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JewishGen is delighted to offer online interactive courses in Jewish genealogy to help you organize your information and trace your ancestral roots.

  • ON DEMAND courses feature self-study, self-paced lessons in workbook format. Each workbook has detailed source documentation, readings, and assignments. They are text-based, self-paced exercises for each genealogical topic. If no class meets your research needs, you can request a tutor on any subject or country. JewishGen Education may have an expert to assign you.

  • VAS (Value Added Services) COUPON OR VOUCHER is a one-time $18 gift from JewishGen for a contribution of $100. In any twelve months toward a designated VAS approved class. For a VAS Voucher-Coupon, email your receipt to Nancy Holden ( for the coupon before signing up for a VAS class.

  • INTERACTIVE, MENTORED¬†COURSES¬†feature an experienced teacher who will respond in a private forum to your research questions. Each class includes written lessons or handouts. Students are encouraged to post one ancestral branch (one surname), set goals for their research, and work with the instructor to research that branch on our interactive platforms.

  • PEER STUDY GROUPS are subject-oriented. Participants will research together on a central theme. The coordinator accumulates and summarizes information at the end of the third week. An instructor acts as a coordinator.

    • The Immigration Study Group is in its third year. A write up of the 2021 and 2022 accumulated data will be presented to the 2023 study group. The goal is to gather new information about how an immigrant obtained passage, migrated to the port of departure, proceeded to the port of arrival and found their first residence in the new country.

    • The Savvy Searcher Study Group takes part in a case study where students are given a set of documents from which they develop a research plan to research the person(s) of interest together. Students will discuss process, insights, sources, and discrepancies as they produce evidence to prove their case.

  • SPECIAL SERVICES include individual mentoring by the week with a specialist. Consult a calendar and choose the dates. These personal sessions are via Zoom.

    • Virtual Conversations: For a planning session (next steps, plan your research, create an organizational research log, tutorials on how to use a database, or just to ask the way out of a brick wall), spend 45 minutes with a genealogist.

    • By the Week (Private Mentoring): Set up your own project.The time, the date, and the research question are up to you. You can explore any research area, brick wall, or discrepancy with an expert.

  • RESEARCHER FOR HIRE. If you want JewishGen Education to work for you, the research is by contract, objectives and payments are discussed on an individualized basis.

It has been our experience that people who sign up for more than one course at a time are unable to fully participate in all of their classes. For that reason, we strongly recommend that you only sign up for one course at a time in order to get the maximum benefit from the class and to allow other students to register for the other, enrollment-limited courses.

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