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Submitted by Mike Kalt

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Category: Translation - Other
Approval Date: 7/1/2020 7:26 PM
Family Surname: Sperber, Weinbach, Rosenberg
Country: Czech Republic
Town: Beregszaz
Date of Image: 1921
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The document is a page from the 1921 census of Beregszas (now Ukraine, but then in Czechoslovakia, and formerly in Hungary). I already have translations for the column headings. I need interpretation of the handwritten data (in Czech) in rows 1-5 of the form (Sperber, Rosenberg and Weinbach). Lazar Sperber (line 1) is my great uncle, and Hani Weinbach (line 5) is my great grandmother, but I need identification of the other three people and their relationship to Lazar Sperber.

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On  Response 
7/2/2020 10:13 PM You have the chronology backwards: Beregszász was in Hungary before 1920, then it was in Czechoslovakia until WWII, then it was in the USSR, and now it's in Ukraine.

There are weird typos or errors in the translation, but the form has the headers in Hungarian as well as Czech:

1a. Residence number
1b. Consecutive number of the person present in the house.
2. Surname
3. Given name
4. Family or other relationship to the owner of the residence
5. Sex, male or female
6. Marital status, whether 1. unmarried, 2. married man, married woman; 3. widower/widow; 4. legally divorced, marriage dissolved
7. Day, month, year of birth
8. Place of birth: a) birth municipality, b) district, c) country
9. How long has the person lived in the municipality?
10. Official residence ("belonging-place"): a) residence municipality, b) district, c) country
11. Nationality (mother tongue)
12. Religion
13. Ability to read and write
Occupation [columns 14 to 19]
14. Mode of occupation
15. Occupational position
16. Closer identification of the business (enterprise, institution, office) where the occupation is pursued
17. Did the person have a paying occupation on 16 July 1914, or not?
18. Mode of occupation
19. Occupational position
on 16 July 1914 [columns 18 and 19]
20. Remarks
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