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1906 Pinsk Uyezd Duma List, A-H

by the Belarus SIG
translated by Ted Gostin and Alexander Kott

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Duma project coordinators: Risa Heywood and Riki Vered

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A?un?kev Ivan Iakovlevich civil service
Abram Iosel Niselev manufacturing tax
Abramchik Ivan Semenovich civil service
Abramovich Froim Movshev house owners
Abramovskii Tsal house owners
Abrin Abram Movshov apartment tax
Adolf Voldemar Ivanov civil service
Afonin Aleksiei Ivanovich civil service
Ainbinder Dovid Mendelev house owners
Aizenband Srol Iankelev house owners
Aizenberg Shmuilo Berkov house owners
Aizenberg Girsh-Leiba Ioselev house owners
Aizenberg Girsh Dovidov house owners
Aizenberg Srol Osherov house owners
Aizenberg Dovid Abramov house owners
Aizenberg Srol Dovidov house owners
Aizenberg Leiba house owners
Aizenberg Zelik house owners
Aizenberg Nota Berkov house owners
Aizenberg Leizer Zuskindov house owners
Aizenberg Abram Leizerov house owners
Aizenberg Zavel house owners
Aizenberg Srol Meerov house owners
Aizenberg Srol Mendelev house owners
Aizenberg Iudel Itskov house owners
Aizenberg Iankel Mordukhov house owners
Aizenberg Ierma Zaivelev house owners
Aizenberg Girsh Mikhelev house owners
Aizenberg Iankel Ioselev house owners
Aizenberg Ovsiei Itskov house owners
Aizenberg Abram Itskov house owners
Aizenberg Berko Mordukhov house owners
Aizenberg Nevakh Osherov house owners
Aizenberg Girsh Dovidov house owners
Aizenberg Iudel Itskov manufacturing tax
Aizenberg Dovid manufacturing tax
Aizenberg Girsh Itskov manufacturing tax
Aizenberg Mikhel Girshev manufacturing tax
Aizenberg Meilakh apartment tax
Aizenshtat Vulf Shaev house owners
Aizenshtat Srul Ioselev house owners
Aizenshtein Iankel Ioselev house owners
Aizenshtein Iosel house owners
Aizenshtein Iankel house owners
Aizinberg Movsha Abramov house owners
Aizinberg Khaim Ruvim Mordukhov house owners
Aizinberg Zelik Khaimov manufacturing tax
Aizinberg Srol Iankelev manufacturing tax
Aizinberg Iankel Movshev manufacturing tax
Aizinberg Khaim-Movsha Pertsov manufacturing tax
Aizinberg Mordukh Berkov manufacturing tax
Aizinberg Shlema-Kopel manufacturing tax
Aizinberg Iakov Leizerov manufacturing tax
Aizinberg Movsho Litmanov apartment tax
Aksienov Nikolai Petrovich civil service
Albert Frants Vilgelmovich manufacturing tax
Alboshchik Benedikt Stepanov house owners
Albrest Frants Vilgelmov manufacturing tax
Aleksandrovich Konstantin Antonov civil service
Aleksandrovich Petr Antonov civil service
Aleksieev Vasilii Spiridonovich civil service
Aleshchenko Aleksandr civil service
Alimov Dmitrii Semenovich civil service
Alkhimenok Aleksiei Ivanov civil service
Alperin Movsha-Ber Itskov-Meerov apartment tax
Amiabdin Sergiei Timofieev civil service
Anastasenko Vladimir Ivanovich civil service
Anderson Emelian Adolfovich civil service
Andreev Aleksandr Petrovich civil service
Andreevskii Stefan Pensionery
Androsov Vasilii Trefimovich civil service
Andrushko Vasilii Filimonov house owners
Andrusier Ovsiei Itskov house owners
Andrusier Abram=Elia Ovsieev manufacturing tax
Andurskii Khaim Shmuilov manufacturing tax
Anikei Aleksiei Fedorov civil service
Anishchenko Iosif Mikhailovich civil service
Antiperovich Gordiei Feodorov civil service
Antonovich Trofim Iakimov Pensionery
Antonovich Vasilii Nikol?ev civil service
Antukhov Pavel Matvieevich civil service
Aprik Movsha Aron house owners
Aronip Miaxel Gilslev manufacturing tax
Aronzon Sholom Leizerov house owners
Aronzon Sholom Leizerov manufacturing tax
Artiukh Frants Karlov civil service
Artsiushevskii Adam Vasilevich civil service
