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Submitted by Leah Heilpern Snider

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Category: Do you recognize?
Approval Date: 7/14/2021 2:12 PM
Family Surname: Heilpern
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This is one page of a small accordion-folded booklet I found in my Father's things. It is about ten pages long. I have no idea what it is, or what language it is in. I don't recall my Father ever showing it to me. Any ideas of what it is, say, etc. would be most welcome.

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7/15/2021 8:38 AM I am no expert but I think the language is Sanskrit or something similar.

As to the content, Kabbala maybe??

R Roth
7/18/2021 10:19 AM Thank you for sharing this fascinating document!
I experimented with cropping a piece of the image and doing a Google image search. A variety of calligraphy images came up in a variety of Asian languages.
Have you tried showing it to someone who knows Asian languages(everything from India to Korea, China and Japan!)
Perhaps it is a good luck charm or token of esteem from a friend? Something purchased on a trip to Asia?
Please keep us posted!
7/20/2021 7:23 PM I shared with my father-in-law (FIL), who studied Sanskrit for many years. It is certainly in the Sanskrit family, but either an ancient form or possibly a related language such as Nepali. His best guess is that it is either some kind of horoscope or could represent some sort of ritual given the shapes--setting up the parameters of the ritual.
-- the flower shape: could be the arrangements of constellations at a particular given time. There are 9 constellations in Hinduism which might be what's represented in the petals of this shape. This is the image that made FIL think the document might be a description of how to undertake a special ritual, i.e., where to place certain items based on the alignment of the constellations.
-- the X shape: there's one symbol all around it that FIL is pretty sure is "om." Inside the letters are "na" and "m" and in Sanskrit "nam" typically means to bow with respect (like one does when saying namaste to an elder; not slave to master type of bow). He's not sure what the symbol is for, however.
-- the noughts and crosses shape: looks like what would be put in a horoscope to chart how the constellations are predicted to move throughout the person's lifetime because how the constellations move at particular times is what determines the person's future. But typically there would be symbols also in the exterior cells.

Hope this helps!

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