Memorial Book of Radikhov
(Radekhov, Ukraine)

50°17' / 24°39'

Translation of
Sefer zikaron le-kehilot Radikhov

Edited by: G. Kressel

Published in Tel Aviv, 1976



Project Coordinators

Barbara Beaton Dubey

Shuki Ecker


This is a translation from: Sefer zikaron le-kehilot Radikhov; Memorial book of Radikhov,
ed. G. Kressel, Tel Aviv, Society of Radikhov, Lopatyn and vicinity, 1976 (H,Y)

Note: The original book can be seen online at the NY Public Library site: Radziechow

In memory of my father Dr. Leon Eker (1921 -1996)
son of Ozjasz and Pepi Ecker of Wolica Barylowa, Radziechow County

-- Shuki Ecker

In memory of my grandfather Morris (Menashe) Katz (1895-1963)
son of Benjamin and Chana Distenfeld Katz of Lopatyn, Radziechow County

--Barbara Beaton

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Yizkor Book

for the Communities of

Radziechow, Lopatyn, Witkow Nowy, Cholojow,
Toporow, Stanislawczyk, Strzemilcze (Stremiltsch), Szczurowice (Schtervitz)
and the Villages:
Uwin, Barylow, Wolica, Wygoda, Skryholow (Skrilov), Zawidcze, Mikolajow, Dmytrow, Sienkow etc.

Edited by G. Kressel

Published by the Organization of the Former Residents of the above Settlements, in Israel and Abroad

Tel-Aviv 1976 [1]

