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The Danish 1906 Census Database

Prepared by Elsebeth Paikin, SIG Coordinator,
JewishGen Scandinavia Special Interest Group (SIG)

The Jewish population from the Copenhagen 1906 census has been extracted by - or on behalf of - Julius Margolinsky.  The extract is kept in the National Archives in Copenhagen.

The extracts are necessary because Jews were not listed separately - neither in the ordinary censuses from 1787, nor in many of the tax lists. Therefore names of Jews must be extracted. Of course, when making an extract errors are likely to occur, just as in some cases the text in the original documents might be hardly legible or illegible. So if you do not find what you are looking for it might be a good idea to check the original censuses - some are found in the online searchable databases of the Danish Demographic Database

It should be noted that not all areas of Copenhagen has been extracted, only the areas where most Jews lived in 1906. The 1906 census if very large and it is not in very good condition, so updating this database with the addtional areas, will presumably take a long time.

The extract has been transcribed to a database by Tatjana Lichtenstein, M.A. in history, Canada, who has donated it to the JewishGen Scandinavia SIG.

Elsebeth Paikin has translated these extracts, entered them into databases and prepared the databases for the JewishGen "All Scandinavian Database".

Most words have been translated into English.  However, in cases where there is no precise translation, the Danish word has not been translated but left as it is within "quotation marks".

For further general information about the censuses in the All Scandinavia Database, please see The Danish Tax and Census Database introduction.

More information about the Danish censuses can be found on the JewishGen Scandinavia SIG website's Research in Denmark page.


Warm thanks are due to Tatjana Lichtenstein, who donated this database to the JewishGen Scandinavia SIG.

Furthermore, we are indebted to Michael Tobias and Warren Blatt for their great work and dedication to the development of the JewishGen databases and websites.

Further information about Jewish genealogy in Scandinavia can be found at the JewishGen Scandinavia SIG website.

Elsebeth Paikin, Coordinator of JewishGen's Scandinavia SIG
Copenhagen, Denmark
November 2002.

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