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Krivichi and Kurenitz benevolent societies

Erster Krzwcza An San Benevolent Society  1946-66
Young Krivici Benevolent Association 1960-76
Chevra Khal Chasidim Anshei Kurenitz

submitted by Eilat Gordin Levitan, The Dinerstein Family, and Jerome Seligsohn

Ordinarily this researcher works in the dark. He knows very little about the shtetls or landsmanshaften that he works on. He leaves it to the reader to find the names and allows the reader to exercise his free associations to flesh out the stories behind the names. If the researcher confines himself to the names that's work enough for him to do. If he lists the name then for some time that name stays alive. Thanks to the archivists of YIVO and the very anonymous Edward Rosenbaum working hard behind the scenes on these lists of names that are published on this website.

In order not to duplicate efforts I ask the readership ahead of time about the shtetls I intend to research. I hit gold. Eilat provided me with a wealth of materials that are wonderful but outside of my chosen limited scope. She is a historian of these and other shtetls in this vicinity. Much of her knowledge and materials are on websites of the descendants of these shtetls.  But she was kind enough to provide a reproduction of a dues ledger book which has become my main research tool for name listing. Mrs. Levitan will list these sights for your use.

The shtetls are presented together because of their geographic closeness as well as their sharing of blood ties and social interaction.

The Krivichi materials were found at YIVO.  The Kurenitz material was provided by Eilat Gordin Levitan and the Dinerstein Family.

Young Kivitzer Benev Assn 1964-76  

Ledger Book with minutes in English and separate pages for dues payments of individuals with home addresses, name changes, date of death, etc. The great majority of burials take place at Montefiore.

Click here for information about accessing landsmanshaften records at YIVO.

Click here for "An Intelligent Layman's Guide to Viewing Landsmenshaften, Benevolent Societies, and Burial Societies".
Surname Given name City State Position
Alpert Michael and Lila NYC   Dues Payer
Dorfman Sol W Palm Beach Fla Dues Payer
Einhorn Lillian LA Calif Dues Payer
Fishman Ben Brooklyn   Dues Payer
Fishman Harry Brooklyn   Dues Payer
Gitlin David Brooklyn   Dues Payer
Gitlin Rose NYC   Dues Payer
Gitlin Sylvia Brooklyn   Dues Payer
Gitlitz Jacob and Mira     Dues Payer
Gottlieb I.     Dues Payer
Gottlieb Pincus Philip Brooklyn   Dues Payer
Herman Beverly Flushing   Dues Payer
Herman Donald and Marylin Bayside   Dues Payer
Herman Harry and Fay Flushing LI Dues Payer
Kashinitz Abe and Lena Brooklyn   Dues Payer
Kashinitz William Brooklyn   Dues Payer
Katz Ida Brooklyn   Dues Payer
Katz Jack Brooklyn   Dues Payer
Katzelnick A Brooklyn   Dues Payer
Katzelnick Frank and Rhoda Glen Oaks LI Dues Payer
Katzelnick Mary Brooklyn   Dues Payer
Katzelnick Sam Riverdale   Pres
Katzoff Ida Brooklyn   Dues Payer
Katzowitz Corinne Flushing LI Dues Payer
Katzowitz David Bronx   Dues Payer
Katzowitz Dorothy Bronx   Dues Payer
Katzowitz Frieda Bronx   Dues Payer
Katzowitz Harold and Toby Fairlawn NJ Dues Payer
Katzowitz Irene Bronx   Dues Payer
Katzowitz Max Easchester NY Dues Payer
Katzowitz Max Bronx   Dues Payer
Katzowitz Rubin Bronx   Dues Payer
Katzowitz Sam Bronx   Treas
Katzowitz Selig Miami Beach Fla Dues Payer
Kayden Ettie Flushing LI Dues Payer
Kayden Warren Huntington LI Dues Payer
Kirshner June Bronx   Dues Payer
Kneiberl Sam West Palm Beach Fla Sec'y
Kroll H     Dues Payer
Kroll M     Dues Payer
Landowitz Jack and Tilda Bronx   Dues Payer
Landowitz Philip and Ethel Brooklyn   Dues Payer
Lazaruk Yetta Howard Beach LI Dues Payer
Lieberman Al North Miami Beach Fla Dues Payer
Lieberman C     Dues Payer
Nagler Henry West Palm Beach Fla Dues Payer
Pincus Ruth     Dues Payer
Pollisky Norman membership terminated   Dues Payer
Pollisky Sally Brooklyn   Dues Payer
Rebold Morris Brooklyn   Dues Payer
Rosensweig Abe Elizabeth NJ Dues Payer
Rosensweig Louis Springfield NJ Dues Payer
Roth Louis Bayside   Dues Payer
Schulman Herman No Babylon LI Dues Payer
Schulman Irving No Babylon   Dues Payer
Schulman Morton Bellemore LI Dues Payer
Schulman Norman and Sara Huntington LI Dues Payer
Seiden L     Dues Payer
Seiden Mollie Brooklyn   Dues Payer
Shapiro Sam and Ida Brooklyn   Dues Payer
Sorin Michael Brooklyn   Dues Payer
Spindell Lillie Brooklyn   Dues Payer
Weinberg H     Dues Payer
Zerlin Sara Far Rockaway LI Dues Payer

