Focus on Sephardim & Ashkenazim: The Encounter Between Sephard & Ashkenaz in Southeastern Europe, Particularly Transylvania

Note: We are pleased to introduce a new column, Focus on Sephardim & Ashkenazim by Joel Davidi Weisberger, which will be devoted to exploring the encounter between Sephard & Ashkenaz in Southeastern Europe, particularly Transylvania. Joel Davidi Weisberger is a historian specializing in the history of worldwide Medieval Jewry as well as the Jews of Europe […]

Gesher Galicia: Launch of  Przemysl Identification Project

Gesher Galicia and JewishGen are separate organizations, in a strategic partnership to achieve shared goals. We are pleased to include their announcements in our Discussion Groups and Weekly Updates. Gesher Galicia is launching an extensive long-term project to identify 573 Jewish record books of unknown origin housed in the Przemysl State Archive in Poland. Involved […]