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Belarus Births Database

· Introduction
· Database Fields
· Sample Record
· Contents of the Database
· Translations/Transliterations methods
· Recommendations for Searching
· Obtaining copies of original records
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The JewishGen Belarus Database contains Jewish birth records from towns in Belarus

These records were originally created by the Jewish Congregations of the various towns where the records were recorded.  The text is both in Russian (Cyrillic alphabet) and Hebrew script, although some records are in Russian only

Database Fields

The Register of Births records typically contain the following information:

  • Microfilm # - The microfilm number from LDS Family History Library (if these records were microfilmed).

  • Microfilm Item # - The microfilm item number on the microfilm.

  • Image # - Image number on microfilm, if available, or the page number located at the top right on the record itself (this will enable you to locate the record on the film).

  • Place Recorded - The place that the birth was registered.

  • Year Recorded - The year that the birth was registered.

  • Record # - The record number of the birth in the original books  (numbers are preceded by "F" for female or "M" for male) .

  • Child's Surname - The surname (last name, family name) of the child.

  • Child's Given Name - The first name(s) of the newborn child.

  • Father's Given Name - The child's father's first name(s).

  • Father's Patronymic - Paternal grandfather's first name(s).

  • Mother's Given Name - The child's mother's first name(s).

  • Mother's Patronymic - Maternal grandfather's first name(s).

  • Mother's Maiden Surname - Maternal grandfather's surname (usually only given if mother is not married).

  • Date of Birth - Day, month, and year of birth, according to the Julian calendar.

  • Date of Birth (Hebrew Calendar) - Day and month of birth, according to the Jewish calendar .

  • Town of Birth - Place of birth.

  • District - The "uyezd" - the district name - of the town of birth.

  • Guberniya - The Guberniya (Russian province) of the town of birth.

  • Comments - All other information which doesn't fit into any other column.  This may include:
    • Town of the father
    • Profession of the father
    • Name of the rabbi or mohel who performed the circumcision

  • Archive/Fond - The archive where this record is now located and the particular Fond / List / Item number in that archive.

Sample Record

Sample Birth Record

Contents of the Database

There are approximately 75,000 birth records for towns in Belarus in the JewishGen Belarus database and All Lithuania database. Below is a listing of the towns.

Place Recorded
Earliest Year
Latest Year
# translated records
Link to detailed inventory
Belitsa Lida Vilna 1897 1914 382 detailed inventory
Bobruysk Bobruisk Minsk 1877 1903 4305 detailed inventory
Brest Litovsk Brest Grodno 1895 1914 11874 detailed inventory
Dashkovka Bykhov Mogilev 1854 1873 31 detailed inventory
David Gorodok Mozyr Minsk 1874 1916 1954 detailed inventory
Eishishki Lida Vilna 1891 1902 1837 detailed inventory
Gomel' Gomel Mogilev 1853 1913 9667 detailed inventory
Grodno Grodno Grodno 1838 1842 1494 detailed inventory
Kamen' Minsk Minsk 1891 1911 30 detailed inventory
Karlin-Pinsk Pinsk Minsk 1860 1872 1288 detailed inventory
Karpilovka / Zhlobin Rogachev Mogilev 1911 1917 170 detailed inventory
Knyazhitsy Mogilev Mogilev 1874 1883 34 detailed inventory
Kobrin Kobrin Grodno 1840 1851 1691 detailed inventory
Lida Lida Vilna 1896 1914 3426 detailed inventory
Minsk Minsk Minsk 1836 1917 13917 detailed inventory
Mogilev Mogilev Mogilev 1837 1892 12502 detailed inventory
Novyy Dvor Lida Vilna 1896 1914 329 detailed inventory
Orli Lida Vilna 1896 1914 202 detailed inventory
Oshmyany Oshmiany Vilna 1854 1861 283 detailed inventory
Ostrino Lida Vilna 1897 1914 623 detailed inventory
Ostroshitskiy Gorodok Minsk Minsk 1905 1905 11 detailed inventory
Pinsk Pinsk Minsk 1882 1935 1706 detailed inventory
Postavy Disna Vilna 1893 1901 192 detailed inventory
Radun Lida Vilna 1896 1914 329 detailed inventory
Rakov Minsk Minsk 1869 1917 604 detailed inventory
Rozhanka Lida Vilna 1897 1914 249 detailed inventory
Rubezhevichi Minsk Minsk 1904 1912 106 detailed inventory
Senno Senno Mogilev 1861 1864 168 detailed inventory
Shchuchin Lida Vilna 1896 1914 649 detailed inventory
Stolin Pinsk Minsk 1911 1911 189 detailed inventory
Streshin Rogachev Mogilev 1897 1897 42 detailed inventory
Usvyaty Velizh Vitebsk 1883 1889 191 detailed inventory
Vasilishki Lida Vilna 1896 1914 870 detailed inventory
Vetka Gomel Mogilev 1912 1918 517 detailed inventory
Voronovo Lida Vilna 1897 1914 511 detailed inventory
Vorotynshchina Mogilev Mogilev 1872 1917 389 detailed inventory
Zaskevichi Oshmiany Vilna 1855 1872 75 detailed inventory
Zheludok Lida Vilna 1897 1914 595 detailed inventory
Zhlobin Rogachev Mogilev 1867 1906 1361 detailed inventory

Translation/Transliteration Methods

Translators are instructed to follow JewishGen transcription rules.  Unless otherwise noted, transliterations follow the BGN/PCGN Romanization of Russian and the YIVO Romanization Standard for Yiddish/Hebrew. 

Records have been formatted according to JewishGen transcription templates.

If the Hebrew/Yiddish name differs from the Russian name, both names are listed separated by a forward slash (/)

Recommendations for Searching

Search the records using the Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex as well as the exact name, due to variations in spelling and because some records were transliterated from Russian only and not Hebrew.

Search all town records even if you believe you know the town your relatives came from.  Families moved around quite a lot, so the records that you are searching for could be in any database. 

Obtaining Copies of Original Records

If a record has been microfilmed by the Church of Latter Day Saints (LDS), then one can order the microfilm from any Family History Center.  You will need to know the Family History Library microfilm number (FHL #), item number, image number and record number.

If a record was not microfilmed by the LDS then contact the project leader for information on obtaining copies of an original record.

Searching the Database

This database is searchable via the JewishGen Belarus Database.

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