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Submitted by Martha Ibanez Zervoudakis

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 7/14/2021 2:13 PM
Family Surname:
Country: Germany
Date of Image: 1938
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Page 2 of a personal letter written to an ancestor. Thank you!

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On  Response 
7/15/2021 6:34 AM The writers name was not scanned.
It's written to "Dear Uncle" by a woman whose husband is a furrier. She begs him to help them emigrate to America, mentions they have money. She says "we have to emigrate and the only country is America. They can't emigrate to Poland since her husband will be taken into the military there.

She says "please don't leave my letter unanswered" and notes that if he doesn't know what to do, she knows many people in his circle who traveled "from here" and he can ask them.
She says things can't be done from Germany, and promises to return any expensed.

In the previous page she starts by saying he will certainly be surprised at receiving a letter from her, mentions they visited Grandmother in Poland. "No need to describe her happiness"
7/19/2021 11:31 PM case. Dear uncle we have to emigrate from here. The only country possible is America, to Poland we doo nit come because my husband has military duties there. My man is a very goof coachman and we have enough money to eventually start a business over there, but it is almost impossible to get a permission to travel to there. The only possibility is to be asked by a blood relationship. The only hope are you, dear uncle and I expect from you that you will not refuse to do that for us. Dear uncle, I seriously ask you to be interested in us and not let my letter without a answer. If you do not the details of such things, I have many acquaintances living close to you and also left from here. I will write to one of them and say him to visit you, so you can speak with him.
So, dear uncle, I again ask you to answer to my letter as soon as possible. The complete costs will of course be repaid with many thanks.
Now, dear uncle, I close my letter with the best greetings and kisses for your Wife and your dear children about which I still have some memories.

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