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JewishGen is pleased to report that 25,021 new records
Bessarabia Revision List
Bessarabia Research Division: 10k+ New Records Added to the Revision List Project
We are pleased to announce a major update to the Bessarabia Revision...
October 31, 2019
Database Update: The Aufbau Indexing Project
First published in New York in 1934 as a weekly newspaper for...
September 26, 2019
Hungarian Research Division: 1.7k Records added to the Proof of Citizenship Records Košice County, 1924-1928 Collection
We are pleased to announce a new addition to the JewishGen Hungarian...
November 25, 2019
Latvia Research Division: 11k+ New Records Added to the Christine Usdin Collection
We are pleased to announce a major update to the Christine Usdin...
November 22, 2019
Success! Stories: From the JewishGen Archives
In 2013, we posted to our Success! Stories webpage Rachel Lev-Leshem’s story,...
November 22, 2019
Musings of a Jewish Genealogist: Kelly’s Directory of the Chemical Industries, 1921
I happened to see a photograph of individuals who were members of...
November 22, 2019
Focus on Sephardim & Ashkenazim: The Encounter Between Sephard & Ashkenaz in Southeastern Europe, Particularly Transylvania
Note: We are pleased to introduce a new column, Focus on Sephardim...
November 1, 2019
Gesher Galicia
Gesher Galicia: Launch of  Przemysl Identification Project
Gesher Galicia and JewishGen are separate organizations, in a strategic partnership to...
November 1, 2019
Belarus Revision List
Belarus Research Division: 45k+ New Records
We are pleased to announce a major update to the JewishGen Belarus...
October 31, 2019
Bessarabia Research Division: Monthly Update
 The following is from Yefim Kogan and Inna Vayner, Directors of Bessarabia  ...
October 31, 2019