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JewishGen SIG Mailing Lists — Users' Guidelines

To ensure orderly, courteous, efficient communication, some guidelines are necessary.  Adherence to them will make using this list (discussion group) more productive and pleasant for all.  Always remember that you are communicating with hundreds or thousands of people all over the world!

  1. Keep your questions and comments relevant to the focus of this list.  Don't ramble off the topic.  If another person posts a comment or question that is off the topic, do not reply to the list and keep the off-topic conversation going publicly.

  2. Keep your messages brief and to the point.  Many people do not take the time to read more than a few screen-fulls of information.  But: Do not omit necessary details.

  3. When posting a question to the list, request that responses be directed to you personally.  If you find the replies are of general interest, post a summary or answer to your question to the group.

  4. We rely upon each message's subject line to determine how quickly we should read, delete or respond.  Put a short, but descriptive and appropriate header into the Subject line of your posting.  Also remember to change the Subject line when replying to a digest post.

  5. If you have an answer to somebody else's question, send it by private e-mail unless it really is of general interest.  Twenty people answering the same question on a large list can fill your mailbox (and those of everyone else on the list) quickly.

  6. If you reply to a question or follow-up to an article, include the essential parts of the original question in your posting, but only the essential parts.  Don't let your mailing software automatically quote the entire body of messages you are replying to when it's not necessary.  Take the time to edit any quotations down to the minimum necessary to provide context for your reply.

  7. When replying to a message posted to the group, check the address to be certain it's going to the intended location (person or group).  It can be very embarrassing if they reply incorrectly and post a personal message to the entire discussion group that was intended for an individual.

  8. Add your signature at the end of the text.  Include your full name and e-mail address (mandatory); and your city/country (desirable).

  9. JewishGen's mailing list server (Lyris) can only read and send email messages sent in "Plain Text" format.  Messages sent in other formats — MultiPart, MIME or HTML format — come out as unintelligible text or blank messages to many recipients, thus all JewishGen mailing lists require that messages be sent in "Plain Text" format only.

    For instruction on how to set "Plain Text" format in several popular email programs, see the JewishGen InfoFile Sending Plain Text Email.

  10. Do not add "File Attachments" when posting a message.  Due to the variety of available browsers, attachments do not always transfer correctly.  To many, the file will be unreadable.

  11. Keep in mind that this list has members from many countries.  Don't assume that they will understand all references.  Acronyms (e.g.: SSDI, JGS, LDS etc.) for example, can be expected to change from country to country.  A fuller explanation may be required.

  12. Don't post publicly, the postal address or phone number of any individual.

  13. Don't make derogatory or prejudicial remarks or attack others personally for their postings ("flaming").  Remember that these discussions are "public" and meant for constructive exchanges.  Treat the others on the list as you would want them to treat you.

  14. Don't violate the privacy of others.  Do not forward their e-mail to other discussion groups without permission of the author.

To manage your subscription: Subscribe/unsubscribe, digest/nodigest commands for the list(s) can be made at the JewishGen Mailing List Management pages.

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