the former

Bayswater & Maida Vale Synagogue

(formerly Bayswater Synagogue)

London W2 & W9






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ABRAHAMS, Alfred 93 Edgware Road, W.
ABRAHAMS, Hyman A. 8 Belsize Square, N.W.
ABRAHAMS, Israel Westbourne Grove, W.
ABRAHAMS, J.M. 73 Portsdown Road, W
ABRAHAMS, Miss Sophia 54 Benwell Road, Highbury Hill Park, N.
ADLER, Isidore 8 Durham Terrace, W.
ASHER, Asher 20 Randolph Road, W.
BERNARD, J. Lewis Farrlands, Sutton
BARNETT, Humphrey 16 Marlborough Place, St. John's Wood, N.W.
BARNETT, Lewis 12 Delamere Terrace, W.
BEHREND, Dr. Henry 26 Norfolk Crescent, W.
BELIFANTE, Mrs. Philip 116 Ledbury Road, W.
BELISARIO, Miss Westbourne Square, W.
BENDON, George 15 Park Place Villas, Maida Vale, W.
BENJAMIN, David 86 Westbourne Terrace, W.
BENJAMIN. Samuel 5 Colville Terrace, W.
BENJAMIN, Solomon Clifton Gardens, W.
BENJAMIN, Mrs. P. F. 8 Stranraer Place
BERGTHEIL, Jonas 48 Clifton Gardens, W.
BERLIN Emanuel 16 Harrow Road, W.
BIEDERMANN, M. 4 Angel Court, E.C.
BIRKENRUTH, M. 5 Howley Place, Maida Vale, W.
BIRSTINGL, Louis 39 Colville Gardens, W.
BOURS, Henry 5 Clifton Gardens, W.
BRIGHT, Miss 53 Leinster Square, W.
BROWN, Goodman 237 Lancaster Road, W.
BRUNSWICK, Miss A. 8, Westbourne Park Crescent, W.
BRUNSWICK, Miss E. 8 Westbourne Park Crescent, W,
BRUNSWICK, Mrs. 26 Westbourne Park Crescent, W.
CASPER, Edward 77 Boundary Road, St. John's Wood, N.W.
CHANDOR, Miss E. 65 Portsdown Gardens, W.
COHEN, B. S. 24 Great Prescot Street, E.
COHEN, David H. 12 Clarendon Gardens, W.
COHEN, Henry 11 Portsdown Road, W.
COHEN, Henry L. 2 Cleveland Terrace, W.
COHEN, Julius Greville House, Clifton Gardens, W.
COHEN, Levi 4 Craven Hill, W.
COHEN, Lewis J. 44 Clifton Gardens, W.
COHEN, Lionel 52 Hatton Garden, E.C.
COHEN, Morris 40 Clifton Gardens, W.
COHEN, Moses 30 Clifton Gardens, W.
COHEN, Samuel Aaron 13 Colville Gardens, W.
COHEN, Simon 4 Clifton Gardens, W.
COHEN, Mrs. Henry L. 23 Inverness Terrace, W.
COHEN, Mrs. Isaac 32 Park Lane, W.
COHEN, Miss Judith 58 Richmond Road, W.
COLLINS, H. H. Frankfort House, Randolph Road, W.
COWAN, Henry 24 Stanley Crescent, W.
COWAN, Lewis Elgin Lodge, Ladbroke Road, W.
COWEN, F. A. 11 Brunswick Crescent, W.
COWVAN, Samuel 31 Delamere Terrace, W
DAVIDSON, Ellis A. 29 Clarendon Gardens, W.
DAVIS, Alfred 60 Houndsditch, E.C.
DAVIS, Arthur 7 Warrington Terrace, W.
DAVIS, Berger 82 High Street, Notting Hill, W.
DAVIS, Charles 5 Westbourne Park Place, W
DAVIS, Henry D. 32 Moorgate Street, E.C.
DAVIS, Isidore L. 12 Albion Street
DAVIS, Maurice Colville House, Colville Crescent
DEFRIES, Coleman 34 Belsize Park, N.W.
DEFRIES, Moss Belsize Park, N.W.
DE ROTHSCHILD, Lady A. Grosvenor Place House
DE ROTHSCHILD, Baroness L. Piccadilly, W.
DE ROTHSCHILD, Baroness Meyer 107 Piccadilly, W.
DE SAXE, Morris Addle Street, E.C.
DE SYMONS, Miss A. 24 Gloucester Place, W.
DE SYMONS, Miss  24 Gloucester Place, W.
DINNASH, Michael 1 Derby Crescent, Mayfair, W.
DUKAS, Maurice 24 Durham Terrace, W.
DE SYMONS, L. L. 24 Gloucester Place, W.
