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Volunteering or Donating Material to JewishGen Projects and Programs

Donor Forms & Volunteer Agreements

This page is to facilitate volunteering time and effort and/or the donation of material to various JewishGen projects and programs.  The first step in donating any material to JewishGen is to determine that it is not already in process, or that material you are planning to donate meets our mission and goals and is acceptable.  You are encouraged to discuss your plans with a Project Manager prior to investing time, effort or money into any project.  Please consult the following people as appropriate to your interests:

Databases Warren Blatt Donor Agreement Form
JOWBR Nolan Altman Donor Agreement Form
InfoFiles Warren Blatt Donor Agreement Form
KehilaLinks Susana Bloch Donor Agreement Form
Yizkor Book Translation Lance Ackerfeld Donor Agreement Form
Volunteers Avraham Groll Volunteer Agreement Form

For more information, see the Explanation of Agreement Forms.

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