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Virtual Conversations

A Virtual Conversation: 45 minutes with an expert - video or audio ZOOM call scheduled at a mutually convenient time. The introductory price is $36.

  • You may be puzzling over how to interpret a record found in a database; discrepancies between records or discrepancies between your family story and found records.

  • You may wish to know more about how to use specific databases for maximum success or how to maneuver family tree software.

  • You might need to find out what resources exist offline or who are the experts in the field who might have solutions.

  • A frequent question is what records exist online and offline for my particular search project.

  • Where do I go next when all else has failed?


When working with a tutor, it is important to provide your information so that the instructor can be prepared for your virtual conversation.

Please answer these questions in your e-mail:

  1. Have you participated in JewishGen Special Services before?

    1. No, this is my first time
    2. Yes, I’m continuing with the same research problem
    3. Yes, but this is a different research problem
  2. What is your experience doing genealogy research?

    1. Beginner
    2. Intermediate
    3. Advanced
  3. Formulate your question. Describe the research problem or goal you want to discuss during this research strategy session. Be as specific as possible. You may include 2 attachments as described below and reference an online family tree if applicable.

  4. Share what research you’ve already done and focus on the data:

    1. What records have you explored?
    2. What databases or repositories have you tried?
    3. What data are you missing?


You may include up to two attachments (copies of records, documents or photographs) in your email. If this is a record on a database, you may give the address of the record rather than the record itself.

Family Tree

If you keep a family tree file on your favorite genealogy website or program, make sure it’s up to date with your latest discoveries. Your instructor may ask you to send the address of your tree or ask for an invitation to view your tree if it is private.

Next Steps

After reviewing your research request, an expert will confirm your objectives for the virtual conversation. The instructor may have further questions or instructions.

  1. You will be presented with a calendar so that you can make an appointment for your conversation.

  2. Your instructor will ask you to register with JewishGen and make the payment.

  3. You will receive a transaction notification from JewishGen.

  4. You will receive a welcome letter with detailed instructions for the virtual conversation from the expert.

Please send all the requested information to Marjorie Geiser, at

You may also be interested in our Private Mentoring - Individualized Instruction by the Week service.

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