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Submitted by John D Anderson

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 1/9/2022 11:21 AM
Family Surname: Ohnesorge or Ansorge
Country: Poland
Town: Ostrowo
Date of Image: 1838
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I need a translation of the heading of Image 154/360 from Film 1271464 (LDS), Item 2, Juedische Familien, 1836-1838. The next image is for the individual, Aron Ohnesorge.

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On  Response 
1/10/2022 4:35 AM Hello John,

This is a list of the Jewish families: Only the head (of the family) is explicitly mentioned, the other family members are recorded numerically.

in the columns we have:
Vor- und Zuname der Familien-Väter, oder selbständigen Israeliten
First name and surname of the family fathers, or independent Israelites

Aron Ohnesorge

deren Familien (their families)
Frauen - Women
Kinder - children
Gewerbegehilfen - Employees
Dienstboten - servants

Familienzahl im Ganzen - number of members of the family

Gewerbe - profession

Alter des Familienhauptes - age of the head of the family

Seit welchem Tage sich derselbe(?) in der Provinz(?) aufhält - Since which day the same(?) has been in the province(?)

Aron has one servant
there are two people in the household
he is a Schneider (tailor) of 26 years old

it says "dergl. mit Aus__ (Ausnahme) von 4 Monaten ___"
the same as above except from 4 months
in the above entry
"ist in Ostrowo geboren u. hat sich stets h (hier) aufgehalten"

I searched and looked through the document on Familysearch. A small excerpt is always more difficult to read because you always use letters in other entries to help with the transcription.

On the same film, there could also be family members of Aron.

Good luck with your further research and kind regards from Germany

Corinna (Woehrl, née Goslar)

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