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You can help: All these towns need Town Leaders

To learn more about becoming a town leader please read this pdf.

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  • Bakhmach (Chernigov Province)
  • Bakhmut (Yekaterinoslav Province) D
  • Balabanovka (Kiev Province) D
  • Balaklava (Taurida Province) D
  • Balakleya (Kharkov Province)
  • Balin (Podolia Province) D
  • Balta (Podolia Province) K P D
  • Baranye Pole (Kiev Province) D
  • Barashi (Volhynia Province)
  • Baryshevka (Poltava Province)
  • Baturin (Chernigov Province)
  • Bazar (Volhynia Province) P
  • Bedyanskoye (Taurida Province)
  • Belopolye (Kiev Province) P
  • Belopolye (Kharkov Province) D
  • Belotserkovka (Poltava Province)
  • Belovodsk (Kharkov Province) D
  • Belozerye (Kiev Province) D
  • Berestechko (Volhynia Province) P D
  • Berestovets (Volhynia Province)
  • Berezan (Poltava Province)
  • Berezdov (Volhynia Province) P
  • Berezhnitsa (Volhynia Province)
  • Berezhtsy (Volhynia Province) P D
  • Bereznegovatoe (Kherson Province) P
  • Reference: When these letters appear the town has Town Leader, KehilaLinks, Projects, Documents

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    Important Note:
    A town can be named in different ways (in Yiddish, in Russian, in Polish, in Ukrainian...), Many town names have changed over time and many can be spelled differently depending on the transliteration rules applied. Ukraine SIG has chosen as the main town name the official one around 1900. Town names in this time period are the ones that are most widely known among Jewish genealogy researchers. The 1900s-era town names are consistent with the clickable maps of 1910 that we feature on our website. In addition, we use Alexander Beider's system for transliterating town names (except for some special very know cases where a different English name is widely know like Moscow or Kiev).

    This town list shows only 1900 town names, not modern names. However, the Ukraine SIG database stores most of the alternate names and you can search for them (using D-M soundex) through the town search box on the top-right of each website page. The town page will show all alternate names as well as the different names by period (1900, 1930, 1950, modern).

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