Atamanchuk Andrei Moiseevich civil service
Atroshenko Semen Terebezhov civil service
Azhgirevich Vasilii civil service
B??man Vulf Iankelev house owners
Bacevich Abram-Velvel Mikhelev manufacturing tax
Bagan Leon Vasilev civil service
Baibuk Nikolai Antonov civil service
Baiko Avksentii Semenov: Pensionary
Baikovskii Rainold Romanov manufacturing tax
Bairashevskii Dovid Mamontov civil service
Baizert Bilgelm Karolov manufacturing tax
Bakalchuk Khaim Dovidov house owners
Bakalchuk Meer Zalman house owners
Bakalchuk Simkha-Abram Itskov house owners
Bakalchuk Leiba Iankelev house owners
Bakalchuk Aizik Iankelev house owners
Bakalchuk Volf house owners
Bakalchuk Abram house owners
Bakalchuk Aizik Khatskelev house owners
Bakalchuk Leiba Abramov house owners
Bakalchuk Shmerko Mordukhov house owners
Bakalchuk Fal? Girshev manufacturing tax
Bakalchuk Nokhim apartment tax
Bakelman Shmerko Movshev house owners
Bakhovchik Nevakh house owners
Bakuta Porfipii Karlov civil service
Balabushevich Iulian Ivanov civil service
Bandes Shaia Itskov manufacturing tax
Banshchik Movsha-Leiba Iankelev house owners
Banshchik Peisakh Leizerov house owners
Barabash Maksim Ivanov house owners
Baran Stepan Zinovev civil service
Baranbaum Abram Girshov manufacturing tax
Baranchuk Perets Iankelev house owners
Baranchuk Abram Iankelev manufacturing tax
Baranovskii Viacheslav Aleksandrovich apartment tax
Barbarich Foma Grigorev civil service
Bartoshevich Anton Vikentev civil service
Baryliuk Timofei Ivanov house owners
Bas Girsh Movshev house owners
Bas Girsh Movshev manufacturing tax
Basevich Nevakh Idelev house owners
Basevich Dovid Nokhimov manufacturing tax
Basevich Mikhel Tevev apartment tax
Bashkin Aizik Shlemov house owners
Bashkin Aron Iudelev house owners
Bashkin Movsha-Gdal Iudelev house owners
Bashkin Osher Shlemov house owners
Bashkin Movsha-Gdal Iankelev house owners
Bashkin Iankel Shlemov house owners
Bashkin Iuda-Movsha Gdalev apartment tax
Bashuk Abram Aronov house owners
Bashuk Evel Abramov house owners
Bashuk Shmuel house owners
Bashuk Evel Abramov manufacturing tax
Batarevich Semen Iakimov civil service
Batsmanov Andron Vasilev civil service
Baturitskii Osip Ignatev civil service
Bazarevich Konstantin Fedorov civil service
Bazelik Trofim Avksientev manufacturing tax
Becherko Ilia Ivanov house owner
Beigelman Abram Meer house owners
Bek Gustav Iogannov manufacturing tax
Bekelman Shmerko-Mikhel Movshov apartment tax
Bekerman Bentsion house owners
Bekerman Girsh-Iosel Nakhmanov house owners
Bekerman Aizik Nakhmanov house owners
Bekerman Borukh Evnov house owners
Bekerman Evna Borukhov manufacturing tax
Bekishch Osip Osipov civil service
Bener Meer Movshev house owners
Berenblium Mendel Movshov manufacturing tax
Berenshtein Mordukh Osherov house owners
Berezniak Iankel-Ber Leibov house owners
Berezovskii Ivan Emelianov manufacturing tax
Berman Iankel Berkov house owners
Bernatskii Prokofii Filippov civil service
Bernshtein Girsh Mikhelev house owners
Bernshtein Mikhel Abramov manufacturing tax
Bernshtin Berko Srolev house owners
Besanov Moisel Pavlov manufacturing tax
Bessan Mikhail Andreev manufacturing tax
Bezelavskii Girsh Movshev house owners
Bezkhliebitskii Itsko Beniaminov house owners
Bezkhliebitskii Movsha Itskov house owners
Biblius Petr Iurevich manufacturing tax
Biegun Shmuel Itskov house owners
Biegun Tevia Khononov house owners
Biegun Girsh Meerov house owners
Biegun Aron Khaikelev house owners
Biegun Tsal Berkov house owners
Biegun Iankel Faivushev house owners
Biegun Gershon Iankelev house owners
Biegun Movsha Ioselev house owners
Biegun Srol Shlemov house owners
Biegun Ziskind Berkov house owners
