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Amsterdam Portugese Marriage Records: 1598-1811

This database contains an index to 4,242 "marriage intention" notices, known as Banns, of Sephardic Jews in Amsterdam. The data spans the years 1598-1811.

This information was originally made available by Akevoth via, and added to JewishGen to improve searchability features. For additional information, click here.

Most of the records include the following fields:

  • Groom First Name
  • Groom Patronym
  • Groom Last Name
  • Groom Complete Name
  • Groom Birth Year
  • Origin
  • Hebrew Signature
  • Groom Witness First Name
  • Groom Witness Patronym
  • Groom Witness Last Name
  • Groom Witness Complete Name
  • Groom Witness Family Relation
  • Bride First Name
  • Bride Patronym
  • Bride Last Name
  • Bride Birth Year
  • Bride Witness First Name
  • Bride Witness Patronym
  • Bride Complete Name
  • Bride Witness Family Relation
  • Marriage Year
  • Marriage Account Number

For further information, contact: E Randol Schoenberg.

Searching the Database

This database can be searched via the JewishGen Netherlands Database, the JewishGen Sephardic Database or the JewishGen Unified Search

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