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Submitted by Ariela Levia Zucker

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Category: Translation - German
Approval Date: 7/14/2013 3:35 PM
Family Surname: Bee
Country: Slovakia
Town: Stupava
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Interested in Israel Bee and Philip Bee. Like to know if there is anything written here beside the names. Anything like son of...father of...etc' as I am trying to establish the relatonship between these two people.

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12/5/2011 7:45 PM This is German, not Hungarian/
12/6/2011 7:33 AM Fani Neubauer Tochter Johann Neubauer, Josefa Neubauer [different handwriting] in der Weisen [...]lion 20 März 1841
Fani Schröfel Tochter Jacob Schrofel u Soli Resch[?] [different handwriting] 1846 auf Grund
Philip Bee Sohn des Isral Bee + dessen Gattin Marie [...]
welche eine Tochter war des Mayer Gompertz und Gattin Resi
geborene Wertheimer und ist[?] [...] Philip Bee von Mutter Sorte[?]
der Familie Wertheimer mitsprossen[?]
Philip Bassel Sohn Leopot Bassel u Leni Bassel u Leni Bassel l Mohelbuch S 41 Z 307 16 Oktober 1845

This document is not only hard to read, it is also difficult to interpret. No idea what it means. Where is it from? Looks like an entry in a family bible.

Here is some of what can be identified:

Fani Neubauer was the daughter of Johann Neubauer and Josefa Neubauer
Fani Schröfel was the daughter of Jacob Schrofel u Soli Resch (could also be Rasch, Kesch, Kasch)
Philip Bee was the son of Isral (probably Israel) Bee and his wife Marie (Marie's birth name is unreadable)
Marie was a daughter of Mayer Gompertz and his wife Resi nee Wertheimer. There some unidentified connection between Marie, Philip Bee and the Wertheimer family.
Philip Bassel was the son of Leopot (probably Leopold) Bassel and Leni Bassel. There is a reference to a mohel book page 41 lin 307 of Oct 16, 1845.
7/15/2013 2:40 AM I don't think Maries Maidenname is written here, but the verb "gebracht".
Brought here because of Philip Bee...

"...Philip Bee von Mutter Seite
der familie Wertheimer entsprossen."
"Philip Bee is from the maternal line descendant of the family Wertheimer."

Philips mother is Marie and Marie is daughter of Resi nee Wertheimer. This circumstance is just emphazised.

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