Biegun Iosel Faivushev house owners
Biegun Abe Itskov house owners
Biegun Movsha Ioselia Girshev house owners
Biegun Shmuilo Mikhel Aronov house owners
Biegun Movsha Abramov house owners
Biegun Khonon Berkov house owners
Biegun Vulf Gershenov house owners
Biegun Shlema Movshev house owners
Biegun Abram Khononov house owners
Biegun Movsha Iankelev house owners
Biegun Nakhman Zelikov house owners
Biegun Meer Zelikov house owners
Biegun Itsko Movshev house owners
Biegun Froim Itskov house owners
Biegun Tsal Khononov house owners
Biegun Ziskin Berkov house owners
Biegun Abram Shlemov house owners
Biegun Khaikel Matusov house owners
Biegun Berko Itskov house owners
Biegun Matus Khatskelev house owners
Biegun Nisel Zelikov house owners
Biegun Motel Shliomov manufacturing tax
Biegun Iankel Itskov apartment tax
Bielaventsev Anatolii Nikolaev civil service
Bielevich Anton Boitekhov civil service
Bielevich Osip Voitsiekhov civil service
Bielikov Sergii Konstantinov civil service
Bieliuk Evel Mikhelev house owners
Bieloguskii Iandel Aronov manufacturing tax
Bieloguskii Movsha Osherov manufacturing tax
Bieloguskii Nekhemia Girshev manufacturing tax
Bieloguskii Shmuil Aronov apartment tax
Bieloguskii Srol Aronov apartment tax
Bielogusskii Aron Girshev house owners
Bielok Meer Gertsev apartment tax
Bielous Vasilii Ignatev house owners
Bielous Ksenofont Afanasev house owners
Bielous Mikhail Afanasev house owners
Bielous Ivan Ilin house owners
Bielous Roman Ilin house owners
Bielous Artem Ivanov house owners
Bielous Osip Vasilev civil service
Bilkis Abram Pinkhus Kivov house owners
Biriukovich Mikhail Mikhailovich civil service
Biriukovich Ivan civil service
Birman Girsh-Leiba Movshov apartment tax
Bleishman Girsh Faivelev manufacturing tax
Blezhovskii Movsha Mordukhov house owners
Blezhovskii Osher Abramov manufacturing tax
Blezhovskii Iuda Mordukhov apartment tax
Bob Shmuilo Berkov house owners
Bobrin Abel Iankelev manufacturing tax
Bobrivts Aron Leizerov manufacturing tax
Bobrov Movsha Leizerov house owners
Bobrov Gershko Leibov house owners
Bobrov Abram Peisakhov house owners
Bobrov Itsko Abramov house owners
Bobrov Movsha Shevel house owners
Bobrov Leiba manufacturing tax
Bodankin Volf Ioselev manufacturing tax
Bodniuk Peisakh Iudkov house owners
Bogarov Savelii civil service
Bogdanets Karl Kasperovich civil service
Bogdanovich Foma Osinov house owners
Bogdanovich Stanislav Leonov house owners
Bogdanovich Ivan Ignatev house owners
Bogdanovich Osip Silvestrob house owners
Bogdanovich Iakov Grigorev 1-i house owners
Bogdanovich Vasilii Ignatev house owners
Bogdanovich Stepan Grigorev house owners
Bogdanovich Iakov Grigorev 2-i house owners
Bogdanovich Feodosii Maksimov house owners
Bogdanovich Luka Matvieev house owners
Bogdanovich Kazimir Ignatev civil service
Bogdanovich Konstantin Aleksandrovich civil service
Bogdanovskii Petr Cheslavov Pensionary
Bogdanovskii Nikolai Stepanov Pensionary
Bogovich Pavel Andreevich civil service
Bogrovskii Semen Antonov civil service
Boiarin Iakov Maksimov house owners
Boiarin Petr Romanov house owners
Boiarin Ivan Romanov house owners
Bokii Evdokin Ivanov manufacturing tax
Bokser Iosel Movshov house owners
Boldman Shaia Leibov manufacturing tax
Bondarchuk Aleksiei Stanislavov house owners
Bondarchuk Ivan Lukich civil service
Bordakov Pavel Osipovich civil service
Bordovskii Leiba house owners
Boretskii Feofil Pensionary
Borichevskii Nazarii Osipov house owners
Borisevich Boleslav Faustinovich civil service
Borisiuk Daniil civil service
Borovik Stepan Antonovich civil service
Borushek Itsko Berkov house owners
Borzakovskii Mikhail Ivanovich civil service
Bosovets Trofim Filimonov house owners