ELIAS, David 20 Westbourne Terrace North, W.
ELLIS, J. J. Harley Street, W.
EMANUEL, Henry 50 Clifton Gardens, W.
EMANUEL, H. J. 36 Pembridge Villas, W.
EMANUEL, Joel Austin Friars, E.C.
EMANUEL, Lewis 22 St. Stephen's Square
EMANUEL, Michael 254 Lancaster Road, W.
ESKELL, A. 49 Westbourne Gardens, W.
FALLEK, S. 43 Queensborough Terrace, W.
FISCHEL, Fredk. S. 23 Kensington Gardens Terrace, W.
FISHER, Henry 144 Portsdown Road, W.
FLATAU, Mrs. L. 48 Westbourne Terrace, W.
FRANKLIN, E.A. 2 Leinster Terrace, W.
GABRIEL, Arnold 20 Clifton Gardens, W.
GIDEON, H.H. Cavendish Club, Regent Street, W.
GIDEON, Lewis 26 Portland Terrace, N.W.
GODFREY, Samuel 11 Delamere Crescent, W.
GOLDBERG, Louis 12 Porteous Road, Warwick Road, W.
GOLDSCHMIDT, Simon 39 Monkwell Street, E.C.
GOLDSMID, Alfred J. 13 St. Luke's Road, E.C.
GOLDSMID, Mrs. 22 Aldridge Road Villas, W.
GOLDSMITH, Joseph 15 Cornwall Gardens, W.
GOLDSMITH, Phineas 15 Colville Terrace, W,
GOODWIN, Benjamin 24 Burlington Road, W.
GOULDSMID, Mrs. David 2 Talbot Terrace, W.
GREEN, Solomon Levy 81 Portland Road, W.
GUTMAN, Sigmund 52 Kensington Gardens Square, W.
HANDS, J. 11 Warwick Road, W.
HARRIS, Abraham Chapel Street, W.
HARRIS, Abraham 56 Portsdown Road, W.
HARRIS, Barnett 19 Harrow Road, W.
HARRIS, Nathaniel 18 Craven Hill, W.
HART, Asher H. 7 Clifton Gardens, W.
HART. B. W. 97 Moorgate Street, E.C.
HART, Henry N. 9 Ladbroke Gardens, W.
HART, James L. 20 Pembridge Square, W.
HART, Miss Caroline 67 Queen's Gardens, W.
HART, Miss Frances 9 Ladbroke Gardens, W.
HART, Miss Jeanette 9 Ladbroke Gardens, W.
HART, Miss 31 Warrington Crescent, W.
HENRY, Isaac 20 Upper Westbourne Terrace, W.
HENRY, Joseph 110 Westbourne Terrace, W.
HYAM, Arthur 21 Porchester Square,W.
HYAM, Benjamin 28 Gloucester Square, W.
HYAM, David 10 Leinster Gardens, W.
HYAM, Lawrence 9 Leinster Square, W.
HYAM, Montague 116 Westbourne Terrace, W.
HYAM, Samuel 109 Westbourne Terrace, W.
HYAM, Simon 47 Gloucester Square, W.
HYMEN, Lewis Queen Street, E.C.
ISAAC, Lewis 1 Bristol Gardens, W.
ISAAC, Samuel 31 Warrington Crescent, W.
ISAAC, Samuel 93 Westbourne Terrace, W.
ISAAC, Mrs. 87 Cornwall Road, W.
ISENBERG, Lewis 18 Gloucester Gardens, W.
JACOBS, Joseph James Street, W.
JACOBS, Lewis 55 Gloucester Terrace, W.
JESSEL, Edward 29 Clarendon Gardens, W.
JESSEL, Henry 4 Craven Hill Gardens, W.
JESSEL, Mrs. G. 10 Hyde Park Gardens, W.
JONAS, David 139 Maida Vale, W.
JONAS, Emanuel 14 Clarendon Place, W.
JONAS, John 8 Canterbury Villas, N.W.
JONAS, Mrs. S. A. 26 Clifton Gardens, W.
JOSEPH, A. B. 21 Blenheim Crescent, Kensington Park, W.
JOSEPH, Jacob M. 15 Warrington Crescent, W.
JOSEPH, Isaac A. 12 Clarendon Gardens, W.
JOSEPH, J. 153 Maida Vale, W.
JOSEPH, Lewis 16 Woburn Square, W.
JOSEPH, Nathan 4 Colville Square, W.
JOSEPH, Mrs. J. 87 Cornwall Road, W.
JOSEPH, Walter 20 St. Stephen's Road
JOSHUA, Michael 22 Clifton Gardens, W.
KOHN, Henry 40 Elgin Crescent, W.
LAWRENCE, M. L. 41 Clifton Gardens, W.
LAZARUS, J. L. Buckland Villas, Belsize Park, N.W.
LAZARUS, Moses J. 13 William Street,
