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Submitted by Ruth Bloomfield

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Category: Translation - Hungarian
Approval Date: 8/22/2021 1:37 PM
Family Surname: Steiner
Country: Hungary
Town: Szombathely
Date of Image: 1876
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I attach a marriage record between Karoly Steiner and Rosalia Fleischman in Szombathely in 1876. I am interested in the names of the places where they lived. I think that Karoly was born in Szentgotthard and Rosalia in Sagh. I am unable to work out the locations of Ignacz and Rosa Steiner and also the home address of Karoly.

I hope that someone will be able to decipher the words.


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On  Response 
8/23/2021 12:33 PM Karoly Steiner's home town is Donawitz. It is immediately to the west of Leoben, which is north of Graz, Austria. To find it you'll need to zoom in quite tightly onto Leoben.

Rosalia Fleischman's home town is down as Szt Marton. My best guess is that this is an abbreviation for Gyorszentmarton as it was until 1965. Today it is Pannonhalma in Gyor county, Hungary

8/23/2021 3:56 PM Groom: Károly Steiner, taverner, Szt. Márton Grut(?)
Parents: Ignác Steiner ... Rosa Schwurt?
Residence: Donowitz
Age 25, single
Bride: Rosalia Fleischmann, Ság
Parents: Samu Fleischman, Luisa Hartmann
Residence: Szt. Marton
Age 18, single
Wedding: August 9, 1876, Szombathely
Witnesses and officiant: Samu Hoffman and his wife, S. Deutsch and his wife, Dr. Stier

Szt. Márton or St. Mierten is now part of Szombathely, with its name preserved only by its cemetery. It was east of the town along the road leading to Zanat (which is still called Zanati út).

The groom's birthplace of Szt. Márton appears to be partially crossed out and replaced, but I can't quite figure out with what. The closest I can get is (Német)szentgrót, Vas county, which is now Gerersdorf, Burgenland.

The bride's birthplace is probably Alsóság, which is now part of Celldömölk.

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