Thank you to all of you who have already returned the email “opt-in” confirmation form. If you haven’t yet done so, and you wish to continue receiving emails from JewishGen, please access the form by clicking here.

Below are answers to some of the questions we received about the opt-in process.

  1. Why is JewishGen asking for this email confirmation? This opt-in process will help to ensure the accuracy and integrity of our mailing list, and to avoid having our email marked as spam by people who are no longer interested in receiving email from JewishGen.
  2. I confirm my contact information periodically when logging on to the JewishGen website, so why is this form necessary? The periodic website confirmations serve to protect the security of our website and to ensure that users have full access to the Discussion Groups, Family Finder, and other website resources where email is involved. The opt-in form relates to the type of emails mentioned in #3, below. Unfortunately, we currently do not have an integrated platform, so although you confirm your contact information on the website, it does not apply to general communications by today’s email standards.
  3. What kinds of email will I receive if I opt in? You will continue to receive email from JewishGen regarding project updates, announcements, alerts, fundraising messages, etc.
  4. If I don’t opt in to receive email, will I still have access to the JewishGen website? Yes, you will. Your access to the website will not change if you don’t opt in to receive our emails.
  5. If I don’t opt in to receive email from JewishGen, will I still be able to send and receive Discussion Group postings? Email from JewishGen Family Finder contacts? Yes. Opting out of receiving email from JewishGen will not affect website access. If someone chooses not to opt in to receiving JewishGen email, they will still be able to receive Family Finder email, Discussion Group email, and other website generated email, but they will no longer receive the types of emails described in #3, above.
  6. Why do you ask for my birthdate? We ask for the birth month and date, not the year, primarily for security verification should the need arise.
  7. Sometimes email from JewishGen lands in my SPAM folder. How should I handle this? Most email programs allow users to mark an email as “not spam” if it inadvertently lands in the spam folder. Future emails from that same address should then automatically be directed to your inbox. Also, adding the email address to your email directory can help prevent a “mass mailing” from being considered as spam by your email provider.