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The 1891 Galician Business Directory

Compiled by Phyllis Kramer

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The 1891 Galician Business Directory — Kaufmännisches Adressbuch für Industrie, Handel und Gewerbe, XIV. Galizien — published by L. Bergmann & Comp., Wien IX Universitutmetr. 6 — contains over 25,000 names.  This database was transcribed from a photocopy of this directory, found at the British Library, call number [PP 2440.BB C295].

This database contains over 20,000 names from over 1,000 different towns throughout Galicia.

For each entry, this database contains the following fields:

  • Surname
  • Given Name
  • Town Name
  • Occupation (original, in German)
  • Occupation (translated into English)

Caveats and Search Tips:

As the Directory contained many original errors in spelling (both cities and surnames!), and surely many data entry errors (as it was difficult to read), I offer the following suggestions:

  • Use the Daitch-Mokotoff Soundex search option for your search.
  • If you don't find your surname, try your town names.  However, keep in mind that this Directory reflects the town names in 1891, when Galicia was in the Austro-Hungarian Empire (German language).  These names will be different from the town names used in the JewishGen Family Finder, which reflect modern names (Polish and Ukrainian languages).  (For example, "L'viv" is written in this database as "Lemberg", "Kraków" as "Krakau", "Ivano-Frankivsk" as "Stanislau", etc.)
  • A few terms are in German: for instance, erben = heirs (as in Stein & erben); witwe = widow, sohne = son.
  • Some small towns have adjacent towns listed (for instance, Rzecsyca bei or bez or p = near Tarnow).
  • Company surnames are reversed, so if "Kramer & Lindner" was listed in the directory, then "Lindner & Kramer" was added to the database.
  • Given names are included as they appeared, often abbreviated with no period, as in "Abr", "Abrah", or "A".


Sincere thanks go to:

  • Jeff Cymbler for finding and photocopying the directory.
  • Petje Schroeder for translating the occupations.
  • Warren Blatt and Michael Tobias of JewishGen for adding the Soundex and other technical assists.

And a special thanks to Janet Kisz of England, our friend from across the waters.  Originally the database contained only 50% of the entries, as I had included only those names that "sounded" Jewish to me.  For various reasons, many wanted the entire database entered.  Janet, who has an interest in Polish and Ukrainian genealogy, volunteered to enter the remaining 8,000 names to the database.

So here is the updated and complete 1891 Galician Business Directory... from Biała to Husiatyn ...from the Puszcza Solska to the Bieszczady... the length and breadth of Galicia.

Happy hunting!

Phyllis Kramer
Wilton, Conn. & Savannah, Georgia
May, 2000

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