Jan 10Steve MorseThe 1950 Census
Feb 21Andrew ZalewskiThe Austrian Empire Region of Galicia
Mar 21Ellen KowittEllen’s Third Genealogical trip to Russian Empire town of Lyubar
Apr 18Jim RaderDNA: will be creating a new presentation on the State of Advanced DNA testing which will include the benefits of a whole genome test.
There is also the world of medical uses of the Whole Genome test
May 16Ron AronsSex, Lies, and Genealogical Tape
This talk is an update of my bread and butter talk, Putting the Flesh on the Bones. It discusses how individual-focused genealogical research can be a different experience than simply searching for as many ancestors as possible to fill out one’s family tree as much as possible.
Jun 13Jim BakerUsing Google for genealogical research
AugNo meeting due to IAJGS conference
Sep 19Susanne LevitskySharing our Family Treasures
Oct 17Stephen FalkGerman Jewish genealogy, Breslau
Nov 21Susanne SommerMy parents’ (and my) escape to Manila from Germany in 1939. Few know about German Jewish refugees finding sanctuary in that country, and that it was one of the few places that opened its doors.
Dec 19Angelica RooneyStolpersteine Holocaust memorial street stones.