Bosovets Prokofii Filimonov house owners
Bouer Borukh Ioselev house owners
Bovdziei Aleksandr Ivanov civil service
Brafman Motel house owners
Bregman Iosel Leibov house owners
Bregman Movsha Leibov house owners
Bregman Iankel Girshev house owners
Bregman Mordukh Leibov house owners
Bregman Shlema Movshev manufacturing tax
Breida Lipa Mikhailov house owners
Brenchuk Nester Vasilev Pensionary
Brevda Aron Movshev house owners
Brevda Shlema Aronov house owners
Brevda Leiba Lipov manufacturing tax
Brimberg Movsha Itskov manufacturing tax
Brodnitskii Itsko Iankelev manufacturing tax
Brodnitskii Dovid Iankelev manufacturing tax
Bromberg Ab?l Itskov house owners
Bromberg Berko Itskov house owners
Bromberg Gershon Naftelov house owners
Bromberg Shlema Itskov house owners
Bromberg Aba Iankelev house owners
Bromberg Meer-Iankel Gershenov house owners
Bromberg Iudel Iankelev manufacturing tax
Bronshtein Mendel Girshev house owners
Bronshtein Itsko Aronov manufacturing tax
Brozhevich Bronislav Adamov civil service
Bruenkov Isaak Karpov civil service
Brzhezovskii Ivan Maksimilianov civil service
Bu?kevich Osip Ivanov house owners
Budomskii Shimon Itskov house owners
Budzko Osip Lavrentev civil service
Bukhlitskii Aron Elev house owners
Bukhransckii Dmitrii Markov civil service
Bukhtib Karl Kornieev manufacturing tax
Bukovskii Ivan Benifatevich civil service
Bukreev Grigorii Ivanovich civil service
Bulchinskii Mikhail Ageev house owners
Bulchinskii Adam Pavlov house owners
Bulchinskii Felies Avgustinov house owners
Bulchinskii Foma Pavlov house owners
Bulchinskii Ivan Stanislavov house owners
Bulchinskii Ivan Mikhailov house owners
Bulchinskii Feliks Ageev house owners
Bulchinskii Stepan Semenov house owners
Bulyga Grigorii Pensionary
Bunes Evel Dovidov house owners
Bunkevich Nikolai Matvieev house owners
Bunkevich Anton Mikhailov house owners
Bunkevich Ivan Nikolaev house owners
Bunkevich Aleksandr Nikolaev house owners
Bunkevich Nikolai house owners
Bunkevich Ivan Antonov house owners
Bunkevich Ivan Mikhailov house owners
Burak Nikolai civil service
Burko Vulf Shmuilov manufacturing tax
Burko Osip Iakubov civil service
Burko-Burkovsckii Kaximir Iakovlev civil service
Burman Matus Nokhumov house owners
Burman Movsha Nokhumov house owners
Burshtein Ruvin Movshov house owners
Burshtein Ruvin-Dovid Govsieev house owners
Burshtein Zalman Mordukhov house owners
Burshtein Mordukh Abramov manufacturing tax
Burshtein Ruvin Dovid apartment tax
Busel Meer Niselev house owners
Busel Apsel Ziselev manufacturing tax
Busel Afanasii Antonov civil service
Bushkin Aron-Movsha Gdalev apartment tax
Bushmin Mikhail Faodieev civil service
Bushmin Adam Faddieevich civil service
But-Gusaim Matviei Ivanov manufacturing tax
Butkevich Boleslav Iosifov civil service
Bykman Alter Danielev apartment tax
Dachkovsckii Filipp Grigorev civil service
Danchik Zelik Dovidov house owners
Danchik Dovid Zelikov house owners
Danchik Mordukh Zelikov house owners
Danchik Zorakh Berkov house owners
Danilevich Osip Mikhailov civil service
Danilov Ivan Logginov civil service
Danilov Vasilii Vasilev civil service
Dannlevich Filipp Ignatev civil service
Dannlevich Aleksandr Petrov civil service
Dannlevich Bonifatii civil service
Dannlovich Luka Antonov civil service
Darovitskii Boleslav Antonovich apartment tax
Datlovitskii Leizer Matusov manufacturing tax
Dauksha Genrikh Ieronimov civil service
Davidchik Iakov Danilov civil service
Davidkes Iankel Leibov house owners
Deikunovich Ivan Aleksandrov house owners
Deikunovich Nikolai house owners
Deikunovich Mikhail Antonov house owners
Dekelgoim Aron Gershenov house owners
Dektiar Movsha Shmuilov house owners
Demskii Karl Feliksov civil service
