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Submitted by Adam D Turner

Information Picture Question
Category: Translation - Hungarian
Approval Date: 8/11/2021 12:59 PM
Family Surname: Gottfried
Town: Budapest?
Date of Image: 1907
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This is my gg-uncle Erno Gottfried, apparently in a prison record for the crime of "theft," in a record from the Royal Criminal Court of Budapest Prison (/

(Note: this is a different prison document for Erno than the other one I uploaded this week - it appears he had two run-ins with the law, once in 1906 and once in 1907.)

If they appear on the record, I would be particularly interested in the details of Erno's crime and punishment, as well as any details of where he was living at the time, or any other relatives besides his parents who might have been mentioned. Erno was born in Bekecs, Zemplen County, but was known to have been living in Budapest at the time of his death in 1939, so he could well have moved there much earlier.

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On  Response 
8/15/2021 12:18 PM Number 6959
1. Name: Ernő Gottfried
2. From the Pest-area roy. court jail on 24 Januar 1907
3. Height: 169 cm, Build: strong, Face: longish, full, Complexion: white
Hair: blond, Forehead: high, Eyebrows: blond, Eye: blue
Nose: bent, Mustache: -, Mouth: regular, Teeth: whole
Chin: round, Beard: -, Identifying marks: -
4. Birth: Hungary, Zemplén county, Bekecs
5. Official residence: (ditto), residence Budapest VIII, Lujza street 3. II. 23.
6. Birth: legitimate, 15 January 1886
7: Age: at time of crime age 20 years, when transported 21 years
8. Languages: mother tongue Hungarian
9. Education: can read, can write, can count, no higher education
10. Religion: Jewish, religious knowledge satisfactory
11. Family status: unmarried, no children, parents living
12. Occupation: butcher's assistant
13. Financial status: no property, criminal expenses cannot be collected
14. Health: good, no tendency toward mental illness
15.-17. Priors: [blank]
18. Current crime: stealing
19. Extract of sentences: By decree number 1069 of the Pest-area royal criminal court dated 18 January 1907, for the crime of theft, 1 year prison. 1 month served by investigative inprisonment.
20. Secondary sentences: 3 years loss of civil rights, until 18 December 1910.
21. Date of inprisonment: from 18 January 1907 to 17 December 1907. Will be freed: 18 December 1907.
24. Accomplices for line 19: Henrik Lőwy
25. Date and length of experimental private inprisonment (??): (3781) 24 Jan 1907 - 24 May 1907.
29. Prison occupation: washhouse good
30. Prison school result: satisfactory
31. Prison behavior and moral status: moral degradation was caused by family strife; peace has now been restored, and without the cause the effect will hopefully also be removed.
32. Discharged to: passport. Bekecs, Zemplén c., butcher's assistant.
33. File number: 378/907

I think this is still the same crime as the 1906 record (based mostly on field 7).

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