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Amsterdam Synagogue Marriage Acts

This database contains an index to 1,558 "Marriage Acts" of Jews in Amsterdam.

This information was originally made available by Akevoth via, and added to JewishGen to improve searchability features. For additional information, click here. For further information from the marriage records, see click here

The facts accumulated in this database come from assorted synagogual marriage acts from Amsterdam in the 19th century. The original acts are kept in the city archive of Amsterdam (S.A.A.) as a far from comprehensive collection.

Jacob Brilleman copied these data with a typewriter as small detached notes - each note with two or three marriage facts - which among others may be found in the Centre for the Research on the History of the Dutch Jews in Jerusalem.

Moshe Frescoin Israel and Jan Vegers in Holland have put order in these data, and compared them with the civil marriage registrations in the S.A.A., and annotated them accordingly.

A textfile was compiled from these assorted facts, which has been now for some time in Akevoth's hands. Digital access to this file was however strenuous and therefore not suitable for modern demands of computer technology.

This collection has now been adapted and molded into a user-friendly format by Rob Mayer, and has become at last accessible by the public.

In broad lines this collection is identical to the dB '12139 Ashkenazi Marriages', i.e. it is based on the same registrations and covers the exact same period of time. More attention is however given to accessory facts, such as the identities of the parents, the age of the couple and the marital state of the partners prior to this marriage. Up to this moment the years processed are: 1834 (partially), 1843, 47, 59, 62 and 68. In the near future the years 1870, 73, 75, 96. 99, 1905, 06, 19, 27 and 35 will be appended to this dB. Planned as well is the addition of the years 1844-1848, lacking in the Brilleman-data (except for 1847) and discovered in the Central Archives in Jerusalem.

Most of the records include the following fields:

  • Marriage Date
  • Marriage Date (Hebrew)
  • Groom First Name
  • Groom Last Name
  • Groom Prefix
  • Groom Age
  • Groom Birthdate
  • Groom Town of Birth
  • If Groom's Father was Alive
  • Groom's Father: First Name
  • Groom's Father: Last Name
  • Groom's Father: Prefix
  • If Groom's Father was a Widower
  • If Groom's mother was alive
  • Groom's Mother: First Name
  • Groom's Mother: Last Name
  • Groom's Mother: Prefix
  • Remarks - Groom
  • Bride: Last Name
  • Bride: First Name
  • Bride: Prefix
  • Bride: Age
  • Bride Birthdate
  • Bride Town of Birth
  • If Bride is a Widow
  • Bride Widow of
  • If the father of the bride was alive
  • Bride's Father: First Name
  • Bride's Father: Last Name
  • Bride's Father: Prefix
  • If Bride's Mother was alive
  • Bride's Mother: First Name
  • Bride's Mother: Last Name
  • Bride's Mother: Prefix
  • Remarks - Bride

For further information, contact: E Randol Schoenberg.

Searching the Database

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