Denenberg Iosel-Dovid Berkov house owners
Denenberg Srol Itskov house owners
Denenberg Sender Itskov house owners
Denenberg Iankel Peisakhov house owners
Denenberg Oser house owners
Denenburg Faivel house owners
Derevenskii Nota Motelev house owners
Derevenskii Abram Leiba Movshev house owners
Derevenskii Leiba Niselev house owners
Derevenskii Movsha Niselev house owners
Deshkovskii Ioani Pensionery
Deshkovskii Mikhail Pensionery
Deshkovskii Ignatii Pensionery
Deshkovskii Iulian Ignatev civil service
Diatlovitskii Matus Srolev manufacturing tax
Diatlovitskii Iosel Osherov manufacturing tax
Divinskii Mordukh Aronov house owners
Dodiuk Itsko Srolev house owners
Dodiuk Iosel Itskov manufacturing tax
Dolgopiatyi Movsha Aron house owners
Dolgopiatyi Shlema-Alter Iankelev house owners
Dolinko Dovid Ioselev house owners
Dolinko Fishko-Iosel Gavriilev house owners
Dolinko Zorakh Berkov manufacturing tax
Dolinko Abram apartment tax
Dolinko Litman Iudelev apartment tax
Dolmat Kipill Pensionery
Domashits Iakov Frantsev civil service
Dombrovskii Genrikh Pensionery
Domukhovskii Petr Petrovich civil service
Dorovitskii Boleslav Pensionery
Dovidkes Movsha apartment tax
Dovysh Petr Mikhailov civil service
Drachan Ivan Vasilev civil service
Dragun Nikita Lukianov civil service
Dremchuk Pavel civil service
Drizhun Mendel Mendelev house owners
Drizhun Gershko Sholomov house owners
Drizhun Mendel Berkov house owners
Drizhun Movsha-Berko Mendelev house owners
Drizhun Khaim Peisakhov house owners
Drizhun Itsko Ioselev house owners
Drizhun Abram Itskov house owners
Drizhun Aron Iudkov house owners
Drizhun Evel Zelikov house owners
Drizhun Iudka Abramov house owners
Drizhun Berko Iudkov house owners
Drutskii-Liubetskii Vladislav Aleksandr Kn. house owners
Drutskin-Liubetskii Felilks Edvinovich, Kn. manufacturing tax
Dubenko Nikolai Osipov civil service
Dubina Shlema Ioselev house owners
Dubina Faivel Ioselev house owners
Duboiskii Mendel Moshkov house owners
Duboiskii Iosif Andreev civil service
Duboiskii Mendel Movshkov apartment tax
Dubovskii Aron Meerov-Itskov manufacturing tax
Dumat Pavel Osipov civil service
Dunets Govsei house owners
Dvorin Osher Movshev manufacturing tax
Dvorkin Srol-Tsodik Tubev manufacturing tax
Dychek Aleksandr Andreev civil service
Dzialochinskii Ivan Semenov civil service
Dzvenko Vikentii Nikolaev civil service
Elskii Petr Aleksieev house owners
Emelianov Ivan Mironov civil service
Epishko Aleksiei Karlov civil service
Erchenko Ivan Iankovlev civil service
Eremeichik Filipp Kondratev civil service
Erokha Sergiei Grigorev house owners
Eshin Valerian Petrovich civil service
Evlakhovich Onufrii Avksientev house owners
Evlakhovich Nikolai Ivanov house owners
Evlakhovich Grigorii Grigorev house owners
Evlakhovich Ivan house owners
Evlakhovich Ignatii Avksentev house owners
Evtukh Sergiei Feodorov civil service
Evtushik Nikanor Fomich civil service
Ezerskii Anton Mikhailovich civil service
Gaberman Beniamin Osherov house owners
Gaberman Mordukh-Girsh Vigdorov house owners
Gaberman Shlema Girshev house owners
Gaberman Mikhel Osherov house owners
Gaberman Froim Girshev house owners
Gaberman Bentsion Osherov manufacturing tax
Gaidarovich Stepan Stanislavov civil service
Gakman Godel Iudkov house owners
Gakman Alter Gershkov house owners
Galetskii Abram Borukhov manufacturing tax
Galetskii Mikhail Antonov apartment tax
Galper Ruvvin Berkov house owners
Gamburg Aron Izrailev manufacturing tax
Gammerman Iosel Kuselev house owners
Gammerman Shlema-Shaia Kuselev house owners
Garbut Kalman Movshev house owners
Garbuz Kalman Itskov house owners
Garbuz Mordukh Iudelev house owners
Garbuz Berko Shmuilov house owners
Garbuz Iudel Girshev house owners
