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Cleveland Jewish News Obituary Database

Compiled by Helen Wolf

This is a database of 32,900 obituary notices which appeared in the Cleveland Jewish News, compiled by Helen Rosenstein Wolf.  The index covers Oct 30 1964 through Dec 31 2017.  For each entry, the index contains the deceased's name, date of death, and in which issue of the Cleveland Jewish News the obituary appeared.  Each entry usually contains the deceased's age, birthplace, and maiden name.  The name of the cemetery is occasionally noted.

The Cleveland Jewish News is an independent publication in existence since 1964 serving the greater Cleveland Ohio area.  CJN is published weekly with a paid circulation of approximately 14,000. The full text of the obituaries can be accessed online on their website.

There is now FREE access to the CJN Archives. The Cleveland Jewish News Digital Archive now features 125 years of Cleveland Jewish History. It now includes three predecessor newspapers to the CJN: The Jewish Independent, The Jewish Review and Observer and the DI yidishe veit!

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The data will be updated annually.

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