Schematic Layout of Radziechow
About the Book The editorial board   1
Introduction Prof. Dov Sadan   5
Radziechow (Radichov)
Radziechow Zelig Arenshtayn Selig Orenstein (Arenstein?) 14
The Rabbis of Radziechow and Vicinity   Rabbi Meir Wunder 16
Eretz Yisrael in the Lives of the People of Radziechow Y. Raanan Yaakov Dov Raanan [Frisch] 33
In Radziechow and in Eretz Yisrael Y. Raanan Yaakov Dov Raanan [Frisch] 42
My Father's House Y.Sh. Vaysman Yaakov Shmuel Weissman 62
Memories of the Second Immigrant   Dov Ecker z”l 65
Radziechow Before the Holocaust Sarah Fayershtayn Sara Feuerstein 72
Life in Radziechów and the End of its Jewish Community Sara Kitzes   76
In Remembrance of Our Town Radekhov E. Gertvagen Ettel Gertwagen 80
The Holocaust Period in Radziechów Yaakov Layder Jacob Leider 82
The Days of Awe Leyb Gold z”l Leib Gold z”l 86
Curriculum Vitae Sarah Shtaynvurtzel Sara Steinwurzel 89
A Daughter of Radziechow with “Volksdeutsche” B. Z. Batya Silberger? [Bubis?] 92
During the War L. B. L. Bari? 97
My Survival (Yiddish) Leibisch Schrage Leon Schrage 100
In Memory of our Father Itzhak and Zacharia Dafna   105
The House of Reb Shmuel Ecker Y. Raanan Yaakov Dov Raanan [Frisch] 107
Curriculum Vitae Yekhiel Menaker z”l Jechiel Menaker z”l 109
Jechiel Menaker (a tribute to his memory) Tzvi Tamari   111
Mordechai Weissman, of Blessed Memory Dr. Ze'ev Levin   113
Refael Wasser (a tribute to his memory) Ester Meir Ashkenazi   117
About the House and About Father Tamar Menaker Kasher   119
The House of Reb Meir Barak Bluma Kriger Bluma Krieger 130
The House of Yosef and Matil Kelner Batya Vaynberg   133
In Memory of my Family Members Tzipora Grinberg-Ben Khur Zippora Grunberg-Ben Chur 135
Benzion Pelz (a tribute to his memory) Miryam Menaker-Kanyuk   136
The Matmid[2] Yisrael Inbari   137
On the Mountains of Judea (a poem) Bentziyon Peltz Benzion Pelz 138
Yosef Shvartzenberg (a tribute to his memory) Yehudit Grinberg   139
The Persistent One in “Torah vaDaat”[3]   Getzel Kressel 140
“Torah vaDaat” Elazar Vilder Lazar Wilder 141
Organized Zionist Youths from Radekhov     143
Families from Radekhov     157
Radekhovers in Israel     163
Schematic Layout of Lopatyn     170
Pages from the Life of the Community of Łopatyn and its End Avraham Tzvi Bernholtz Abraham Hersch Bernholz 171
A.Tz. Bernholtz (a tribute to his memory) E. Eliner Eliezer Eliner 195
Lopatyn and its Destruction   Benzion Friedmann 196
Lopatyn Chapters Elazar Wilder Lazar Wilder 213
My Parents' House David Parnas   224
Yosef Parnes     231
Recollections Khana Lerer Chana Lehrer 233
Between Trytki and Lopatyn Mordekhay Yalon Mordechai Yalon 234
Henoch Yalon (a tribute to his memory)   Prof. Y. Kutscher 243
Discovering the Secrets of a Language   Prof. Dov Sadan 249
The Greatest Linguist of his Generation   Getzel Kressel 256
My Brother and Teacher Mordekhay Yalon Mordechai Yalon 260
An Autobiography   Asher Barash z”l [Barasch] 262
About “A Jew is Delivered from Trouble” - A Story by A. Barash G.K. Getzel Kressel 264
An Event that Took Place in our Town of Łopatyn in 1898   Ben–Zion Friedmann 265
A Jew is Delivered from Trouble (a short story)   Asher Barash 267
Asher Barash of Galicia Kopel Shvartz Kopel Schwarz 302
Recollections About A. Barash Mordekhay Yalon Mordechai Yalon 304
Asher Barash's Last Journey Pinkhas Lander Elad   306
Elazar Dov Yalon (a tribute to his memory) Mordekhay Yalon Mordechai Yalon 311
Mendel Leib Yalon (a tribute to his memory) Mordekhay Yalon Mordechai Yalon 314
Akiva Distenfeld - his Life and Work Mordekhay Yalon Mordechai Yalon 316
Akiva at the Readers' Service   Prof. Shmuel Hugo Bergman 320
The Righteous Worker   Prof. Dov Sadan 321
Lopatyners in Israel Yehoshua Nesyahu (Suchman)   328
Fifty Years of Service at the Technion Aryeh Nesher   328
My shtetl Y. Bernholz Jakub Bernholz 331
Witkow Nowy
Map of the Town and a Street Scene     342
Recollections Yosef Khayim Peltz Joseph Chaim Pelz 343
My Town Witkov Nowy, Memories Yitzkhak Shuman Yitzhak Schuman 356
Witkow Nowy Dov Peltz Dow Pelz 361
My Survival (Yiddish) Dov Pelz Dow Pelz 366
The Shtetl Cholojow Rabbi Sh. Efrati Rabbi Szymon Efrusi 399
My Parents' House Mordekhay Rayz Mordechai Reis 406
Rabbi Meshulam Zalman Yosef Zilberfarb A. Dubinsky   411
Toporow Shalom Zilberfarb Szalom Silberfarb 417
My Town Stanisławczyk Rabbi Aharon Laszczower Rabbi Aharon Laszczower 422
A Rabbi and Public Figure Rabbi K. F. Tchorsh Rabbi Katriel Fishel Tchorsh 424
An Innocent and Righteous Sole Barukh Duvdevani   425
A Great Scholar and Sage Shlomo Zikhroni   427
Strzemilcze (Stremiltsch)
The Killing Field in Strzemilcze David Zitzer David Sitzer 431
And Still We Live, Me and My Son (Yiddish) David Zitzer David Sitzer 436
My Homeland Menakhem Pardes Menachem Pordes 449
About Strzemilcze (Yiddish) Menakhem Pardes Menachem Pordes 451
My Town Strzemilcze Menakhem Doyer Menachem Dojer 455
My Parents' House Gila Shtayner z”l Gila Steiner z”l 456
In Memory of G. Steiner Z. Arenshtayn Selig Orenstein (Arenstein?) 458
In Memory of Moshe Chaim Kremnitzer and his Family Vilma Shlezinger Wilma Schlesinger 460
Szczurowice (Schtervitz)
The Rabbis of Szczurowice   Rabbi Meir Wunder 461
My Town Szczurowice Yitzchak Shterling Icchak Sterling 463
Saving Ritual Articles   Benzion Friedmann 465
Schtervitz and Its End Fishel Fish F. Fisch 467
Recollections from my Shtetl (Yiddish) Fishel Fish Fischel Fisch 475
The Village of Uwin Zelig Arenshtayn Selig Orenstein (Arenstein?) 491
Recollections and People M. Fish Meir Fisch 505
My Father's House Dr. Y. Efrat z”l Dr. Yaakov Efrat [Menkes] z”l 516
Barylow - Wygoda
In Memory of the Jews of Barylow Yaakov Kremnitzer Jakub Kremnitzer 518
Journey to a Jewish World That Was Destroyed   Mordechai Kremnitzer 542
The Hiding Place in the Cowshed in Potoki Yosef Apelfeld Joseph Apfelfeld 557
Zwi Kranz and his Family Yosef Apelfeld Joseph Apelfeld 560
Skryholow (Skrilov)
In the Villages Eliezer Kaftzan   562
About Bracha Kaftzan Shmuel Margalit   579
Zawidcze - Mikolajow - Zaliskie
My Parents' House Aharon Gruber   580
In Memory of the Martyrs (Yiddish) Shimon Gruber (Canada)   583
Zawidcze L. Bernshtayn L. Bernstein 587
Rescued from the Holocaust (Yiddish) Helen Klar nee Fish Helen Klahr geb. Fisch 590
Photographs from Mikolajow and Zaliskie     593
Dmytrow - Niestanice - Sienkow
The Jewish Community in Dmytrow Moshe Valdbawm z”l Moses Waldbaum z”l 595
The Jewish Community of Niestanice and its End Binyamin Tenenbawm Benjamin Tannenbaum 602
A Jewish Estate Ester Ringert Esther Ringert 612
Max Ringert (a tribute to his memory) A. Kh. Melamed   623
A Story from Days of Horror Hela Rapaport Hella Rappaport 624
Yizkor: Lists of Martyrs
Radziechow 633
Lopatyn 640
Stanislawczyk (partial list) 641
Hrycowola 641
Niewice [or Niwice] village 641
Witkow Nowy 642
Cholojow 646
Sienkow village and estate 647
Toporow 648
Szczurowice (Schtervitz) 650
Strzemilcze (Stremiltsch) 651
Uwin village 651
Skryholow (Skrilov) village 651
Barylow 651
Wolica Barylowa estate 652
Wygoda 652
Dmytrow village 652
Zawidcze 652
Mikolajow, Zaliskie and Adamowka 653
Niestanice 653
In Memory of the Deceased
Former residents of Radziechow, Lopatyn and the vicinity who died in Israel 655
Translation of Photograph Captions
Translation of Town Maps

