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1900s Name: Aleksinets
1900s District: Kremenets
1900s Province: Volhynia
1900s Country: Russian Empire

Modern: Novyy Oleksinets, Ukraine
Modern Ukrainian: Новий Олексинець  listen town name in ukrainian
Modern Russian: Новый Олексинец  listen town name in russian

1930s: Nowy Oleksiniec, Krzemieniec, Wołyń, Poland
1950s: Novyy Oleksinets, Soviet Union

Other names: Novyy Oleksinets [Rus], Nowy Oleksiniec [Pol], Aleksnitz [Yid], Oleksinets Novy, Olekiniec-Nowy, Novyy Aleksinets, Nove-Oleksynec, Novyolekcenez

49°50'N 25°30'E Mapquest Google Maps

Staryy and Novvy Aleksinets: In the 1900s time period, they were two separate, but very closely related, towns according to some documents that Ron Doctor has. At that time, they were not just contiguous neighborhoods. He surmises from the histories he has read that originally the town now known as Staryy Aleksinets was called Aleksinets. At some point people moved to the other side of the river and created a new town which was named Novyy Oleksinets (with an O, not an A). At that point the previous town became known as Staryy Aleksinets. Most, but not all, of the Jews lived in Novyy Oleksinets.

Aleksinets data on Kremenets KehilaLinks: The Kremenets District Research Group (KDRG) collects documents and datasets for towns of the Kremenets District, including Aleksinets. See the Kremenets KehilaLinks website for documents and datasets available for Aleksinets. See especially the searchable Concordance of Personal Names and Town Names, a master index of all information collected by KDRG. For more information, contact Ellen Garshick (

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Reference / Historical Data

Ukraine Journal: A Genealogical Journey to Warsaw and Ukraine (2002)Travel ReportsRon Doctor
Slownik Geograficzny, AleksinetsGeneral Reference 
 Period: 1880-1904Translation from the Polish-language Slownik Geograficzny Krolestwa Polskiego i innych krajow slowianskich (Geographic Dictionary of the Former Kingdom of Poland and Other Slavic Lands), usually referred to as Slownik Geograf

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