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1929 Polish Business Directory - Nowogródek Province

Compiled by Ellen Sadove Renck,
Coordinator, Lida District Researchers

This database contains names abstracted from the 1929 Polish business directory “Księga Adresowa Polski (Wraz z w.m. Gdańskiem) dla Handlu, Przemyslu, Rzemiosl i Rolnictwa” [Directory of Poland (including Gdańsk) for Trade, Industry, Handicraft and Agriculture].

Names in the section of the directory for Nowogródzkie Województwo (Nowogródek Province) were extracted for this database.  Nowogródek was one of the 16 provinces of inter-war Poland.  This area is not in Poland today, it is now in western Belarus, with a tiny portion in southeastern Lithuania.  Poland controlled this territory between World War I and World War II.  Before WWI, this area was in Vilna, Grodno, and Minsk gubernias of the Russian Empire.

A województwo (voivodie) was a geographic designation of the country of Poland between World War I and World War II, roughly equivalent to a state in the United States or province in Canada.  Each województwo was divided into powiats (districts), roughly equivalent to a U.S. county.  These powiats were in turn divided into uchastoks, roughly equivalent to U.S. townships.

Nowogródek Province's seven powiats were: Baranowicze, Lida, Nieśwież, Nowogródek, Słonim, Stołpce, and Wołożyn.  (Before WWI, Lida district was in Vilna gubernia, Słonim district was in Grodno gubernia, the other five districts were in Minsk gubernia).  The descriptions of the towns were written in both Polish and French. Translations of each are provided here.

The fields in this database include the following:

  • Town name (and latitude and longitude, if known)
  • Powiat (district) of Nowogródskie province in which the town was located
  • Surname of the listed person or business owner
  • First name, usually just an initial
  • An "x", if the business was registered
  • Street address, if noted
  • Occupation / Business
  • Notes. The notes generally are the amount of land and/or names of the estate owned by a "landowner", a rare telephone number, or a hamlet of the town listed.

All information published in the directory from this province has been included in this database.  The database contains 15,122 citations.  Ellen Sadove Renck did the translation and data entry.  The entire 1929 directory is available on microfilm in the New York Public Library's Slavic and Baltic Division, call number [Slav. Reserve 96-7788].

The occupations were written in both Polish and French. A translation guide is available.

As additional data becomes available, the searchable Nowogródek Province data will be incorporated into and become a vital part of the JRI-Poland Business Directory Project.

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