Architects of Synagogues
in the United Kingdom and Ireland

Part 3 - Surnames O to Z

(1838 - 2 November 1905)

John Joseph O'Callaghan, a Dublin architect, was elected the first president of the Architectural Association of Ireland in 1872.
His only known Jewish architectural work is:
● Dublin Hebrew Congregation - 1892, synagogue at 36/7 Adelaide Road, Dublin. (The synagogue was demolished in 1999, except for facade and is now a block of flats.)

Aubrey Vincent O'ROURKE
(22 May 1885 - 4 March 1928)

The only known Jewish architectural work of Aubrey Vincent O'Rourke, a Dublin architect, is:
● United Hebrew Congregation, Dublin - 1924-25, synagogue at Greenville Hall, 228 South Circular Road, Dolphin's Barn, Dublin (The synagogue closed in 1986 and is now used for commercial and industrial purposes.)


A partner in White & Pearson, Newcastle
The only known Jewish architectural work is:
● Gateshead Hebrew Congregation - 1938-39, synagogue at 180 Bewick Road, Gateshead. (The synagogue still in use.)


Czech-born Eugene Rosenberg was a member of the London architectural firm of Yorke, Rosenberg & Maxwell.
His Jewish architectural works include:
● Belfast Hebrew Congregation - 1963-64 with Karl Kapolka, synagogue at 49 Somerton Road, Belfast, Northern Ireland. (The synagogue still in use.)

(1828, London - 12 May 1906, Manchester)

The Jewish architectural works of Edward Salomons include:
● Bayswater Synagogue - 1862-64 with Nathan S. Joseph, synagogue at Chichester Place, Harrow Road, Bayswater, London W2. (The synagogue remained in use until 1965, when it was demolished to make way for a motorway development.); and
● Spanish & Portuguese Synagogue, Manchester - 1872-74, synagogue at 190 Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester. Designated a Grade II* Listed Building in 1974. (The synagogue closed in 1983 but the building reopened in 1984 as the Manchester Jewish Museum.)

Derek Joseph SHARP, ARIBA
(b. October 1928)

The Jewish architectural works of Derek J. Sharp (Derek Sharp Associates) include:
● North London Progressive Synagogue - 1955-61, remodeling of former Methodist church at 100 Amhurst Park, London N16 to a synagogue. (The synagogue is still in use.); and
● Brighton & Hove New (Reform) Synagogue - 1966-67, synagogue at Palmeira Avenue, Hove, East Sussex. (The synagogue is still in use.)

Digby Lewis SOLOMON
(1884 - 1962)

Digby Lewis was the son on Lewis Solomon and joined him in the firm Lewis Solomon & Son.
The Jewish architectural works of Digby Solomon (of Lewis Solomon & Son) include:
● Congregation of Jacob Synagogue - 1920-21, conversion of building at 351-353 Commercial Road, Stepney, London E1 to a synagogue. (The synagogue is still in use.);
● Golders Green Synagogue - 1921-22, original synagogue at 41 Dunstan Road, Golders Green, London NW11, the synagogue was subsequently expanded. Designated a Grade II Listed Building in 2007. (The synagogue is still in use.); and
● East London Central Synagogue - 1922-23, synagogue at 30/40 (formerly 38-40) Nelson Street, London E1. (The synagogue is still in use, the East End's last remaining functioning purpose-built synagogue.)

(1848 - 1928)

Lewis Solomon was the father of Digby Lewis Solomon, who joined him in the firm Lewis Solomon & Son. He was appointed Hon. Architect of the Federation of Synagogues.
The Jewish architectural works of Lewis Solomon include:
● Spital Square Synagogue - 1886, remodelling of synagogue at Spital Square, Bishopsgate, London E1. (The synagogue closed in about 1935.);
● Old Castle Street Synagogue - 1890-91, rebuilding of synagogue at 113 (later 42) Old Castle Street, Whitechapel, London E1. (The synagogue was in use until late 1960s, under the name Agudath Achim Synagogue. The building was then demolished.);
● Bethnal Green Great Synagogue - 1891, synagogue at 11/15 Bethnal Green Road, London E1. (The synagogue was destroyed in a German air raid in 1941.);
● New Road Synagogue - 1892, synagogue at 93 or 115 New Road, Whitechapel, London E1. (The synagogue closed in 1974.);
● Great Garden Street Synagogue - 1894-96, synagogue at 7/11 Greatorex Street (formerly Great Garden Street), Whitechapel, London E1. (The synagogue closed in 1997, the building was gutted and converted to offices.);
● Hambro' Synagogue - 1899, new Hambro' synagogue at Adler Street (formerly Union Street), Commercial Road, Aldgate, London E1. (The synagogue closed in 1936.);
● London's East End - 1902, Soup Kitchen for the Jewish Poor at 17/19 Brune Street, London E1. Designated a Grade II Listed Building in 1989. (The soup kitchen closed in 1992 and the building was converted into flats) (JHBI); and
● Stoke Newington Synagogue - 1903, synagogue at Shacklewell Lane, Dalston, London E8. (The synagogue closed in 1976.)

David STERN and Partners

The Jewish architectural works of David Stern and Partners include:
● Kingsbury Synagogue - about 1967, new synagogue at Hool Close, Kingsbury Green, London NW9. (The synagogue is still in use.)

(1 January 1889 - 15 April 1978)

Joseph Sunlight was born Joseph Schimschlavitch in Novogrudok, Russia (now Belarus), and emigrated to Britain with his family in 1890, settling in Manchester. He trained as an architect and became very successful and amassed considerable wealth. Among the buildings designed by him is Sunlight House, a 14-storey Grade II listed building in the art deco style on Quay Street, Manchester. He served as Liberal Member of Parliament for Shrewsbury from 1923 until 1924 and is buried in the Jewish section of Southern Cemetery, Manchester.
The only Jewish architectural works of Joseph Sunlight comprise:
● South Manchester Synagogue - 1912-13, synagogue at Wilbraham Road, Fallowfield, Manchester (Sunlight receiving the commission, at the age of 24, as a result of winning a limited competition, in which six architects competed). Designated a Grade II Listed Building in 1974. (The synagogue was in use until 2002 and became a residential students centre.); and
● Sephardi Congregation of South Manchester (previously the Withington Congregation of Spanish and Portuguese Jews) - 1927, completion of the synagogue (the project having been commenced by Delissa Joseph) at 8 Queenston Road (until 1970s, Queen's Road) , West Didsbury, Manchester. Designated a Grade II Listed Building in 1988. (The synagogue is still in use.)

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  1. The abbreviations following each entry indicate the source or sources (as listed on the contents page) for the architectural works of the relevant architect. Note: Other data has been extracted from general online research.

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