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Welcome to JewishGen's Latin American Special Interest Group!

The LatAm SIG currently consists of a mailing list for discussion.

While our focus is on Latin America, the place to which our families emigrated, the language of this mailing list is English.  At this time we do not have the capability of providing moderators conversant in Spanish or Portuguese.

We welcome questions, messages, advice, suggested strategies for reserch in any Latin American country and our mailing list subscribers represent them all.

Before posting a message to <>, there are several points with which we would like you to become familiar:

  1. Our mailing lists accept no attachments; please do not try to send any with your message.
  2. Our mailing lists require messages to be sent in plain text format and will reject all others.  To make certain, or to set your e-mail program to send plain text, please visit the JewishGen Support Center and follow the instructions for you e-mail program.

Managing your subscription to this mailing list:

Please do not set your system to send us "out of office" automated replies.

Before posting any surname search, please make certain that you have listed all of your surnames of interest in the JewishGen Family Finder (JGFF).

Good luck in your research, feel free to ask for assistance and advice, and welcome to LatAm SIG.

JewishGen is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation and we welcome your use as well as your financial support of our public service efforts.  Please visit JewishGen-erosity to see the various ways you can support JewishGen.

Thanks for your anticipated cooperation and support.

LatAmSIG Moderator: Rob Weisskirch

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