LEE, Mrs. 6 Bristol gardens, W.
LEEMAN, B. L. 65 Westbourne Park Villas, W.
LEMAN, Abraham 28 Gloucester Gardens, W.
LEVIN, E. 74 Hamilton Terrace, N.W.
LEVINE, Miss Marion 20 Randolph Road, W.
LEVY, Lawrence 100 Westbourne Terrace, W.
LEVY, Lewis 136 Edgware Road, W.
LEVY, Moses 20 Hyde Park Square, W.
LEVY, Miss Isabella 20 Westbury Road, W.
LEVY, Miss 22 Stanley Crescent, W.
LEVY, Miss M. 22 Stanley Crescent, W.
LOSKY, Mrs. S. S. 47 Clifton Gardens, W.
LOWENDRAB, Leopold 5 Famara Terrace, W.
LUCAS, Henry 46 Gloucester Square, W.
LUCAS, Horatio J. 5 Westbourne Terrace, W.
LUCAS, Edward Jun.
LUCAS, Philip Junr.
34 Pembridge Gardens, W.
LUCAS, Sampson 43 Gloucester Square, W.
LUCAS, Mrs. Lewis 19 Hyde Park Gardens, W.
LYON, Miss 16 Alexander Street, W.
MAGNUS Samuel 12 Bloomfield Street, W.
MAGNUS, Barnard 16 Clifton Gardens, W.
MARKS, Jacob 61 Portsdown Road, W.
MARSDEN, Maurice J. Frankfort House, Randolph Road, W.
MARSDEN, M. Frankfort House, Randolph Road, W.
MEGRET, M. A. 17 Hamilton Terrace, N.W.
MERTON, Henry 14 Queen's Gardens, W.
MEYERS, Henry 6 Belsize Square, N.W.
MIER, Morris 3 Portsdown Road North, W.
MONTAGU, Samuel 53 Cleveland Square, W.
MOSELY, Miss 34 Portsdown Road, W.
MOSELY, B. E. 11 Upper Grosvenor Terrace, W.
MOSELY, Z. P. 34, Portsdown Road, W.
MOSES, Assur H. 38 Cleveland Square, W.
MOSES, Elias 57 Porchester Terrace, W.
MOSES, Isaac 23 Kensington Palace Gardens, W.
MOSES, John John Street
MOSES, Emanuel 96 Portsdown Road, W.
MYERS, Wolf 62 Holland Park, W.
MYERS, Mrs. Hannah 13 Kent Terrace, N.W.
MYERS, Miss 13 Kent Terrace, N.W.
NATHAN, Jonah 5 Cleveland Square, W.
OPPENHEIM, Simeon 16 Westbourne Square, W.
OPPENHEIM, E. L. 25 Westbourne Park Terrace, W.
OPPENHEIM, N. L. 25 Westbourne Park Terrace. W.
PHILLIPS, Ald. B. S. 27 Leinster Gardens, W.
PHILLIPS, B. L. 15 Westbourne Terrace, N.
PHILLIPS, Fredk. A. 8 Sunderland Terrace, W.
8 Sunderland Terrace, W.
RAPHAEL, Mrs. 6 St. Stephen's Square, W.
RAPHAEL, Miss 3 Orsett Terrace, W.
ROSENBERG, H. H. 35 Clifton Gardens, W.
ROTHSCHILD, L. M. 35 Porchester Terrace, W.
RUDOLF, Samuel 31 Portsdown Road, W.
SALAMONS, M. M. 39 Porchester Terrace, W.
SALINGER, M. 12 Blomfield Road, W.
SAMUEL, Charles 13 Sutherland Gardens, W.
SAMUEL, J. B. 21 Upper Westbourne Terrace, W.
SAMUEL, Mrs. J. 21 Upper Hamilton Terrace, W.
SAMUEL, Michael 15 Warrington Terrace, W.
SCHLOSS, Solomon 30 Leinster Square, W.
SEWILL, Joseph 20 Clifton Gardens, W.
SOLOMON, Henry 72 Inverness Terrace, W.
SOLOMON, Mrs. S. 86 Westbourne Terrace, W.
SOLOMONS, Solomon 69 Harrow Road, W.
SPIER, Mrs. C. 15 Westbourne Park Terrace, W.
SPYER, James 45 Eastbourne Terrace, W.
SPYER, John 1 Westbourne Terrace Road, W.
SPYER, Jones 113 Gloucester Terrace, W.
SYMONS, Fredk. S. 64 Lower Thames Street, E.C.
VAN PRAAGH, Joseph 18 Warwick Crescent, W.
VAN PRAAGH, Morris 18 Warwick Crescent, W.
WAGG, John 72 Gloucester Place, W.
WOOLF, Lewis Clifton Gardens, W.
WOOLF, Mark 24 St. John's Wood Road, N.W.
WOOLF, Mrs. Max J. 5 Durham Terrace, W.



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