Garbuz Dovid Movshev house owners
Garbuz Froim Movshev house owners
Garbuz Evel Girshev house owners
Garbuz Mordukh Iudelev house owners
Garbuz Abram Girshev house owners
Garbuz Shmuel Aronov house owners
Garbuz Iosel Aizikov house owners
Garbuz Dovid Aronov house owners
Garbuz Shmuel Aronov house owners
Garbuz Shmuilo Iankelev house owners
Garbuz Shmuel Mordukh house owners
Garbuz Motel Mikhelev house owners
Garbuz Menakhim Movshev house owners
Garbuz Baaz Motelev house owners
Garbuz Motel Mikhelev manufacturing tax
Garbuz Lazar Motelev manufacturing tax
Gardieichuk Filipp Feodorov civil service
Garest Matviei Iakovlev civil service
Gasman Volf Borkov house owners
Gavrilchik Artem Savvich house owners
Gavrilchik Matviei Nikitin house owners
Gavrilchik Iosif Nikitin house owners
Gavrilchik Karp Romanov house owners
Gavrilchik Anton Afanasev house owners
Gavrilchik Aleksandr Romanov house owners
Gavrilchik Evmen Romanov house owners
Gavrilchik Nikifor Iakolev house owners
Gavurin Itsko Ziselev manufacturing tax
Geer Iankel Iosel Zelikov house owners
Geer Movsha Iankelev house owners
Geiker Shmuilo Itskov manufacturing tax
Gekkelman Srol-Iser Iankelev manufacturing tax
Gellershtein Berko Iankelev house owners
Gellershtein Berko Dovidov house owners
Gelman Dovid Iudelev manufacturing tax
Gelman Srol Dovidov manufacturing tax
Gelman Srol apartment tax
Gelman Evel Dovidov apartment tax
Gelman Leiba Dovidov apartment tax
Genberg Sender Itskov manufacturing tax
Genbitskii Nazarii Trofimov house owners
Genbitskii Nikifor Denisov house owners
Genbitskii Karp Vasilev house owners
Genbitskii Grigorii Ermolaev house owners
Genbitskii Evdokim Savvich house owners
Genbitskii Ivan Savich 1-i house owners
Genbitskii Ivan Savich 2-i house owners
Genbitskii Karp Osipov house owners
Genbitskii Domenik Osipov house owners
Genbitskii Germogep Ermoliaev house owners
Genbitskii Ivan Kondratev house owners
Genbitskii Mikhail Anisimov house owners
Genbitskii Khariton Anisimov house owners
Genbitskii Fedor Anisimov house owners
Genbitskii Terentii Anisimov house owners
Genbitskii Vasilii Semenov house owners
Genbitskii Vasilii Anisimov house owners
Genbitskii Dorofei Ivanov house owners
Genbitskii Iakov Potapov house owners
Genbitskii Vasilii Martinov house owners
Genbitskii Ivan Iakimov house owners
Genzel Peisakh Movshev house owners
German Petr civil service
German Shlema Fishelev manufacturing tax
Gershtel Aron-Leiba Shimonov house owners
Gershtel Nisel Shimenov house owners
Gershtel Volf Shimenov house owners
Gershtel Elia Zelikov house owners
Gershtel Iankel Volfov house owners
Gershtel Abram Mordukhov house owners
Gertsulin Litman Ioselev manufacturing tax
Getsevich Osip Iurkevich civil service
Gildenbrant Mikhail Ottovich civil service
Gintovt Anton Iustinov civil service
Ginzburg Itsko Ioselev house owners
Ginzburg Shlema Ioselev house owners
Ginzburg Simkha Iankelev house owners
Ginzburg Iosel Shlemov house owners
Ginzburg Movsha Elev house owners
Ginzburg Itsko Noselev house owners
Ginzburg Iankel Faivel house owners
Ginzburg Dovid Shlemov house owners
Girshanov Egor Lavrentev civil service
Gitelman Gershon Iankelev house owners
Gitelman Shmuel-Iosel Iankelev Leizerov house owners
Gitelman Itsko house owners
Gladuk Mikhei Pensionery
Glavatskii Ivan Ivanov civil service
Glavinskii Pavel Fomich civil service
Gleiberman Abram-Nison Fishelev house owners
Gleiberman Shimen Leizerov house owners
Gleiberman Movsha Vulfov house owners
Gleiberman Fishko Leibov house owners
Gleiberman Shapshel Fishelev house owners
Gleiberman Osher Iankelev house owners
Gleiberman Nison Movshev house owners
Gleiberman Gershon Shlemov house owners
