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Fresh Start (U.S. Genealogy) If you are just starting out or are beginning again, this class is for those who want to move beyond an interest in family history to working with a tutor, mentor and coach to learn the tips, tools and techniques of United States Jewish Genealogy.
Mentored Study Group: The Savvy Searcher

The Savvy Searcher uses more than one source and more than one set of skills. The Savvy Searcher establishes a bag of tricks. The Savvy Searcher saves time. Let’s work together to explore JewishGen, the major subscription databases, and some of the available free resources, and create a list of problem workarounds.

Research Your Roots Using JewishGen

Understand the complexities of JewishGen, maximize the use of the databases, and make use of the communication facilities of the JewishGen website.

Brick Walls or Dead End

Are you at a standstill, a Brick Wall or a Dead End? Review your data with an instructor who will help you analyze your data and break the block.

Independent Study

Instead of a structured class, decide what you would like to study. Need obscure records? Write a newsletter? Hire a researcher? Single surname study? Set up your own project and work with an instructor.

DNA I: Introduction to Genetic Genealogy (DNA Analysis)

This discussion class provides an overview of the topic of using DNA analysis to add information to your traditional genealogy efforts. The various types of tests offered will be explained as well as how the results are interpreted. Special interpretation issues related to Ashkenazi Jews will be described. Additional topics include the ethics of DNA analysis. We will not analyze your specific results in this class.

DNA II: Analyzing your Genetic Genealogy Results

This discussion class will walk you through the steps to analyze the test results that you have received. We will concentrate on the basic autosomal test that shows relative matches going back 4-5 generations. We will also discuss the Y chromosome and mitochondrial testing that examines the paternal and maternal lines, respectively.

Research in Galicia - I & II

This two-part course is designed for those who are relatively new to Galician research. Pre-requisites are the names of your Galician ancestor and the original town name in Galicia.

Research in Belarus

Research in Belarus covers the modern boundaries of Belarus, including parts of former Lithuania, parts of Latvia, and parts of Poland.

East Prussia & Baltic Nations

Many Jews who lived in East Prussia from the 1500s migrated into the northern Baltic: Kaliningrad (Koenigsberg), Klaipeda (Memel), Lithuania Minor (Kaunas), Latvia and Estonia during the period before the partitions of Poland.

Writing Short Reports - Sharing Your Stories

You’ve amassed years of genealogical research and want to share your discoveries, but don’t know where to start. Learning to write a good quality short family narrative, one focused on a specific topic, is an excellent way to begin. This class will give you the tools you need to pick a topic, structure your narrative, showcase your research, and keep your readers engaged.

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