNKIN Glusk   Dankin, Temkin
TUNKOL Bobruisk   Tunkel
TUOK Lyubonichi    
TURAK Turkovskaya volost'    
TUVEV Bobruisk uyezd    
TYLES Bobruisk (from Glubokoe, Disna)    
UMACH Lyubonichi    
UMAN BOBRUISK Lyubonichi, Parichi Eiman, Einin
URECHIN Bobruisk    
URETSKY Glusk (from Kopatkevichi) Parichi, Bobruisk (from Odessa)  
URIN Bobruisk    
UROVICH Cherninskaya volost' (from Minsk)    
UZHANSKY Bobruisk uyezd (from Nesvizh)    
VAINBURG Pobolov Parichi, Brozhskaya Volost' Fainberg, Fainburg, Fanburg, Feinberg, Fenberg
VAINER BOBRUISK Lyubonichi, Lyubonichi (from Stolbtsy)  
VAINSHIKER Bobruisk   Pinsker
VAINSHTEIN GLUSK Bobruisk, Bobruisk Uezd (from Kletsk) Fainshtein, Veinshtein
VAISHENKER Bobruisk   Vashinker
VAISMAN Bobruisk   Fershman, Fishman, Pisman, Puzhinin, Pyshman ?, Veisman, Vishman
VAIVITEK Glusk    
VAKHMAN Bobruisk Gorbatsevichskaya Volost' Vikhman, Vykhman
VAKHOSIL Bobruisk   Vaksel
VAKSEL Bobruisk (from Yanova, Belsk)   Vakhosil
VALFMAN Bobruisk   Volfaman
VARSHAVSKY Bobruisk   Pashkovsky
VASHILEVSKY Bobruisk    
VASHINKER Bobruisk   Vaishenker
VEILKIN Bobruisk uyezd   Beilkin, Belkin, Bulkan, Bulkin, Ploykin, Velikan, Velikin
VEINSHTEIN Glusk   Fainshtein, Vainshtein
VEISMAN Bobruisk   Fershman, Fishman, Pisman, Puzhinin, Pyshman ?, Vaisman, Vishman
VEKSLER Glusk Parichi, Bobruisk, Bortninskaya Volost', Korolevskaya Sloboda (of Parichi)  
VELIKAN Shchedrin   Beilkin, Belkin, Bulkan, Bulkin, Ploykin, Veilkin, Velikin
VELIKIN Shchedrin   Beilkin, Belkin, Bulkan, Bulkin, Ploykin, Veilkin, Velikan
VENDERF Bobruisk uyezd (from Grozov)   Venderov
VENDEROV Gorki (from Grozov)   Venderf
VERETINOV Bobruisk   Vorotinov, Vortynov
VERSHKIN Shchedrin   Bashkin, Baskin, Baskin, Baskin, Berezkin, Fishkin
VERTKIN SHCHEDRIN Bobruisk (from Rechitsa) Brodkin, Fridkin
VERZLAK Bobruisk uyezd   Visiloikiy
VIGLIN Bobruisk Glusk  
VIKHMAN BOBRUISK Glusk, Garbatsevichskaya Volost' Vakhman, Vykhman
VILDSON Glusk Gorki, Bobruisk Vilson, Voldzin, Volozin
VILENCHIK GLUSK Zabolotskaya Volost' Belinsky, Vilensky
VILENSKY Bobruisk Shchedrin, Bobruisk (from Rogachev) Belinsky, Vilenchik
VILNER Bobruisk Svisloch Volner ?
VILSON Glusk   Vildson, Voldzin, Volozin
VINER Shchedrin    
VINIK Bobruisk (from Starobin, Slutsk)   Vinnik
VINNIK Gorki   Vinik
VISHMAN Glusk   Fershman, Fishman, Pisman, Puzhinin, Pyshman ?, Vaisman, Veisman
VISHNEVSKE Bobruisk    
VISILOIKIY Bobruisk uyezd   Verzlak
VITKIN Bobruisk (from Mogilev)   Badkhin, Patikhin, Potikhin
VOCHANOK Bobruisk uyezd (from Streshin, Rogachev)    
VOGL Bobruisk (from Ivenets)    
VOLDZIN Bobruisk   Vildson, Vilson, Volozin
VOLEY Glusk   Paley, Poley
VOLFAMAN Bobruisk   Valfman
VOLFOVICH Bobruisk uyezd    
VOLFSON BOBRUISK Kazimirov, Glusk, Mikhailov, Parichi, Urechye, Ozarichi, Bobruisk Uyezd (from Kremenchug), Bobruisk Uyezd (from Chernigov), Nechishcha (village), Shchedrin, Bobruisk Uyezd (from Shklov), Stepskaya Volost' Vulfson
VOLKOVISK Urechye Bobruisk  
VOLNER ? Bobruisk uyezd   Vilner
VOLOVIN Bobruisk    
VOLOZIN Bobruisk (from Shklov)   Vildson, Vilson, Voldzin
VORONCHUK Bobruisk (from Rogachev)    