Gleiberman Abram Vigdorov house owners
Gleiberman Khaim Shlemov house owners
Gleiberman Iser Shlemov house owners
Gleiberman Berko Falkov house owners
Gleiberman Iankel Shmuelev house owners
Gleiberman Noson Fishelev manufacturing tax
Gleiberman Froim Notov manufacturing tax
Gleiberman Beniamin Leiba manufacturing tax
Gleiberman Lozer Srolev apartment tax
Glezer Meer Girshev house owners
Glezerman Mikhel Itskov house owners
Glezerman Osher Itskov house owners
Gliberman Srol Iankelev house owners
Gliebov Ivan Egorovich civil service
Glinenskii Movsha Shmuilov house owners
Glouberman Mendel Iankelev house owners
Glouberman Mendel Iankelev apartment tax
Glouberman Shlema Itskov apartment tax
Glouberman Iosel=Khaim Osher-Lopelev apartment tax
Gloumbovich Iosel Abramov house owners
Glozman Abram Vulf house owners
Gmir Timofei Maksimov house owners
Gmir Grigorii Karpov house owners
Gmir Grigorii Petrov house owners
Gmir Nikita Karpov house owners
Gmir Evdokim Nikiforov house owners
Gmir Stefan Ivanov house owners
Gmir Ivan Stefanov house owners
Gmir Iosif house owners
Gmir Maksim Ivanov house owners
Gmir Sergiei Grigorev house owners
Gmir Lavrentii Grigorev house owners
Gmir Klim Ivanov house owners
Gmir Mikhail Nikitin house owners
Gmir Feodor Feodorov house owners
Gmir Gemid house owners
Gmir Grigorii Fedorov house owners
Gmir Ivan Fedorov house owners
Gmir Karp Vasilev house owners
Gnatovskii Iosif Konstantinov civil service
Gniedko Ivan Afanasev house owners
Gniedko Pavel Afanasev house owners
Gniedko Iustin Pazarov house owners
Gniedko Mefodii Ivanov house owners
Gnipovskii Michail Petrov civil service
Gobachev Abram Pensionery
Gober Zelik Shimonov manufacturing tax
Gober Leiba Zelikov manufacturing tax
Goberman Movsha Ioselev house owners
Goberman Mikhel Osherov manufacturing tax
Goberman Abram-Girsh Sholomov manufacturing tax
Goberman Mordukh Leibov manufacturing tax
Goberman Ovseii Abramov manufacturing tax
Gobershtein Motia Leibov house owners
Gobershtein Shimel Leibov house owners
Godevskii Kosma house owners
Godiner Dovid Movshov house owners
Godlevskii Iulian apartment tax
Gofshetin Shlema Meerov house owners
Gofshetin Leiba house owners
Gofshtein Iankel Meerov manufacturing tax
Gofshtein Movsha Meerov manufacturing tax
Gofshtein Shlema Meerov manufacturing tax
Gokhshtein Shmuilo-Khatskel Leibov house owners
Goldberg Zelman Elev house owners
Goldberg David Senderov manufacturing tax
Goldberg Shlema Elev manufacturing tax
Goldberg Bentsion Gershenov apartment tax
Goldegorin Aron Volfov manufacturing tax
Goldfarb Monuil Nevakhov house owners
Goldin Movsha Mikhelev manufacturing tax
Goldiner Sholom Froimov apartment tax
Goldman Iudko Itskov house owners
Goldman Motia Leibov house owners
Goldman Iankel Shmerkov house owners
Goldman Shimel Iankelev house owners
Goldman Iosel Iudkov house owners
Goldman Rumel Shimelev house owners
Goldman Leizer house owners
Goldman Borukh Iankelev house owners
Goldman Froim Osherov house owners
Goldman Aron Shevakhov manufacturing tax
Goldman Evel Iudkov manufacturing tax
Goldman Iosel Iudelev manufacturing tax
Goldman Evna Itskov apartment tax
Goldman Sania Nokhimov apartment tax
goldman Itsko apartment tax
Goldrap Iudel Motelev manufacturing tax
Goldshmit Iosel Sholomov house owners
Golman David Iudelev house owners
Golman Khaim-Ariuk Shimelev house owners
Golovshchinskii Fedot Ivanovich civil service
Goltsman Khaim Leiba house owners
Goltsman Movsha Mikhelev house owners
Goltsman Mikhel Iuzepov house owners
Goltsman Iuzep Mikhelev house owners
Goltsman Abram Aron Osherov house owners
Goltsman Srol-Shimen house owners
Goltsman Rubbin Tevelev manufacturing tax
Goltsman Aron Zalmanov manufacturing tax