Chevra Khal Chasidim Anshei Kurenitz

This list of names were photocopied from a ledger listing dues payers.
Surname Given name City State Position
Ainbinder Frances Brooklyn  
Alperowitz Sadie Bronx  
Albert Bertie Brooklyn  
Alberts Alfred and Edith Brooklyn  
Alberts Ida Brooklyn  
Alberts Max Brooklyn   Hon Vice Pres
Alpert Ben Whitestone  
Alpert Dora Bronx  
Alpert Frances Hicksville Long Island
Alpert Hyman Whitestone Long Island
Alpert Louis Bronx  
Alpert Morris Central Islip Long Island
Alpert Pauline Central Islip
Alpert Rose Bronx  
Alpert Sylvia Miami Florida
Beckenstein Mr Belleville Wash
Bengis I Bronx  
Cohen Albert New York City  
Cohen Israel New York City  
Cohen Louis Far Rockaway Long Island
Cohen Sarah Belle Harbor Long Island
Cohen William New York City  
Dickstein Bessie New York City  
Dickstein Jacob New York City  
Dickstein Julius Bronx  
Dickstein Morris Brooklyn   President
Dickstein Philip Chicago  
Dickstein Rachel Brooklyn  
Dickstein Sam Bronx  
Dinerstein Harry Brooklyn  
Dinerstein Jacob Bronx  
Dinerstein Louis Bronx   Treasurer
Dinerstein Robert and Mrs Lake Grove Long Island
Dinerstein Sam and Anna Astoria Long Island
Diamondstein Minnie Brooklyn  
Doen Ida Brooklyn  
Dover Hilda Brooklyn  
Edison Max Brooklyn  
Ellis Florence Brooklyn  
Ellis Harry West NY New Jersey
Ellis Max and Celia Laurelton New York
Ellis Minnie Brooklyn.  
Ellis Rubin Jersey City New Jersey
Feldman Stanley and Clare New York City  
Feuers Michael Flushing  
Fisher Harry Brooklyn  
Forman Frances Brooklyn  
Forman I Brooklyn  
Forman Rose far Rockaway Long Island
Ginsberg Abraham and Sophie New York City  
Glazer Ben New York  
Gordon Frank Brooklyn  
Gordon I New York City  
Gordon Julius Brooklyn  
Gordon Mary New York City  
Gordon Rose Newark New Jersey
Greenfield Dora Bronx  
Hoffman Mrs D Bronx  
Kaplowitz Rose Brooklyn  
Kapolow Garson Staten Island  
Kapolow Rose New York City  
Kay Raymond Jamaica Long Island
Kay Sam Jamaica Long Island
Kramer J R New York City  
Kramer Julius Brooklyn  
Kramer Louis Brooklyn  
Kramer Martin Brooklyn  
Kramer Meyer New York City  
Kraus Irving Bronx  
Kurnitz Frances Brooklyn  
Lerner AJ Brooklyn  
Lerner Jack Brooklyn  
Lerner Rose Brooklyn  
Lipkow Mary Jamaica Estates Long Island
Lipkow Leo Jackson Heights Long Island
Lipkowitz[Lipper] Michael Bellemore Long Island
Lipton Maurice and Lorraine Bellemore Long Island
Lubow Celia Bronx  
Lubow Mr and Mrs Joseph Douglaston Long Island
