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General Information

On the eve of the Second World War, there were nearly 375,000 Jews living in our ancestral city of Warszawa.  In 1939, Warszawa was the largest Jewish populated city in all of Europe, and only second to New York in the world.  A search of the JewishGen Family Finder (JGFF) for people researching surnames from town "Warszawa" shows over 5,000 people researching more than 9,000 surnames... and growing!


JewishGen's “Warszawa Research Group” has undertaken the massive project of researching and indexing City business directories and life cycle information on the Warszawa community.  We have begun with several projects and there is so much more to do.  Volunteers and ideas are always welcome.  Some of our projects are as follows:

Indexing of the 1937-1939 Glos Gminy Marriage Announcements

Yes, you read correctly, we are talking about 20th century marriages!  The Glos Gminy Zydowskiej [The Voice of the Jewish Community] was a Warszawa periodical that was published monthly/bimonthly from August 1937 till May/June 1939.  There are over 3,000 marriage announcements — over 6,000 names.  The data can be found in the JRI-Poland database.  More information can be found at

Warszawa Homeowners lists

The Warszawa Research Group is currently indexing the homeowners' list from Warszawa Business Directories of 1852, 1864, 1869, 1870 and 1897, from LDS microfilms and other sources.  Not every one of our ancestors owned property, but this list also provides a reference of the plot number to the street name and the respective Cyrkuli number.  For example, if your family lived at 18 Franciszkanska Street, then they lived in Cyrkuli 4, and in 1852 the property was owned by Fischel SCHMIDEBERG and in 1870 it was owned by L. WEJNKRANTZ.

The Warszawa & Praga Homeowners' Lists can be searched at

Indexing of the Nasz Przegląd Death Notices 1923-1939

The Nasz Przegląd [Our Review] was a Polish language daily newspaper published in Warszawa from 1923-1939.  The New York Public Library has on microfilm the 1937-1939 issues.  The Death Notices were paid for by family or friends, and often provide information on the deceased such as names of immediate family members, age, profession and location of cemetery plot.  A good resource for Polish Jewish newspaper information is the article written by Michael C. Steinlauf, "The Polish-Jewish Daily Press", in Polin - A Journal of Polish-Jewish Studies, Volume 2, 1987.

The Nasz Przegląd Warszawa Death Notices database can be searched at

And there is so much more to do!


Warszawa Research Group Coordinator:
Nicole Berline
Paris, France

Warszawa Research Group Database Coordinator:
Hadassah Lipsius
New York, USA

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