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The JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR) aims to catalog data about Jewish cemeteries and burial records worldwide, from the earliest records to the present.
JOWBR is a searchable database of names and associated information, including photographs of gravestones.
JOWBR contains close to 4.2 million burial records from 9,500 cemeteries in 143 countries.
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This Agreement is between JewishGen, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation ("JewishGen"), and

the Donor of the following materials to the "JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry" (JOWBR).

Section I:   Donated Burial Index Information

  1. Cemetery Location:
    1. Name of Cemetery: ________________________________________________

    2. City, State, Country: _______________________________________________

  2. Compilation Information:
    1. Describe the specific part(s) of the cemetery that have been indexed:

    2. Number of burial records being submitted: _____________

Section II:   Permission Terms

  • _____ I understand that JewishGen, Inc. will only be able to accept the material for publication on its server when JewishGen confirms that all of the necessary procedures as JewishGen may require have been followed.
  • _____ This donation is a "work in progress" and from time to time material may be added.  This additional material will be donated to JewishGen under the same conditions as set forth below.
  • _____ I certify that I am the translator and/or transliterator and the compiler of the referenced material.
  • _____ I engaged someone else to make the translation and/or transliteration or the compilation of the referenced material.  If applicable, I have enclosed an executed Work for Hire agreement between the translator and me.
  • _____ The original material is in English, so no translation is involved.

Section III:   General Requirements and Non-Exclusive Donation

  • Donor certifies that Donor has all rights necessary to donate the material to JewishGen including all applicable permissions of others.
  • Donor has enclosed copies of all necessary permissions that evidence Donor's right to donate the material to JewishGen.  Donor understands that JewishGen will rely on this certification.
  • In conjunction with this agreement and for no additional consideration, the Donor hereby grants to JewishGen a non-exclusive perpetual right to use, publish or distribute the donated material.  This right gives JewishGen no rights to the underlying data or information and JewishGen shall in no way amend or modify such data or information.  The non-exclusivity of such right means that the Donor retains all rights to such data or information and may use, publish or distribute such data or information in any way the Donor chooses.  This right may not be revoked after the date of this agreement.

DONOR Name (print or type): ____________________________________________

DONOR Signature: ________________________________ Date: _______________

DONOR Address: ______________________________________________________

(City, State/Province, Country, ZIP/Postal Code)

Phone: ________________________ E-mail: _______________________________

JewishGen ID #: ___________________

Please complete the above Donor portion; sign and date two copies (original signature required on both copies), attach any additional forms as instructed by project manager or program coordinators, and mail or FAX to:

JewishGen, Inc.
Museum of Jewish Heritage
36 Battery Place
New York, NY 10280
Fax: (646) 365-4368

When all documentation has been received, JewishGen, Inc. will execute and return a signed copy for your tax records.

JewishGen, Inc. wishes to thank you for your JewishGen-erosity in donating this valuable material to this program.

Please consult your tax advisor for a determination of whether this donation constitutes a tax-deductible donation to JewishGen, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.  Your donation has enabled us to take one more step forward towards our mission of "preserving our history for future generations."

______________________________________________   Date: ________________
Warren Blatt, Managing Director

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