January  17 Handwriting Analysis for Genealogy
Ron Arons
February  21 Alien Files at NARA
Marisa Louie
March  20 Reclaim the Records
Brooke Schrier-Ganz
April  17 Update on Eastern European Genealogy
Lynn Brown
May 22 Emperor Norton and the History of San Francisco
Joseph Amster
June  12 Creativity in Genealogy
Ron Arons
July  17 Constructing a Genealogical Family Album
Richard Wilson
August   No Meeting – IAJGS Conference in Seattle, Washington
September  18 California State Library Archives
Karen Paige
October  16 I Thought He Was My Ancestor: Avoiding Genealogy Mistakes
Jim Baker
November  13 Chasing Portraits: The Art of Moses Rynecki
Elizabeth Rynecki
December  18