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Submitted by Geoff Kaiser

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 10/6/2021 12:35 PM
Family Surname: Lichtenstein
Country: Germany
Town: Ostrowo
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Hi Can I please have a translation to English and an interpretation of this document. Thanks

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10/7/2021 12:10 AM Ostrowo, November 20, 1899.
Wedding act.
The fur worker Elias Lamm, mosaic, born November 19, 1874 in Ostrowo , residing in Stettin, son of the hat maker Mannheim and Golde , born Fisch, Lamm couple from Ostrowo, and Caecilie Lichtenstein Mosaic, born on February 1867 in Festenberg, residing in Ostrowo, Fleischmarkt 2, daughter of the bookbinder Isidor Lichtenstein from [?? Kennstadt ] and the late Friederike , born Rosenbaum from Festenberg.
10/7/2021 2:43 AM Thank you for this Omer. I do have some questions you may be able to answer.

Item 1. Is it actually Berlin, not Stettin?
Item 2. What are the words after Caecilie Lichtenstein?
Item 3. At the top of page 205, what is the wording as it appears to relate to my GG - grandfather Heimann Kaiser.

At the bottom, are these the witnesses to the marriage - again it is the signature of my GG grandfather Heimann Kaiser. Why would he be signing this and not Isidor Lichtenstein, the father?
10/11/2021 12:10 AM Item 1: Residing in Berlin
Item 2: -- [I don't know]
Item 3: Witnesses who were called in and showed up

Your GG grandfather signed because he was asked to be a witness.
I don't know why, but I would look at the map to see the distances between Ostrow (where the witnesses resided and appeared before the authorities) and Festenberg - where the father resided.

The second witness was Adolf Tuch, he too resides in Ostrow.
10/11/2021 3:02 PM ... born on 17 February 1867...
10/11/2021 4:41 PM Konstadt

no occupation

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