  1. Although the title page states 1976 as the year of publication, the actual year was 1984. Back
  2. Literally: 'the persistent one'. Used to describe a diligent yeshiva student who abides by the ideal of perpetual study of the Torah. Back
  3. “Pentacle and Knowledge”, a weekly publication of the central library of Kiryat Uno, Israel. Back


This version of the table of contents has been expanded to include all relevant section headings and articles in the book as well as sections supplemented by the coordinators of this translation.

The titles and author identifications as they appear in the table of contents in the Yizkor book differ slightly from the titles and authors identifications as they appear at the head of the articles. These differences were preserved unless clearly misleading. Articles originally in Yiddish are so indicated.

There are two columns for the authors' names. The names in the left column are transliterated from Hebrew/Yiddish. The names in the right column are spelled as they may have been spelled by that person when writing in Roman alphabet. When the version on the right is certain (verified by other sources), then the left column remains blank. When the spelling in the right column is an assumption, the left column is filled in. The right column also includes additional information when available (full names, previous names, possible identification). Former surnames are indicated by square brackets.

Note that some of the authors wrote about people they knew after the war, and did not come themselves from the vicinity of Radziechow.



In addition to the translators who are already recognized for each chapter they translated, a special thanks goes to Gloria Hytowitz, Miriam Koral, Adam Neuer, Irving Weitz and Janet Weitz for their help with translations of complicated Polish, Yiddish and Ukrainian words and phrases appearing throughout the book.


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