Goltsman Nokhim Mikhelev apartment tax
Golubitskii Ekhel house owners
Golubovskii Shakhna house owners
Gomolitskii Adam Frantsev manufacturing tax
Gonchar Iankel Faivelev house owners
Goncharko Ivan Aleksandrov civil service
Goregdiad Ivan Nikolaev civil service
Goregliad Osip Ivanov manufacturing tax
Gormash Evstafii Stepanov civil service
Gornostai Feodor Grigore civil service
Gorodenskii Iosel Faivelev house owners
Gorodenskii Faivel Leibov house owners
Gorukhin Motel Meerov house owners
Gotdiner Aron-Vulv Khaimov apartment tax
Gotin Abdiei Pensionery
Gotin Avdiei Antonovich civil service
Gotlib Vulf Abramov house owners
Gotlib Pinkhus Pinkhusov house owners
Gotlib Khmim Khaimov house owners
Gotlib Borukh Evelev house owners
Gotlib Todres Mordukhov house owners
Gotlib Iosel Girshev manufacturing tax
Gotlib Movsha Shlemov apartment tax
Gotlib Mordko apartment tax
Gotlib David Itskov apartment tax
Gotskii Mikhail Ilin civil service
Goukhlerin Ovsiei Girshev house owners
Goukhshtein Iankel Meerov house owners
Goukhshtein Meer Leigov house owners
Goukhshtein Leiba house owners
Goukhshtein Tsodik Meerov house owners
Goukhshtein Iankel Abramov house owners
Govinchik Vasilii civil service
Gozhetskii Konstantin Andreev manufacturing tax
Grebanka Mikhail civil service
Gres Ivan Terentev house owners
Gres Samuil Terentev house owners
Gres Matviei Terentev house owners
Gres Nikifor Terentev house owners
Grigaliunas Feliks Ivanov apartment tax
Grinberg Motel Khaimov house owners
Grinberg Naum Lvov manufacturing tax
Grinko Semen Demianov house owners
Grinshpan Kadysh Naftolev manufacturing tax
Grinshtein Naftal Ioselev house owners
Grinshtein David Movshov manufacturing tax
Grisiukovich Nikolai Osipov house owners
Grisiukovich Ivan Adamov house owners
Grisiukovich Adam Ivanov house owners
Grisiukovich Foma Osipov house owners
Grisiukovich Mikhail house owners
Grisiukovich Domenik Dementev house owners
Gritsevich Nikolai Pavlov civil service
Grobman Osher Srolev house owners
Gromyko Grigorii civil service
Grushko Aron Iankelev manufacturing tax
Gubenko Zakharii Abramov manufacturing tax
Guiskii Osip Fabianovich civil service
Gumer Iankel Leizerov manufacturing tax
Gural-Gorskii Osip Aleksandrov civil service
Gurinovich Porfirii Ivanov house owners
Gurinovich Ignatii Demianov house owners
Gurinovich Pavel Ivanov house owners
Gurinovich Kondratii house owners
Gurinovich Foma Maksimov house owners
Gurinovich Ivan Ivanov house owners
Gurshko Iosel Iankelev apartment tax
Gurshko Aron-Iosel Leibov apartment tax
Gurshko Froim Aronov apartment tax
Gurshtein Abram apartment tax
Gurshtel Shimen Froimov house owners
Gurshtel Alter Froimov house owners
Gurshtel Mordukh Iudelev house owners
Gurshtel Iankel Mordukhov house owners
Gurshtel Nosel Iudelev house owners
Gurshtel Nisel Shimenov house owners
Gurshtel Froim Iudelev manufacturing tax
Gurshtel Elia Zelikov manufacturing tax
Gurshtel Iankel apartment tax
Gurskii Iankel Ioselev house owners
Gurskii Dovid Osherov house owners
Gurskii Shlema Ioselev house owners
Gurskii Peisakh-Berko Iankelev house owners
Gurvich Iosel Beniaminov house owners
Gushtel Iosel Iudelev house owners
Gutenskii Shmerko Abramov manufacturing tax
Guterman Mendel Movshov manufacturing tax
Guterzon Shmerko Iserov house owners
Guterzon Iser Shmerkov house owners
Guterzon Leizer Shmerkov apartment tax
Gutorov Petr Tarasev civil service
Guz Iakinf Illarionov civil service
Guzarevich Adam Martinov house owners
Guzarevich Luka Ivanov house owners
Guzerich Adolf Urbanov civil service
Guzorevich Ivan Samuilov house owners
Gzheletskii Anton Ignatev civil service

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