Meltzer Barnett Bronx  
Meltzer Essie Bronx  
Meltzer Robert Miami Beach Fla
Peikon Herman Brooklyn   Secretary
Peikon Isaac River Edge New Jersey
Peikon Julia    
Peikon louis Brooklyn  
Peikon sarah Brooklyn  
Peller Morris New York City  
Pike Rose LA Bronx  
Ort Marvin and Sydelle Brooklyn  
Reichel A Bronx  
Reichel Tessie New York City  
Rubin Abraham New York City  
Sanders Sylvia [Dr] New York City  
Schiffman Harold and Celia New York City  
Scolnick Arthur Hartford Conn
Scolnick IL Hartford Conn
Scolnick Jacob Brooklyn  
Scolnick Mr and Mrs Julius Bronx   Vice President
Scolnick William Brooklyn  
Seidel Walter    
Siskind Louis Brooklyn  
Sklar H Hartford Conn
Sosinsky Mrs Julian Bronx  
Stein Fannie    
Stein Sam New York City  
Steinbrecher Zachary Sea Bright New Jersey
Trager Bernhard Yonkers  
Trager Doris    
Warnitsky Robert    
Weiss Abraham Bronx  
Weiss Benjamin Bronx  
Weiss Edna Bronx  
Weiss Laura Bronx  
Wolpert Samuel Brooklyn  
Yancovitch Allan and Gail Bronx  
Zager I Brooklyn  
Zimmerman Etta East Meadow Long Island
Zimmerman Eva Brooklyn  
Zimmerman Gertrude Brooklyn  
Zimmerman Ida Brooklyn  
Zimmerman Philip Poughkeepsie New York
Zowodnick Mrs L New Haven Conn


Erster Krzywcza An San Benevolent Society  1946-66

In a ledger book with minutes in Yiddish there appears a list of membership names in English which stops half way through the alphabet. The remaining names were gleaned from the minutes which included notices of death and some membership names which I transliterated from the Yiddish.  More will follow from the Young Krivitzer Benevolent Society. Also please note that the place name is written in the Polish style. 

Surname Given name CityState
Adler David  
Adler Esther Mrs  
Berner Max Bronx
Berger Esther Little Neck LI
Bessem Abraham Rockaway Park LI
Comander Mrs Lottie Brooklyn
Cooper Joseph  
Fast Clara  
Gewanter Mrs Fannie Bronx
Glicksman David  
Glicksman Harry Brooklyn
Glicksman Lillie Brooklyn
Goldstein Philip  
Goldstein Rose  
Heilman Sidney  
Hoffner Leo  
Jacobowitz Shirley Brooklyn
Kalter Max  
Katz Charles Brooklyn
Kestenbaum Dr Leo Bronx
Kestenbaum Regina Neponsit
Klugman Sidney Bronx
Kovesh Joseph NYC
Krantz Mollie Bronx
Kupferberg Reuben Rego Park
Langanger Julius  
Levine Nettie Berkley Heights NJ
Marks Sadie  
Miller Tillie  
Neiss Max  
Ringel Evan  
Ringel Joseph  
Ringel Morris  

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