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Compilation from Swedish Jewish Literature

by Erik Hirschfeld, Sweden

Warm thanks to Erik Hirschfeld, who has kindly donated this very useful database to the JewishGen Scandinavia SIG and The All Scandinavian Database.  He has accompanied the database with the following comments:

"It is a compilation of individuals mentioned in Swedish-language literature on Jews.  It is not in any way complete.  I will - time permitting - update it at intervals.  Names might be spelled differently.  If you find errors, wish to add records or require information in which context they are mentioned, please email me:"

Let me underscore that this data is not only of interest for researchers with interest in Sweden!

It contains information about Jews born elsewhere, immigrating to and/or emigrating from Sweden, - e.g. there are some born in Poland, Lithuania, etc., and others who moved to e.g. Denmark, Norway and USA.


  • b. = born
  • facs. = facsimilie
  • m. = married
  • (ph) = photo

Abbreviations for the books mentioned:

JpG Wilhelm Jacubowsky: Judar på Gotland. Visby 1973. No ISBN number
OMF Paula Hersson-Ringskog: Oskarshamns mosaiska församling. 1888-1938. ISBN 91-630-2134-8
Nöden Anna Svensson: Nöden - en shtetl i Lund. Lund 1995. ISSN 0347-7711
gårdf. Judiska gårdfarihandlare i Sverige. Stockholm 1996. ISBN 91-971520-4-8
MMF100 Mosaiska församlingen i Malmoe 100 år. Malmoe 1971. No ISBN-number

Elsebeth Paikin, Coordinator of JewishGen's Scandinavia SIG
Copenhagen, Denmark
November 2002.

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