VORONIN Svicloch Bobruisk Berman, Bernin, Fraiman, Furman
VOROTINOV Bobruisk   Veretinov, Vortynov
VORTYNOV Bobruisk   Veretinov, Vorotinov
VULF Bobruisk    
VULFOV Bobruisk uyezd    
VULFSON GLUSK Bobruisk, Lyubonichi Volfson
VYGODSKY Bobruisk   Pogosky
VYKHMAN Bobruisk   Vakhman, Vikhman
VYKHODZ Bobruisk (from Minsk)   Pikus
VYSHNITSKY Bobruisk (from Glubokoe, Disna)    
YABROV Bobruisk    
YABRUKHIN Bobruisk uyezd    
YAIZER Glusk    
YAKIR Bobruisk uyezd    
YAKUBOVICH Bobruisk    
YANKELEV Svisloch    
YANKELIVICH Bobruisk (from Polonka, Novogrudok)    
YARKHO Bobruisk    
YASHINOVSKY Ozarichi    
YASINOV Bobruisk (from Gomel')    
YAZER Glusk    
YAZINSKY Bobruisk    
YEVNIN Parichi    
YUDILEV Bobruisk    
YUDOVICH Shchedrin    
YUFA Bobruisk uyezd    
YUKHBAD Bobruisk (from Pinsk uyezd)    
ZAENCHIK Glusk    
ZAGALSKY GLUSK Bobruisk Zakalsky
ZAICHIK Parichi (from Mozyr)    
ZAK Bobruisk Bobruisk Uezd (from Rubezhevichi, Minsk) Sak
ZAKALSKY Glusk   Zagalsky
ZAKGEIM Glusk   Soekin
ZAKHARIN Parichi Bobruisk  
ZAKHAROV Parichi   Zeigerov
ZAKLEIN Bobruisk uyezd    
ZAKOV Bobruisk uyezd (from Gomel) Shchedrin  
ZALKIND Bobruisk uyezd   Zelkind
ZALMANOV Bobruisk uyezd   Zelmanov
ZALMANTSOV Bobruisk uyezd    
ZAMER Glusk    
ZAPAENNY Glusk    
ZAPASNER Glusk    
ZAPASNY Glusk    
ZARETSKY Bobruisk    
ZARKHIN GLUSK Parichi Serkin, Shorkin, Shurkin, Sorkin, Sorokin
ZEIDMAN Bobruisk    
ZEIGERMAN Glusk   Skorman
ZEIGEROV Glusk   Zakharov
ZELDIN BOBRUISK Glusk, Lyubonichi  
ZELEN Bobruisk uyezd    
ZELENETSKY Bobruisk   Zelinetsky
ZELENKOVICH Bobruisk    
ZELGIN Bobruisk   Zelkin
ZELIGMAN Bobruisk uyezd (from Kiev)   Zelikman
ZELIKMAN PARICHI Shchedrin, Bobruisk, Glusk, Kazimirov, Stepskaya Volost' Zeligman
ZELIKOVICH Bobruisk    
ZELIKSON Bobruisk    
ZELINETSKY Bobruisk   Zelenetsky
ZELKIN Bobruisk uyezd   Zelgin
ZELKIND Kozlovich   Zalkind
ZELMANOV Gorki Stepskaya Volost' Zalmanov
ZHELIKHOVSKY Rudobelskaya volost'    
ZHURABOVICH Glusk Rudobelskaya Volost' (from Igumen)  
ZHURAVEL Glusk (from Kopatkevichi, Mozyr)    
ZILBERGLEIT Shchedrin (from Kraisk, Vileika) Bobruisk  
ZILBERT Pobolov    
ZIMELEV Bobruisk uyezd   Shmuilov, Shnailov
ZIMINETSKY Bobruisk    
ZIMNIK Bobruisk    
ZINGER SVISLOCH Bobruisk Sheinker, Shenker, Shineker, Shumakher, Zynger
ZINGOROV Bobruisk uyezd    
ZITER Glusk   Shador
ZLODNIKOV Bobruisk    
ZLOTNIK Bobruisk   Zolotnik
ZOLOTNIK Bobruisk uyezd   Zlotnik
ZUBAR Turkovskaya volost'    
ZUBAREVICH Bobruisk uyezd    
ZUBAROVSKY Glusk   Zuberevsky, Zubrevsky
ZUBEREVSKY Bobruisk uyezd   Zubarovsky, Zubrevsky
ZUBREVSKY Glusk   Zubarovsky, Zuberevsky
ZURAVYOV Bobruisk    
ZUSHERGRAD Zhitinskaya volost'    
ZUSMAN Bobruisk uyezd    
ZUSMANOVICH Bobruisk uyezd    
ZVONKIN Bobruisk    
ZYNGER Svisloch   Sheinker, Shenker, Shineker, Shumakher, Zinger
Farming Colonies:  
Stepskaya Volost' = Shchedrin, Gorki  
Kocherichskaya Volost' (later Prichskaya Volost') = Itel  
Parichskaya Volost' = Mikhailov, Pechishche  
Brozhskaya Volost' = Kozlovich, Kovchitsy  

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