January  20 Tips and Tricks for Newspaper Research
Linda Johnson
February  17 Creating One-Step Search Tools
Steve Morse
March  17 Using Dropbox for Genealogy
Marian Kyle
April  14 CatalogIt
Dan Rael
May  19 Finding the Hardest Ones:
Seven Strategies for Success
Jim Baker
June  23 DNA Case Study:
The Musician’s Grandfather
Victoria Fisch
July  21 Bob Wascou Memorial Workshop
All-day genealogical classes
August  TBD Research with the Experts
Open library for society members
September  15 TBA
Susanne Levitsky
October  20 Ancestral towns in Germany
Elaine Berghausen
November  17 A Genealogical Trip to Europe
Teven Laxer
December  15 US Immigration “A” Files and Holocaust Jewry
Alex Groth