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Collection: Jewish Historical Institute Collections

Collection Name:Jewish Historical Institute Collections
Geographic Area:General Ukraine
Type:General Collections
Time frame:
Description:Jewish Historical Institute holds the greatest collection of Jewish-related archival documents, books and museum objects in Poland. Its most valued treasure is the Undergound Archives of the Warsaw Ghetto, Ringelblum Archives. The collection of books, oldprints, manuscripts and journals amounts to 70,000 volumes, half of them in Yiddish and Hebrew. Its historical core, consisting of the remains of the Main Judaic Library, the Library of the Breslau Theological Seminar, and numerous public Jewish libraries, has been continuously expanded with new publications.
Availability:Collection not available online

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Sub Collections

Geographic AreaCollection NameTime frameTypeLocationView
Aleksinets (Town)Migration: Passports, Aleksinets1933PassportsJG
Passports for emigration from Novyy Oleksinets to Israel
Derazhnya (Town)Migration: Passports, Derazhnya1935PassportsJG
Passports for emigration from Derazhnya to Israel
Kremenets (Town)Migration: Passports, Kremenets1934-1936, 1948PassportsJG
Passports for emigration from Kremenets in Interwar Poland to Israel.
Shumsk (Town)Migration: Passports, Shumsk1933, 1937PassportsJG
Passports for emigration from Shumsk to Israel

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