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ViewMate Posting VM 96706

Submitted by Dana Reiss

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 1/5/2022 12:16 PM
Family Surname: Reiss
Country: Austria
Town: Wien
Date of Image: 1917/1918
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Hi to all,
I would like help with translation on these postcards. If possible I would love to find out who this relative was and if they survived.

If you know someone who can help please let me know.
These were found after my dad passed away. They were in his possession somehow. Mystery all around.
Dana Reiss

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On  Response 
1/5/2022 11:11 PM The top card was sent to Fritzi Reiss - though I can't make out the top word

The address is the VIII district (Bezirk) in Vienna Wäringergürtel 1371

"As a souvenir from you uncle ---- in the war years 14/18".

The stamp on top says "field artillery brigade command"

The date on the bottom is 16 July 1918.

The second card says:
As an everlasting souvenir to my dear sister in law ---- in the war year 14/18

You brother in law

The missing word in both cards is "gewidmet" -- which is probably "dedicated" but it might have a differnet idiomatic meaning in this context --
1/6/2022 7:31 AM The dedication is "To remember [remind you of?] your Uncle Friedrich, and I think the signature is Fritz [short fot Friedrich, so he probably sent it himself]
1/6/2022 7:48 AM The top line of the address in each case appears to be "In Wohlgib" That may mean that the postage was paid.
1/6/2022 8:35 AM Hi,
the missing top words of response 1 are
to well-born Miss

directly in front of field artilleries command is "k u k" that means imperial and royal. After this is the exactly name of the part, which the sender of this card has served. But it is hard to identify. I see "3. K". That can be part of the naming of the regiment, e.g. 3th cavalry regiment, but that is a guess. Then I see "brig. 3", that could be brigade 3 in that regiment, followed by a company.
The date on this card is 16. Aug 1918 and the signatur looks for me more as two letters of the given name followed by something like Koy/Kon or Roy/Ron

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